A Great Present

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The snow outside floated down weightlessly as we walked the path to the cabin. We had left the lights on and the soft glow they provided in the woods gave me that warm feeling you get when you drink hot chocolate after playing in the snow. We finally reached the door; our once black jackets now sprinkled with white snow.

I unlocked and opened the door and felt the warmth return instantly to my flushed cheeks. I sighed in contention and then felt the strong, firm hands of John around my waist. I nearly melted in his warm embrace. He ran his hands through my snow glittered hair and moved it to the side to tilt my head to the left. He kissed my neck lightly, beginning at the back of my ear and working down to my shoulder. He reached his hands around to the front of my jacket zipper and slowly unzipped it and then pulled it off of me.

His hands traced a line from my fingertips to my shoulders and proceeded to gently massage my shoulders. I moaned lightly in pleasure, and also to entice him. He worked his fingertips in a circular motion down my spine and then to my butt. He squeezed my ass firmly and began to playfully nibble on my neck. The pleasure was so delightful I thought I was going to squeal.

I turned around and gazed into his eyes passionately. I grabbed the lower portion of the hood on his jacket and forcefully pulled him to me. I planted a deep kiss on his lips and loosened my grip on his collar and moved my hands to his neck. I separated from him and smiled. I pulled him to me and kissed him again, but this time it was slow and gratifying. I sucked on his bottom lip and licked his lip slowly with my tongue.

Grinding myself into his semi hard cock, I broke from our kiss and unbuttoned his jacket, beginning at the top. I pulled back his jacket quickly and as it was still on his well-defined arms I lifted his shirt and kissed his nipple. I then looked up at him exotically and licked and then sucked his nipple; it quickly became hard in my mouth. Not one to neglect the other side, I moved to me left to equal the score. A lovely, but dirty thought entered my mind and I stood erect and faced him.

In a playfully stern voice I said to him, “get on the floor, now.”

He complied all too happily. I sat him up and pulled off his jacket. Straddling his free spin legs, I continued to take off his shirt. I pushed him into a reclining position and paused for a moment to admire his toned, smooth chest. I ran my hands over his chest and moved myself forward until I was sitting on his now rock-hard dick. I leaned forward in a position similar to that of a push up. I kissed him on his soft lips and then I traced a line of kisses on his jaw line to his neck. I sucked on it and licked his neck. He put his arms around me in encouragement. My kisses started to drift lower and John squirmed a little in wishful anticipation. I kissed him down the middle of his chest and to his belly button. I wiggled my tongue around in his navel and let my hands go to his pants button. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them, along with his boxers, down his legs slowly and pulled them off of him.

I moved forward to his rock-hard dick and kissed the insides of his thighs until I reached his balls. I kissed his neatly trimmed balls lavishly. “Mmmm…” I hummed, pulling the right one into my mouth. I hummed again and sucked his ball until it was just below the brink of pain. I eased up on it and moved to my left and sucked that one into my mouth. After sucking it I licked his balls all over and began to play with his head with my index finger, using his precum as a lubricant. I moved in towards his head and planted a kiss on it.

I gazed into his electric blue eyes and then removed my shirt. My C cup tits filled my bra easily, and as I let my bra fall from my shoulders my tits didn’t really drop. I moved forward on his body in such a manner that his dick passed between my tits and rubbed a line down my stomach. I kissed him deeply and our tongues intertwined with one another. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and as I released the suction I lightly bit the end of his tongue. I kissed his chin and down his throat, down his chest, down his stomach… I followed his happy trail to his 7″ piece of heaven.

I looked up at him as he was waiting for my tongue to play with his expectant dick. I moved down and began licking him from just below his balls to the top of his engorged dick in one consecutive line. I licked his swollen staff to just under his head and flicked my bonus veren siteler tongue over the ridge below his head quickly and used my index and middle fingers with my thumb at the base of his cock to pump his dick. I licked down his shaft again and then kissed my way back to his head. I finally kissed the top of his swollen head I stuck my tongue out and used my fingers to pump out his precum onto my waiting tongue. I licked just where his little hole was and began tiny concentric circles around his head. The circles slowly expand to the crown of his head and I spin my tongue around it. I lick circles back to the top and then I let my lips take in only his head. I use my lips to put pressure on his head and then start to swirl my tongue around it. I then go downward on his dick for only about and inch or two. I come back slowly, letting my lips stay loose and use a mixture of my spit and his precum as a lubricant. This time I go down on him an inch and a half lower, swishing my tongue back and forth and around as I come up and down. I continue this process until I reach the base of his cock and he can feel his head in the back of my throat. I deep-throat him for several minutes and I finally start to use my entire right hand to pump his mammoth cock into my eager mouth. I use my left hand to juggle his balls back and forth. I begin to go faster and deeper until I’m sucking ½ his dick into my mouth and pumping the other half in time with my sucking. I move faster still and he begins to hump my face. His body starts to tense up and I know it won’t be much longer. I hum as I suck and pump as fast as I can. I feel his balls tighten even more I prepare myself and suck only the top of his dick and push my tongue to the top of my mouth. His load shoots hot and salty to the back of my throat and I swallow as fast as he can pump. I squeeze out the last of his cum and feel his dick finally start to relax.

“Oh, God,” he responds. I lick my lips clean and give his head one last kiss.

I looked up at him, unsure of what was next but I knew that wasn’t going to be it. We relaxed on the floor: he naked and hot and myself in my form-fitting jeans. I lay down and stretched out on the floor. He slowly traced a line between my boobs with feather-light touches. He drew deneme bonusu veren siteler a circle around my left tit until he reached my already hard nipple.

“Suck on them, please?” I asked of him. He smiled and happily obliged. He took my nipple into his mouth and quickly flicked his tongue over it. My back arched high and my pussy burned to be touched.

“Oh…” I gasped.

My pussy wanted to feel him inside me – plunging into my hot, wet hole quickly and fiercely. I craved him desperately and the situation was made worse when he did the same to the other nipple. He kissed his way down my jeans and pulled them off of me. He looked at my black satin thong and then pulled that off slowly to tease me. He kissed my belly button and worked his way lower when I stopped him.

“No,” I said firmly. He looked at me overly confusedly. “I want to fuck you – now.”

I pushed him onto his back and held my hands over his shoulders. I used my legs to clamp his together. I straddled him, but so that only the head of his dick was between my wet, smooth lips. I rocked my hips back and forth so that his head was rubbing up and down my slit. I positioned myself and let his head enter my anxious pussy. My eyes rolled back and it was accompanied by a soft moan.

His body, well recovered from his blowjob, was already in such anticipation that I knew this was going to be awesome. I too, had much tension waiting to be released. I moved his dick into me as slowly as I could bear.

“Oh, John,” I moaned, feeling his thick dick separate my pussy almost painfully. I moved up and down his dick – coming up very slowly and then pounding back down. I placed my hands on his chest and angled myself so that I put just a slight pressure on my swollen clit. I could feel the tension in my body getting stronger and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I got mine. I began moving faster, moving my hips so that he would put pressure on the forward part of my pussy. I moved faster still as my body started to tingle and tighten. I bucked against him hard, and he met my movements with deep, hard thrusts.

“Oh!” I gasped and continued to moan. I pumped faster as my body started to quake in a powerful orgasm. I felt the release blow through me and soon after John released inside me. I collapsed on top of him, exhausted by our lovemaking. I gave him a soft kiss of the cheek and pulled the blanket off the couch. We fell asleep together finally after saying the “I love you’s” and goodnights.

“Happy birthday, baby,” I whispered to him.

“Oh, yeah,” was his reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20