A Friend in Need

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For years she thought seriously about becoming a nun. Seriously. I know how strange it sounds. And she said she wouldn’t do it for any real religious reason, but mainly just to help her escape the whole sex thing with guys. I wondered if God would let her in with that kind of devotion.

She wasn’t really afraid of sex, but I think in the long run it just seemed like too much hassle to try to learn. The whole high heels – make up – garter belts – seduction thing. Even giving head to a guy made her cringe. She told me she couldn’t understand why she had to dress up for a guy just to feel pleasure or be in a relationship.

She wasn’t a virgin at nineteen, but she was very single and very celibate.

Cath moved into a small apartment on her own with her cat. It was looking as if she would be one of those crazy cat ladies, old spinster woman, a born-again Virgin at 96 years of age. It didn’t bother her either. She just couldn’t be bothered putting any effort into trying to land a guy. And Cath was by no means ugly. I had been her best friend for nearly thirteen years. We went to high school together, and had gone through pretty much every up and down possible in a friendship. I felt so sorry for her. It was as if nobody had taught her anything. I didn’t want my friend ending up a lonely old spinster cat woman.

Cath was slightly shorter than me, and I’m pretty tall; nearly six foot.

She had small boobs but a good body and very pretty eyes. I saw guys looking at her, but she seemed instantly turned off by them, no matter how good looking. I think Brad Pitt could have tried it on with her, and she still would have been unimpressed. Her only interest in men were older men. As this was something I was into, I could recognize it easily. She’d turn her gorgeous blue eyes at any middle-aged man in a business suit who looked as if he was about to pass over the 50 year mark. She’d double-take at a much older man and leer at him. She even had a thing for my dad. (That’s not hard though!)

The older I got the more brave I became, thinking about telling her about my relationship with my Dad, as socially unacceptable it was. She had a distant relationship with her father, and I was wondering perhaps if nobody else could bring her out of her shell, maybe her own Dad could. Or maybe… maybe even my own Dad…

My Dad had just turned fifty five. He was quite tall, nearly six three, and a big, big man. His shoulders were very wide, and he was one of the strongest, fierce men I’d ever known. He was a bit overweight, but that only added to part of his charm. This massive man who carried his weight with such power and confidence, he was nearly irresistible. He’d always had a beard which was always well-trimmed and rough. When he kissed, it was a mixture of soft wet kisses and scratchy, prickly texture.

I loved him, I loved feeling his hands on me. It was an addiction. Dad loved wrapping his mouth around me, any and every inch of me, and sucking, probing with his tongue, making love to me until we were both drenched and satisfied. I loved wrapping my mouth around him, too. From behind, from below, from above. Anything he wanted I gave him.

Cath sometimes asked me why she didn’t see me with guys. I fobbed her off with excuses about being in love with someone already. I figured it was time to tell her who it was.

I arranged to bring some videos over to her apartment one night, along with a huge feast of popcorn, chips and candy. It was going to be a night of delicious slothing at it’s very best.

“Cath. You know how you never see me with any younger guys?”

I carried in a mug of iced chocolate for her and sat down on her legs on the couch and laughed playfully.

“Yah you and your damn mystery man!”

“You want to know who it is?” I grinned.


“Well. Don’t freak out okay?”

“Is it someone I know?”

“It’s my Dad.”

She stared at me in disbelief. Her eyes bulged out wide and grew cold and unemotional.


I stared back, and smiled.

“My dad and I are in love with each other. I’ve been having sex with him for years. He fucks like the devil.”

Cath grimaced and moved away from me on the couch.

“What are you saying!”

“Seriously. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m an adult now, and I love it. I love it, Cath. My Dad has the most amazing, incredible cock. He knows how to use it too.”

“Oh God, Jools, what the fuck are you talking about!?”

I shrugged and looked back at the television. I knew that if she had some time to let it sink in, she’d calm down. A few minutes passed and she kept staring at me as if I was a leper.

“You… and your dad…?”

I nodded, stuffing my face full of popcorn.


“How did it start? I was a bit younger, after my parents got divorced, and I went to stay with him for a couple of months, and it just happened. I was in the bath and he walked in, and I seduced him. I gave him head, and swallowed his cum and it was the best sex of my life. He came into my bedroom and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri made love to me.”

She swallowed hard on her shock and uncertainty. I could see she was blushing. She’d never heard me talk like that before, not aloud. She’d read some of my erotic stories, and they made her blush too, but this was… scary to her. I could sense that.

“Oh God.”

“Yeh. You should try it.” I said distractedly, “My Dad knows how to make a girl cum.”

And that was that. We continued having a great night watching television and some movies. Nothing more was said, we simply changed the subject and moved on.

* * *


Jools was always pretty much of a rebel. I’d known her for years and years, and while she never had normal type boyfriends and stuff, I knew there was something going on which was not right. I saw her hugging with her Dad and kissing his lips sometimes, and they lingered just a little bit too long but I just figured they were, I don’t know, you know, good friends, or like really close. When she came right out and told me she was having an intimate sexual relationship with her Daddy, I couldn’t believe it, and yet, I could. It all fit into place.

Her Daddy was incredibly big and really strong and even I had like a crush on him. I knew he could … make a girl cum, I knew he could. It oozed out of him, he just had a confidence. He’d look at me, look at my ass, leer at my tits, and somehow it seemed right for him to do that. He always smelled great too. He was pretty much the only man I didn’t mind having look at me like that, because it felt like he knew what he was doing.

And THEN!! I couldn’t believe it!! That little bitch, I couldn’t believe what she did! I was home playing on the computer one night, and someone knocks on the door, and when I went to open it, it was her Daddy! Oh God, I blushed like someone had set me on fire.

“Oh Hi, Mr.Leopold.” I babbled, my throat tightening.

“Hi Cathy baby, can I come in? Joolie said she wanted me to pick her up from here.”

“Jools isn’t here.”

He looked genuinely perplexed. I knew immediately that she had set this up.

“Listen, do you want to, umm…come in?”

“Okay sure, I’ll give her a ring if I can. Find out what she’s up to.”

Jool’s Daddy walked in past me and my head started spinning.

“Uhh, I think I know what she’s up to.” I said, “Can you just wait here a second?” I asked. I ran into the bathroom and shut the door.

Ever since my friend had told me about her and her Daddy, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have to admit to masturbating a heck of a lot, trying to calm down the raging desire inside of me to have this man try to make me cum. Truth was, for a while, I thought I was asexual, not interested in sex at all. But in the three weeks after Jool’s confession, I’d cum more times alone in bed, than I had all my life. I was out of control, thinking about what it would be like.

I looked in the mirror and brushed my hair quickly. My face was flushed and I could see that I was nervous. Jool’s Daddy was well over thirty four years older than me. I thought about what his body would look like, the hang in his cock, the sag in his balls. What would his cum smell like, what would he sound like when he orgasmed? I admit to thinking all of these awful things. I wanted to slap myself for thinking such things but it wouldn’t stop the thoughts. Instead, I knew I had to let myself experience some kind of pleasure. I wondered if he would be willing.

I slipped my shirt down over my shoulders lower and unbuttoned it down to let my bra peek out from under the material. I hitched my skirt up a bit higher and slipped my panties off, leaving them on the bathroom floor, and walked out again. He glanced up. He did a double-take and stared at me leeringly.

“Uhh, I think Jools said she might be here later, in about an hour half maybe.”

I slid up against one of the arm chairs, and draped myself over it. I couldn’t believe how much my body was on fire.

“Ah, I see. Okay then, well I should let you go.”

“Oh, do you have to? Would you like a drink?”

“No, thanks Cath.” He smiled.

“Are you sure?”

“Yah, positive.”

“Oh.” I let my disappointment sound heavier in the air so that he would know. Men could be dopes at times, I knew that much. Sometimes you just had to come right out and say it aloud! He glanced at me. I think he suspected something.

“Jool told me about you and her.” I burst out.

He didn’t look shocked. He stood up straighter, ready to defend himself.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. She told me you and her… did it.”

He laughed, ” ‘Did it’?”

“You know…”

“Yes, I know.”

“Is it true?”

“Yes, it’s true.” He didn’t sound apologetic. Why should he?

“I was just wondering…how it happened.” I asked, shyly.

He looked into my eyes again, and the spark of realisation hit him.

“Ohhh…You were wondering how it happened that I ended up fucking my own daughter?”

I blushed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri again. “Yes.”

“You want the details, Cathy?”

He walked over to me, closer. I felt his presence before I felt the heat of his hand on my arm. I nodded.

“Mmmm, well, then, you should sit down. I wouldn’t want you … a heap of wet pussy on the floor.”

I nearly gasped at his words. He was so damn open and crude about it, and yet, he was right. My pussy was throbbing and tingling already, just thinking about it. He pushed me down gently into the chair and stood over me for a moment before he began.

“Joolies was visiting me for a while. She’s a very erm…persuasive girl and she knew I had feelings for her, she knew that, when she came to visit.

I used to dream about her, early on. It was all subconscious desires at first. Something you don’t want to find yourself having to admit consciously. I used to think about going into her bedroom and just watching her, then I used to wonder, what if…?”

Jool’s Dad reached out and began to stroke my hair lightly. My heart was pounding madly, and I could hardly breathe. He went on, in a deep, throbbing voice.

“What if I just touched her … here? Or … here … what if … what if I just stroked my finger along her beautiful neck? Or her thigh? A daddy could do that, couldn’t he? It wouldn’t be wrong, just loving his own daughter the way she deserves to be loved…”

I looked up at him and saw that his heavy bulk was breathing heavier. I parted my knees lightly and turned on the chair to face him completely. He still stood over me, his hot shadow cast over me as I sat underneath him.

“Of course I never did. The family broke up badly and I didn’t see her for years. Then she came to visit and she was a woman. Fully and in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Her breasts were large and womanly, her hips swayed in a very sexy manner. I found myself absolutely and positively in love with her as a woman, as a girl, but still, more importantly, as a daughter.”

With that, he stroked his hand down my face, along my cheek. Just a gentle touch sliding over my jaw and tickling my ear. I wanted to close my eyes.

I was face to face with his crotch area. I could see his hard on through his trousers. For the first time in my life, I wanted to see his cock. Not just see it, but feel it too, and run my fingers over it. I even wanted to kiss it, take it in my mouth and slurp it around hungrily.

“Your Dad must die inside every time he sees you, Cathy baby. Your Daddy must feel his cock so hard and his entire body filled with pleasure when you smile at him. I bet he does…” He stroked my lips. I opened my mouth and licked his finger. His hand tasted salty and hot. “I know I do.”

I was in his power, utterly and completely now. I was his woman, his everything. I had never wanted anyone else in the world as much as I wanted him. I licked his finger wetter and slid my tongue around his fingertip.

“Jool woke up in the middle of the night and came down to me in the den in her night wear. I made her a drink and stood in front of her. I touched her hand with my cock. It was straining through and I knew she could see it and feel it. My head was full of images of her, I could see her, my daughter, leaning in and freeing my aching, red, bulbous cock. Freeing it and taking it in her inexperienced hands and feeling it, shaping it, moulding it lightly, then rubbing it, then suckling on it like I was her nourishment.”

His hand came down to his own groin, and he was ever so slightly stroking himself. I watched his fingers sliding along his upper thigh, near his trouser pockets. I reached out without thinking and stroked his hand too. I heard his breath catch as he continued seducing me with his story.

“Ohhh you can’t imagine the pleasure of that, the need I had right then.

She touched my cock through my pants, she rubbed it lightly, Cath. My beautiful woman’s fingers on my cockhead, easing the pre-cum out of it without even knowing. She was teasing me, trying me out, testing me. Then she leaned in without a word, and kissed my cock through the pants. I nearly launched myself on her then, but stopped because she had stopped. I backed away and went to have a shower. I left her there alone, I had to. I had my shower, and fucked my own hand, thinking it was her there with me. I came hard but I wasn’t satisfied. I washed the cum off of me and went to bed. Minutes later, I heard her start her shower. I decided we needed to talk, so I went in there.”

“You didn’t go in there to talk.” I said, suddenly.

“Of course not.” He replied, “I wanted her. I wanted her more than anything. Like I want you to take my cock right now and touch it. I want that more than anything…”

I took his lead and unzipped his pants, pulling them down a little and pulling his cock out. My fingers burnt with the first touch of his old penis; it was warm in my fingers and nearly rock hard. There I was, the girl who loathed men, my body was filled with the same desire he had. I felt güvenilir bahis şirketleri powerful, I felt confident. I leaned in and just began to suckle on his shaft. I just wrapped my lips around the side, kissing and kissing it.

I felt his hand on my head, unnerved by my sudden sucking attack.

“Ohhhh” he moaned, “God, Cath… Ohh Cath I’ve wanted your lips around my dick for so long now…you’re like my daughter, you’ve always been there…”

I moaned too, I whispered things into the flesh and muscle of his groin.

Things I never thought I’d say aloud.

“Go on.” I said louder, so he would continue the story.

“Ohghh I can’t…I can’t stand…”

I led Jool’s Dad over to the couch and sat him down there. I pulled his pants further down and knelt in front of him on the floor. There I was, the whore I always craved to be. And what a cock I was a slave to! I leant in and looked up at him, waiting for him to continue his story. I licked the tip of his dick lightly. He shuddered and closed his eyes trying to concentrate.

“Go on…” I encouraged.

“Jool was in the shower. I made up some excuse and walked in there. She covered up at first, but then when realized I was there to stay, she lowered her arms away from her beautiful, full breasts, and I saw her in all her nakedness. My daughter was beautiful and curvaceous. I could barely breathe. She got into the bath, bending over in front of me. It was deliberate, Cath, she wanted me to see her glistening wet cunt. She wanted me to see she was wet for me. Are you wet for me?”

I moaned for him and swallowed my tongue around his cock.

I was wet, my pussy was nearly dripping from my thirsty juices. I wanted him to see too. I pulled away and took my shirt off, then slipped out of my skirt. I showed him my naked body, and he gazed at me as if I was a Goddess. I totally understood Jool’s love for her father. If he made her feel the way he was making me feel right then, then I understood it. His eyes ate me alive as if I was the most delicious and beautiful treat. His hands came down to maul my tits and I loved it. I pushed myself into his grabbing hands, I climbed up onto his lap so that I could feel his hands between my legs too! I wanted him to see, to touch, to smell, to taste everything. I heard him inhale my juice aroma. I heard him moan. I felt his finger lightly tease my cunt hole, splaying my swollen lips open and then leaning in to lick me. I cried out and wanted to fuck him.

“Let me finish the story while you work on my bulging balls and dick, Cath…” He said. “Mmmm, you taste like dew. Hot, moist, exotic smoky strawberry dew.” He described my pussy scent and the flavour of it. I almost came in his hand when he used those words.

“She bathed herself in the bath for a while, and I was like a zombie, out of control completely. I began washing her knees, spreading them like butter, and she leaned in and began to rub my cock. I knew I was going to cum in her hand, but she stopped me. I grew harder and pushed her head back. She opened her mouth to me and let me in, she let my full length in between her lips, she moved her mouth open and around me, took my cock into her throat.”

As he said the words, I did the actions. I was Jool for the time being, but I would be better. It was a competition, I wanted him to forget her for a moment at least, and I wanted to be the only girl he knew or needed. I sucked his cock into my mouth and gobbled it down like I was a pro. I wanted to feel the tightness in my throat, I actually wanted to feel him filling my belly up with his white, hot cum. I wanted it!

I wiggled my ass at him and he began to finger my pussy lightly as he continued describing the scene.

“She held her head back to get my cock all the way in, she did it…like…you’re sucking…ohhh Cath… Ohhghghhh God… My girl … she let me fuck her delicious little mouth… she wanted my cum…”

Slowly he grew quiet and I knew he was going to cum. He leaned in and began licking and suckling at the lips of my cunt in louder, slurping motions.

His tongue stroked my clit as I held my behind up in the air for him, my face deeply embedded in his lap, going down on him so deep he would never be the same. He began thrusting his hips up into my face as I fucked his cock lovingly with my mouth and my throat.

I was an expert now, because I wanted to be. I wanted this more than life itself. I was moaning as he licked me, moaning as his finger moved in and out of my pussy. Muffled whimpering gripped in my throat as his tongue lapped me up and probed my sexuality. I bucked up into his face as he bucked upwards into mine.

I felt him explode like a cannon in my mouth. The cum began pumping deep in my throat and I tried to swallow it, but it seeped out of my mouth. I swallowed hard and pulled away, then began to lick it and suck it off his cock. He convulsed and threw his cock up into my face as he continued cumming. I could hear his cries as he spurted. I drank up as much as I could, and as I did, I felt the pressure of climax building up inside.

I was going to cum on his mouth! I cried out and braced myself against his knees. I gripped his legs and began cumming loudly and brilliantly. White light rushed around my head and I felt the pleasure ripping through my body. He licked my pussy, drank in all the wetness, sipped the cum from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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