A Forbidden Love Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Lovers Found

The next morning dawned and we found the storm had deposited at least a foot of snow on the ground. I tuned our parents’ clock radio to a station and listened for the cancellation announcements while Rene continued to sleep. During the night, we’d ended up facing each other, curled up next to each other. While I listened, I stroked her silky hair, tussled from sleep and our lovemaking the night before. She looked so much more beautiful in the morning sunshine streaming through the window, I couldn’t help think how I’d ever resisted her before.

When I heard the announcement on the radio that school was closed, I nearly yelped in excitement, not because it meant we could spend three blissful days together alone now, more because it meant I just didn’t have to get dressed and go to school to be bored. No kid knocks an opportunity to skip school, in the winter praying each night for snow just so they don’t have to go the next day. Now, I had extra incentive, the fact not lost on me.

My hand found the radio’s off switch. I laid a gentle kiss on her lips as she slept, then stood up to go to the bathroom. Feeling the bed shift, she moaned in her sleep, hand searching for me. When it didn’t find me, she stirred, opening her eyes to look at me putting on dad’s robe. “Where are you going?”

“Just to the bathroom,” I answered as I tied the robe. “Snow day today, so you don’t have to get up yet. We still have to go out, though. Mom left some money for groceries and there’s still Will to deal with.”

At breakfast we talked about all the things we’d done and all the things we wanted to do. The torment of last night had faded, of what we’d engaged in, replaced by the affection of two people in love. There were so many things we wanted to do to each other, having just discovered the joys and delights of sex.

Our parents hadn’t exactly kept their own affections hidden, only more subdued than in the bedroom. Compared to our friends’ parents, they were practically porn stars. The sex talks over the years had been always followed by a genuine, “Feel free to come and talk to us.” They didn’t try to scare us, except about incest, but they made sure we knew the consequences. Dad advised me to buy condoms, but it was mom who bought me my first ones at 13. The rule in the house was, if you engaged in sex, at least be careful enough not to catch any diseases or get a girl pregnant. They even kept the rules with their little girl, even though Rene didn’t have much interest in it, she told me, at least not until the night before.

After breakfast, I went out to clear the driveway. Fortunately, dad had it paved years ago and he bought a snowblower for just this time of the year, so it took no time at all. We both made a list of the things we wanted, figured out what we’d do in town while we were there, all before getting into dad’s SUV.

The roads into town hadn’t finished being plowed by the time we started off, only enough room for two cars to pass each other if they went real slow. Once in town, it was off to the police station, where Rene made her statement and all the usual police things. When she got to the part where Will began saying certain things, she didn’t lie to them, only lying about what caused me to find her sobbing. I stood there with her throughout the entire ordeal, even holding the skirt and shirt he’d ripped while trying to attack her. It only then appeared to me, handing them over to an officer, that her skirt had a spot of dried semen on it, a large one. It only burned my blood more but I resolved to let it go. Later, I found it rather funny, since the implications would leave him with a much different reputation once I was through.

Once the police let us leave, at around noon, we decided to find a place to eat. After a quick lunch at the town McDonald’s, we moved on to shopping, breezing through. Anyone seeing us would have caught the looks we had in our eyes by then, the nearness of our lover without the ability to do anything out of the ordinary for siblings. Codes and signals we’d developed years ago, things fallen into disuse, now became our only way of communicating our feelings in public. Of course, we modified it, having grown some years older. Shopping still flew by with sexual tension between us mounting. Nothing could move fast enough for us, and it seemed the eyes of every man were on my sister, despite her eyes very much carefully avoiding me. It sent me a thrill knowing every guy in here wanted her, knowing I’d had her first, knowing I might be the only one to ever have her.

Soon enough we were driving home, copping feels of each other. Once we were in the country just outside the town proper, we even managed a very long kiss at a stop sign before driving on. The ride home certainly felt a bit different, with the needs in both of us defying the rules we’d set against public attention, though we assured no one could see us.

Reaching the house, a red pickup drew us from our reverie. The tall, muscular Will stood in the driveway as we came in and parked by the barn. I told bahis firmaları Rene to keep her door locked, deciding to confront the attacker myself.

“About damn time you got home,” Will said as he came up, smiling stupidly. “Think I can have a moment alone with her?”

I just looked him up and down, then stared him straight in the face so he could see the burning rage. “Go home, Will. You think I’d dare leave you alone with her after last night?”

The goofy look on his face turned to anger as he grabbed my arm. It’s cliche, but I looked at the hand holding my arm and then at him, shooting him a warning in my expression. He ignored it, of course. “Look, this doesn’t have a damned thing to do with you. If you don’t want to me to beat your ass, boy, you’ll let me talk to her.”

“Well, since you put it like that…” He never saw it coming, my hand forming a fist and connecting squarely with his chest in a blink of an eye. The other fist connected with his face, just to under the side of his jaw as I hoped, sending him down to the ground. Will’s bigger than me physically, but you don’t take martial arts for years and not learn a few things in the process. I stood above him as he held his wounded face. “Get out of here before I call the police. You’re in enough trouble as it is.”

It took him a few minutes to get off the icy blacktop, but he managed to make it and stand up in front of me, puffing out his chest. By this point, Rene came running up behind me. It was reflex that I used an arm to keep her behind me, but I felt her gripping my hand tight, the very gesture caught by the one person neither of us feared right now.

“So, it’s true! I was only kidding last night, but you really do have the hots for your brother,” he stated in stark clarity. “God, this is sick, just fucking sick!”

“Get out of here, Will, you don’t know a goddamn thing!” Rene screamed, her hands gripping mine more tightly now. “It’s not at all what you think it is!”

I turned my head to look at her, seeing a fear in those lovely eyes. Not fear of discovery but fear for a lover’s safety. The blow caught me off guard as I fell to the ground with my attacker standing above me. He landed a good solid kick while I was still stunned, but when he bent over to grab me, Rene sent him a kick into his side, knocking him to his back. She kneeled down to me, examining the bruise on my face. Her hands felt so warm on my skin, then the look in my eyes exchanged with hers. Lips laid a kiss before she could stop herself in full view of Will, who gawked at the proof of his accusations.

“Gawd, the school’s gonna love this one! It’ll go around and ruin you both!” He got up as we watched him, walking to his truck. “Wonder if this is something the police would like to know about.” He climbed into his truck as we got up. The truck started up and sped off down the driveway, spinning out on the road before finding a grip and shooting away.

“Rick, are you ok?” My sister just stood in front of me with all the concern I’d ever seen, like I’d been shot in the back of the head and would only live a few more minutes.

“I’m fine, just shocked really.” My hand rubbed the bruised cheek, thinking in the back of my mind just how weak the punch had really been. I wish I could say the same about the kick but he’d wound up on that one, putting his all into it. He’d gotten my thigh, making it feel worse than it being broken, a feeling I’d known recently enough it stuck in my mind then. I limped to the Explorer and opened the trunk. “C’mon, we need to get this stuff in.”

With grocery bags in her arms, Rene didn’t try to hide her concern watching me, but she did see to putting away the food. With the car unloaded and food put away, I felt it time to see to my leg, a sentiment she echoed and led me to the living room. Our coats came off before she undid my pants, pulling them down to better see the black and blue welt on my leg. She did her best to make the pain go away, even holding ice on it.

“This is why I didn’t want you going after him. I didn’t want you getting hurt.” She gave me a little kiss as she held the ice. “Promise me you won’t do that again, love, please.”

A sigh escaped my lips. “I can take hi-”

“Promise.” Rene held my gaze, a look I knew from seeing mom give it to me.

“Alright, I promise. But, what if he comes after me? He might, you know, considering what he’s going to go through.”

The thought was one she hadn’t considered before. “I just don’t want you getting hurt. It tore me up seeing him hurt you today.” Her eyes showed indecision. “If, if he comes after you, defend yourself, but if you get hurt, I’ll never forgive you.”

A chuckle escaped me, hurting her a little, but I pulled her to me. I gave her a reassuring kiss, melting her resolve as she melted mine. “Fine, if I get hurt, I give you permission not to forgive me.”

It elapsed into a lot of kissing as we made out, but with my leg hurting as much as it did, we couldn’t do more without feeling like my leg had an elephant step on it. The ringing of the kaçak iddaa phone snapped us out of our make-out session. Picking it up, I almost dropped the phone on my mother, shocked as I was.

The conversation started with how things were with the family, how long they thought my aunt would be in the hospital, how she was doing, the family stuff. Then mom said she’d already booked a flight for next Sunday night, telling me to pick her and dad up, making me write down all the flight information. When she got to how things were at home, I looked at Rene with a wicked smile while keeping my voice steady. Rene grabbed the phone from me in a devious move, distracting me by rubbing my hard-on before I could prevent her from grabbing the phone.

I heard the unsteadiness in her voice before she told our mother about what Will had done. When she’d finished, I could hear my father’s voice telling her to put me back on. I reassured him I’d taken her to the police station and filed a report, my father giving his approval. I mentioned the scuffle in the driveway, he just told me I’d done the right thing protecting her, though I did casually forget some of the racier details. I assured him it was all taken care of, that he and mom needed to be out there for our aunt. The attempted rape of their daughter was enough to have them on the first flight back, but they figured since I’d handle things enough already, she’d be safe with me. After all the time had passed since we were kids, how our relationship had changed, they felt nothing could possibly happen between us.

After the call, the place I worked called, asking me to work that night. Seeing the look of disappointment on my lover’s face, I threw them an excuse, telling my boss I had to stay home for family reasons. Since I knew him pretty well and told him when I’d called out on Thursday about my family situation, it confused him. I mentioned that Will had assaulted her and thought he might come back tonight. He understood perfectly, telling me to stay home and protect her. He told me I had to work tomorrow but to just call in if it still seemed a bad idea to leave her alone.

We sat there together with the television on but more interested in ourselves. Rene did her best to keep off my leg, eventually having me lay down on my side with her laying down on her side facing me. Our lips just enjoyed the caress of another set of lips, both of us wanting more despite my wounded leg. Soon enough, she fell asleep in my arms, lying there up against me. It only took a short time, then I entered sleep.

* * * * *

We awoke to the sound of a banging, starting from the sound. But looking around quickly, we discovered it came from the movie playing on the TV. My leg felt a thousand times better by this point, still a little tender but not as bad as before. Thinking about what each of us wanted, I walked out of the house to the barn. Dad kept a stash of porn tapes and magazines out there in a box, carefully tucked away from his kids’ eyes. I’d caught mom and dad watching them sometimes, when they thought I’d gone to bed, so I knew who he hid them from. The house was mom’s sanctuary and the barn was dad’s, but here they could hide things a bit better, though not good enough.

I found the box easily, searching through for a few select tapes, then made my way back to the house. Sitting on the couch and watching the tape, Rene looked at me puzzled by the tapes in my hands. It took only a moment to select one, a tape entitled, “The Art of Sex”. I’d seen it before, briefly, wanting to perform some of the positions on the tape with a girl. With all that already passed between us, it seemed like it couldn’t hurt things. With the tape in, I quickly undressed, giving her the same idea. Seeing her naked body again in all its glory held no less enticement in the light of day, sitting together naked with each other, Rene snuggled with my arm around her. She smiled at me upon seeing the title screen, giving me a desirable kiss as a reward, one most eagerly returned.

The tape played entirely through while we watched, talking between us about the techniques. We loved the foreplay, giving us new avenues to take our love making. The other ideas, anal sex, oral sex, even different sexual positions, all wanted testing out by us both. We’d agreed by the time the tape ended to try everything once, only repeating those things we enjoyed.

I turned off the tape and TV as Rene slowly parted my legs. First, we figured we’d try the oral sex. My cock stood at attention with her naked form touching mine and now it begged for relief. As the tape demonstrated, she got down on her knees between my legs, her lips poised to swallow me up. She started with a kiss of the head, tasting for the first time the clear liquid drooling from the little hole. She licked her lips, then my cock nearly exploded as it slid into her mouth. Feeling my shaft going into her mouth, pushing back into her throat, I’d never imagined it’d feel so good. Her head started bobbing up and down like she’d done it before, only her lack of sucking the real fault. kaçak bahis With our openness, I made the suggestion, feeling an immediate change as she implemented the direction. Between a down stroke, she’d take a few seconds to lick on the head, drawing deep throated groans with her attentions. Her tongue might occasionally lick the shaft with long, slow movements along the length. Her free hand went to fondling my sack, squeezing enough to get a nice reaction from me but knowing from our bond not to squeeze more. She even sucked my balls into her mouth as the hand gripping the shaft slid up and down.

With so much, I eventually let out a deep throated groan. “Love, I’m going to cum. Geez, you’re gonna make me cum real quick.”

She smiled, taking my shaft in both hands. Feeling my own sister gripping my shaft sent me to climax as the pressure in my balls started pushing its way to my cock. Her mouth sucked the head, the spurt in her mouth surprising her at first. With each new ejaculation, though, she grew more comfortable with it, still sucking on that head like a popsicle. I just let it happen even as every nerve sent the sensations of the moment flooding to my brain.

Spent, I just waited for my thoughts to clear while she sat down on my lap, careful of the tender spot on my leg. Lips gracing mine awoke my clouded thoughts to the woman in my lap, her tongue awakening my libido again. I met her tongue with mine, the field of battle, our mouths. It turned into quite a contest, albeit a slow one, more tender than passionate. Our open mouths sucked on each other. My arms wrapped her up as her hands massaged the muscles of my chest. Between our bodies, sticking up like a flagpole, my cock bobbed, still too sensitive for more attention.

The kiss ended when we came up for air. “You were terrific,” I told her softly, brushing some stray hairs from her beautiful face. “I’d never felt anything like that. Did you like it, love?”

“The taste surprised me but in a good way. And I’m happy to satisfy you, baby.” Her hand wandered down, grabbing my tender penis. The sensation made me jump under her, as my hand moved hers off. “What’s wrong?”

I gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s still too sensitive right now, but give it time, it’ll be ready again soon.” Grinning mischievously, I turned the tables on her, putting her into a sitting position, moving to my knees between her legs as I parted them. She knew my intention, parting her legs further, relaxing fully before I even touched her hungering slit.

A glistening layer of delicious juice covered her cunt lips, showing her arousal, inviting me in. My tongue wanted to taste, diving into her mound with relish to gently lick away the glistening layer. How I loved it, giving my tongue the freedom to roam over her. I pulled my head away, letting my fingers go to work exploring her sensitive mound. Using the information garnered from last night’s exploration, she soon started moaning with my attentions, fingers gently massaging the most sensitive erogenous points with more practice. He face contorted under tingling pleasure, her moans becoming more intense.

It took only a matter of minutes for her to climax, muscles contracting in the throes of pleasure, little cries mixed with whimpering. She went a little wild, one hand running up her neck, her other gripping the cushion, her body writhing sensuously before my eyes.

With her relaxed again, I moved from merely rubbing the same areas to exploring for newer ones, perhaps even more sensitive. I touched here, I touched there, all the while watching Rene’s face for signs I’d found a new spot. The exploring had an effect on my lover, soon letting me know most of her expressions of pleasure and pain. I studied her features each time, interested in finding those little zones as just learning as much as I could about her. I found some other points, some more sensitive, some less, but the result was the same, bringing her to a stunning orgasm. Her body let go completely of its inhibitions with each cry filling the house. All I could do was stare in amazement at her, smiling as a man seeing his lover get off because of him.

Once the climax ran its course, Rene sitting, panting hard, I moved my tongue in, wanting to eat her pussy now, make her cum more than she’d had yet today. First, my tongue started just above her tightly puckered, pink asshole, licking up, sliding into the slit as deep as it could go. Striking her clit sent a bolt of lightning through her, almost making me lose contact when her hips bounced. I stayed with her, though, soon sucking her clit between my lips, nibbling on the aroused organ despite her plaintive whimpering. I felt Rene’s hands holding me to her crotch, letting me know not to stop. Before too long, I had her squirming again on the couch, moans giving an indication of her coming orgasm. I kept at it, pushing my tongue into her wet canal, sending her closer to cumming in my mouth. One of her hands released the grip on my head as I started to thrust my stiff tongue in her pussy and pull it out, the free hand now gripping, rubbing her own head. Her eyes now fluttered, only slightly open, her breathing now heavy and mixed with moans and whimpers. When she could say anything intelligible, it was words of encouragement, guiding me onward.

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