A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 9

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A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 9
“Look at that” Dave said, as his fingers pushed into her wet, drippy opening. “You are one-lucky-man.”

Dave sat there, finger-fucking my wife’s well-used pussy yet I couldn’t help but notice that he was still rock-hard! His cock glistened from my wife’s three orgasms, but he looked like he could go all night. Dave then withdrew his fingers and firmly pushed them into my wife’s asshole, twisting them slightly.

“No” my wife pleaded, “no, please… no more… Please, I can’t take anymore.”

Dave seemed to ignore my wife’s pleas. What began as her gentle whimpering was quickly turning into my wife’s desperate plea to STOP. I then remembered the safe word… that safe word that I failed to share with my wife. The more she said ‘NO’, the more Dave finger-fucked her asshole.

Dave got up and reached back into his bag, produced some lube and liberally basted my wife’s pretty ass, as well as his thick cock.

“No, Dave, NO!” my wife persisted. “Honey?’ She now turned her attention to me, “You told me that he would stop if we said too.”

This was all so surreal… This man, Dave, a stranger by most standards, had just fucked my wife and was lubing up her ass for the big finish. My wife was pleading for him to stop and for me to help. I had the power to use the safe word and yet……

….. and yet, I was rock hard as the very real possibility that I could watch this total stud impale his pole up my wife’s virgin asshole.

Dave kept smiling as he pushed his third, well-lubed finger up into my wife’s tiny little hole. She was thrashing around yet with her legs folded and her torso curled up, there wasn’t much that she could do against Dave’s bulk and strength. This was about to happen if I didn’t intervene and use the pre-arranged safe word.

“You’re getting ass-fucked” Dave hissed into my wife’s face, “so either take it like the slut that you are, or I will tie you up… your choice”

“No, PLEASE” my wife protested.

I just watched in amazement, my cock now twitching with anticipation.

Dave withdrew his fingers and lined up his cock. My wife was literally begging him to not fuck her… I don’t know if it was her genuine begging or the fact that I was possibly about to witness the taking of her anal virginity, but my cock was rock hard and throbbing, my eyes were wide with anticipation and I remained quiet.

Dave pressed the tip of his cock against her little puckered opening. My wife’s eyes were tightly closed as she prepared for the large intruder about to take her hole. Dave then stopped, the tip of his cock pushing against her opening.

“He didn’t tell you” Dave said to my wife, “Your husband didn’t canlı kaçak iddaa share with you the safe word, did he?”

My wife’s eyes flew open and she looked at Dave, his body up and over hers, his hard cock pushing against her little hole.

“A safe word?” my wife yelled. “There is a safe word? What the fuck is it?”

“The actually word, my dear” Dave calmly explained, “… is not nearly as important as the fact that your Hubby didn’t tell you. Now, only HE has the ability to stop me from fucking your asshole.”

My wife’s stare flew directly toward me. She saw my face, my throbbing erection and then looked back at Dave, who was also now looking my way.

“Judging by your hubby’s erection” Dave said, with a smile, “He definitely has no intention of stopping me from taking your asshole.”

“I see that” my wife added, sounding a bit disappointed, “Then, perhaps, neither do I” she added. “I was going to save my anal virginity for him…. But now, well, it seems that he’d rather offer it to YOU!”

This was certainly a change of events! Where I was caught up in the moment and very excited to see Dave ass-fuck my wife, it was now clear that my wife was taking over and planning the rest of the evening. My wife then looked up at Dave and with her sexy eyes, asked him sweetly:

“Lay on your back?” my wife asked, as she seductively patted the bed. Dave smiled and took a prone position in the middle of the bed, his proud erection sticking straight up in the air. My wife then climbed off of the bed and came over to me. She leaned down a gently kissed the tip of my twitching cock-head.

“I’m going to fuck Dave” my wife said, “like I’ve never fucked a man before.” She then ran her fingers through the remnants of my ‘accident’ from earlier, and ran it around my thighs and added,

“It seems that all you need to cum is to watch me fuck someone else” my wife said with her cute, sexy smile, “so, you just watch us fuck, okay Baby?”

My wife then turned around and sauntered over to Dave, climbed up on the bed, climbed up and straddled his cock and then using her hand to guide him, slide it up her pussy until she rested her weight against his balls. From my vantage point, I could see her pussy lips straining as they wrapped around his girth. For the next 30 minutes, my wife bounced up and down on Dave’s shaft and rolled through three more climaxes. Dave then rolled my wife over and impaled her again, her legs lewdly spread and raised so that I could also watch every detail of the intense fucking: my wife’s sloppy-wet pussy lips grabbing at Dave’s thick, wet cock, her puckering asshole as he slammed in and out, his heavy balls rocking internet casino against her ass-cheeks with each of his powerful thrust. My wife came twice more… and my own cock twitched and throbbed with excitement too!

My wife whispered up into Dave’s ear and he smiled.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes,” she responded, “Please…”

Dave then propped himself up and over my wife, placed his powerful hand around her throat and proceeded to give her a pounding that I had only seen in porn vids! He was slamming into her pussy and the entire bed was bouncing. You would have thought that he was furious with her by the way that he was slamming his thick cock into her well-abused pussy.
Eventually, he announced that he was cumming…. This was Dave’s first and only climax of the evening! From my position, I could actually see his balls tighten up against his cock and then see his cock spasm and throb as he shot his load DEEP into my wife’s quivering womb. His release triggered my wife’s exhaustive and final orgasm as her hoarse cries confirmed my wife’s elation with the grand finale.
Dave slowly lifted off of and out of my wife’s pussy and I watch his cum slowly start to dribble out of her still gaping hole and down between her ass cheeks. It was so beautifully erotic… and my wife looked so satiated.
Dave walked up by the head of the bed and leaned down to kiss my wife. They shared a few words and then Dave came over to me.

“Was that everything that you had hoped for?” Dave asked, as he untied the leather straps holding my arms.

“Oh yea” I replied with a grin.

Dave then went into the bathroom to clean up and I climbed into bed beside my beautiful wife… my cum-covered, exhausted and very satiated, beautiful wife. I just held her and kissed her forehead. I heard the shower cut off and Dave emerged, all clean as he pulled on his jeans and shirt.

“I’ll leave you two alone” he said, “but you have my number.” He then added, in a genuine tone “Anytime… I mean that… anytime.”

Dave let himself out and the room went quiet. I wrapped myself around my contented wife and realized that she and I were on entirely new height in our sexual and emotional relationship. I simply held incredible body, kissed her softly her and offered her comfort and praise.

“You were amazing” I said, “just amazing.”

“Thank you” my wife replied, using very few words as she continued to breath heavily.

“What did you say to Dave” I asked.

“When?” she replied

“Just before he asked you if you were sure” I tried to remind her.

“Oh” my wife said as she smiled…. “I asked him to cum inside of me. I needed him to finally cum.”

“Oh…” I said, “Man, he güvenilir casino could last, couldn’t he?”

“Yes” my wife replied, “He certainly could.”

She then reached out to touch my chest.

“Are you sure that you’re really okay with this?” she asked.

Another moment of truth! I shifted the position of my hips and allowed my erection to gently push against her thigh.

“Are you serious?” my wife teased, “you actually want me right now?”

“More than ever” I replied with a smile.

“But he’s still in there” she said, smiling slightly, “well, what isn’t actually running out of me right now!” she added with a smirk.

“Well then” I replied, as I shifted up onto my elbows and knees, “perhaps you could use something to plug up the leak?”

My wife rolled onto her back and slowly opened her legs.

“Please be VERY gentle” she asked, “Okay? I’m serious….”

Just before I lined up the tip of my cock with her wet, heavily used pussy lips, I took a moment to admire her pussy… her incredibly, delicious, well-used pussy. Her outer lips were red and swollen from the pounding, her inner-lips were open and parted, much like a delicate flower… and the nectar that Dave left behind filled her opening. I used his cum as lube to slowly slide in all the way. The feeling was incredible… something that I had only imagined. As I went in all the way, and portably short of what my wife had just experienced, I felt so close to her. I did small, gentle little in-and-outs and told my wife how much I loved her. She, in turn stroked my back and shoulders and told me how wonderful I was to allow her this experience… to all US this experience. Then, she got a little more playful…

“How does that feel, Baby?” she said, “how does it feel in there? Can you feel his cum? I can feel your cock pushing his cum all around inside of me…. Squishing it into all the areas of my pussy. I can feel his cum running out as you push in… it’s running down to my ass…. My asshole, baby…. Where he really want’s fuck me… at least…” my wife hesitated, “that’s what he told me just before he went to clean up. Yes Baby,” my wife continued, “ Dave wants to be my first… the first guy to fuck my asshole.”

That did it! The lights went out as my eyes screwed tightly closed and I spurted shot after shot into my wife’s gooey, syrupy center… all as she held me tightly.

Eventually, I rolled off of her an she got up to pee. When she returned to bed, she kissed me passionately and then nuzzled her head into my chest.

“Baby? My wife purred up at me.

“Yes Honey?” I replied, gently stoking her sharply ass.

“Since we’re here for a couple of days” she asked, “any chance of seeing Dave again this weekend?”

“Sure” I anxiously replied, “But next time, I don’t want to be tied, okay?”

“Oh, I agree” my wife confirmed, “I definably want you more involved… more Hands-on”

We both chuckled and drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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