A Fantasy that goes too far, Part 2

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A Fantasy that goes too far, Part 2
She was holding my head and grinding my face into her drenched pussy as her orgasm rocked her body. She came so hard that her thighs involuntary squeezed my head. I lapped and probed her opening with my tongue and was rewarded with her sticky cream as I licked the remnants of my own cum from her pussy. She fell back and lay there panting. I had never witnessed her cumming so hard and couldn’t help but be curious as to the trigger this time: Was it her reminiscing the Fetish Story to me? Was it my commitment to desire her even more if she fucked another guy? Or was it me licking cum form her pussy… my own cum? Either way, she climaxed harder than I had even seen and now lay totally exhausted and still panting. Regardless, I was now hard again and wanted so badly to thrust into her, just as her much older boyfriend had in the story of her past. I started to move up when my wife opened her eyes.

“Hold me” she said in a pleading tome, “Please just hold me.” As she rolled to her side.

I wrapped my body around her and we spooned as she confessed her feelings at that moment.

“I’m so afraid that I told you too much” she whimpered. “What we just did was VERY exciting, but…..” she hesitated, “but that it might change things between us. What is you suddenly become disappointed in me.”

I slid my torso closer, making sure that she felt my raging hard-on push into the small of her back.

“Does it feel like I’m disappointed?” I asked, a bit rhetorically.

“You still want me the same? She asked, “even though ….”

Her words trailed off as I took my cock in my hand and lined it up güvenilir bahis şirketleri with her very slick pussy from behind. She arched her back, signaling that she wanted me as well. I slid in slowly and tenderly and she softly sighed-out as I went in all the way. She slid her shoulders slightly away and I leaned back just a bit. This slight change no longer allowed the back to chest contact but allowed me deeper penetration onto her wanton center. What followed was a very slow and intimate fucking as I gently stroked her back and tried to reassure her.

“I love you more than anything in the world” I said tenderly still gently rocking into her squishy vagina. “I’d be naïve to think that you’ve not been with other men. You’re an amazingly beautiful woman.”

My wife’s breathing now quickened.

“You really think so?” she asked.

“I do” I replied…. “And it’s that reason that I’d like to see you turn on another guy and watch his reaction as he can’t believe his good fortune of being with the sexiest woman alive!”

“Oh My GOD!” my wife said softly. “You really want to know that another man fucked me? Fucked your wife like you’re doing now?”

“No Baby” I said softly, “I want to WATCH another man fuck you.”

“You want to see all of the nasty things that he does to me?” she asked as she seemed to be imagining that scenario now and getting even more turned on.

“You want to watch another man’s cock pushing my pussy lips apart” she panted, “and driving DEEPLY into my pussy?”

“I want to see another man’s cock pushing deep…” I added, “Deeply into your CUNT!”

That word, the word that her previous, risksiz bahis veren siteler much older lover used, seemed to unleash the slut in my wife. She arched her back slamming against my hips. I was groaning, and she was yelling… she screamed out in climax and together we came… we came HARD!
We then both slowly calmed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I had an early business flight, so I slipped out of bed and wrote her a long note:

My Darling,
Last night was the most amazing night of my life. So much passion, so much love. I love you more than words can express.
As you know, I’ll be away for the next three nights. I return Thursday afternoon and can’t wait to see you then.
In the meantime, I’d like you to open your email and see some videos that I will have sent you. They depict the lifestyle of married women who, with their husband’s blessings, fuck other men. In some cases, they do it alone, in others, the Husband is present so that he can protect, support and, most of all, enjoy his wife getting taken by another man. I’d ask that you do two things while I’m away:
One – watch these videos.
Two – Seriously consider the possibility of us finding and adding another man to our loving bedroom… our intimate and fantastic sex-life.

All My love,
Your adoring Husband.

I quietly left the house just as my pre-arranged taxi was pulling up. My wife and I communicated often, over the next two days but neither of us mentioned to note, the email, the videos or even the concept of another man.

Wednesday evening, when I returned to my hotel after a long day of meetings, there was a FedEx package waiting for me at the front desk. I took it and walked back to my room, imagining it was related to the purpose of the business trip… the latest contract from the Home Office. Once in my room, I noticed that the return address was my home address! I quickly opened it up and found a note and a small zip-lock back.

The note simply read:

My Darling,
These are the panties that I was wearing as I watched those vids….
Hurry home and we will discuss further.
Your adoring Wife

I opened the zip-lock bag and pulled out a pair of satin panties. The small cotton patch, stiched strategically in the crotch area, had the remnants of a very aroused woman: a white creamy mess! I brought it to my nose and the very familiar smell of my very excited wife was unmistakable. My cock instinctively swelled with anticipation. I quickly dialed my wife:

“Oh Baby” I practically panted into the phone, “You are so nasty! I can’t believe that you are as excited as…..”

“Not on the phone, Baby” she cut me off, “We will discuss this once you get home. We have details to iron-out.”

“Okay” I replied, feeling a bit disappointed.

“What time do you land tomorrow?” she asked.

“4:00” I replied.

“Can you Uber directly home?” she asked.

“Yes” I answered, “I can.”

“That will put you here by 4:30 at the latest, correct” she continued

“That sounds right” I replied, “Why?”

“Just come right home” she answered, “I can’t wait to see you by 4:30.”

“Me too” I added.

“I need to run” she said, “I’m having dinner with one of my office friends. See you tomorrow by 4:30?”

“You bet” I replied.

“Don’t be late!” she added with a laugh

“I’ll do my best.” I answered.

The call went silent, and I was still holding her soiled panties. I looked at the stain and wondered what was in-store for tomorrow!

To Be Continued…..

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