A Fantasy About My Sister

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A Fantasy About My Sister
This never happened, but I went through a phase where I wished it would.

Rewind 20 years. I’m 15, full of hormones, and painfully self-conscious about how slowly my body is developing. My sister Sarah is 18 and compared to me she’s just so sexy. Taller, longer legs, bigger boobs, and curves to die for.

Of course she’s still my sister, so most of the time I think she’s a bitch. But while we fight in real life and drive our parents up the wall I can still secretly fantasise about her. Which I do.

It started with a single moan. Sarah’s room is next to mine and most of the time we argue over whose music is too loud and annoying. At night when I touch myself I keep quiet so nobody will hear, especially not Sarah through the wall. I’m not the only hormonal teenager in the house, so if I’d thought about it I would’ve guessed that she did it too – biting her lip as she rubbed in bed so her bratty little sister wouldn’t overhear her having fun.

Until one night she slipped. I had my hand down my PJ pants as usual and was teasing my soft young pussy, loving the wetness as I rubbed and flicked my clit. I don’t even remember what I was thinking about, just how good I was feeling. And then I heard it. Through the wall, muffled but loud enough to be unmistakeable, Sarah letting out a single moan of “oh fuck I’m cumming…”

Then silence.

I strained to hear more, hardly daring to breathe, but there was nothing more. Not that night, and not the other nights I hoped to hear her in the act again. But the memory of that one moan stays with me. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming…” Before then if you’d asked me, and I felt like being honest, I would’ve grudgingly admitted tbat my sister was actually pretty hot. But it’s only now that I let myself begin to really fantasise about her. I lie in bed imagining her through the illegal bahis siteleri wall, masturbating just like I am. Her pleasure building until she can’t control herself, her orgasm blazing up as she moans out loud for me to hear.

Afterwards I feel guilty for getting off to thoughts of my own sister, but the next night I’m back doing it again. The longer it goes on the more of a secret obsession it becomes. I can’t help wondering what she does, how she likes to touch herself, what excites her… I know she’s not a virgin any more, so I imagine her wanting to put her fingers inside a lot. Her fingers, and maybe other things too. Hmmm, now there’s something to think about.

It’s that thought that finds me in her room one day after school. Our parents both work and Sarah has a part-time job at a cafe, so I’m safe to explore. Most afternoons when she’s working I take the opportunity to masturbate loudly, walk around naked, all those things you can’t do with people in the house. Or sneak into your sister’s room and take a good close look at her favourite old hairbrush, the one she really should have replaced years ago. A good look and a deep sniff of the handle, which brings up the faint but undeniable scent of pussy juice. Caught her!

And that’s why 15 minutes later, her shift at the cafe swapped for a different day from usual, Sarah opens the door to her room and finds her little sister on her bed, half naked, eyes closed and legs open, lustily fucking her hairbrush handle. “Caitlin, what the FUCK?!” she yells and I almost scream from the shock of being interrupted. I don’t know where to look, my mind is in a blind panic and can’t comprehend the disaster that’s just befallen me. She can see everything, there’s no way to hide or deny it. This is the end of the world.

I look up at her helplessly, totally tipobet giriş at her mercy. She glares at me, equally unprepared for this moment, but then something changes. Her anger is replaced by a smile, a cheeky grin that lights up her face but seems totally out of place in this situation. “Well look at that,” she says drawing out every word, “my little sister isn’t such a goody two-shoes after all…”

I’m so confused now, waiting for her to walk over and slap me or yell at me, to do something. But instead she stands in the doorway with the same mysterious smile, just looking at me. Then she walks over to the bed, sits down, and says “take off your top Caitlin.” What the hell?

“You heard me, take it off. And your bra, all of it. Off. Now.”

What can I do but obey. Now I’m completely naked and at her mercy, while she sits there fully clothed. I don’t know what’s happening, but I know I didn’t expect this.

“Okay you horny little bitch, show me what you’ve got. Show me how you masturbate. You heard me, don’t act dumb… I want to see you finish what you started.”

Of course the mood was shattered the moment she caught me, but still I’m wet and warm between my legs. Still holding her hairbrush in my hand, the one I was imagining her pushing inside herself as I fucked myself with it. Sarah smiles again and says “maybe you need some help there, sis?” Then in one graceful motion she pulls her own top off and tosses it onto the floor, exposing a cute lacy bra I hadn’t seen before. She smiles again and undoes it, slipping it off and freeing her beautiful breasts.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing as she starts to pinch and roll her nipples. They’re larger than mine and darker, and all of a sudden I notice how hard they are. Oh my god, Sarah’s getting turned on by all this!

I take a deep breath and my own perabet horniness starts welling up inside me again. “I want to watch you play Caitlin” she says, and in my mind a little voice responds “I want that too.” One hand reaches up to play with my own small boobs as the other guides the hairbrush handle back in. I’m tight and it takes a bit of a push to get it inside. Sarah smiles again at my involuntary moan. “Oh Caitlin you dirty little girl…” she whispers, smiling approvingly. I smile back as I start to move the hairbrush again, finding that rhythm that was feeling so good before she interrupted me. Soon my hips are moving as I fuck myself, the wet sounds filling the room as I thrust the handle harder into my tight little pussy.

Sarah isn’t holding back either. Her short skirt is hitched up, her hand pushing her undies aside as her fingers find her clit. I can see right up between her legs, see her fingers dipping into her perfectly waxed pussy. The sight drives me crazy and I really let go, flicking my own clit as I continue to fuck Sarah’s hairbrush. Her fingers move faster too as her voice urges me on: “That’s it Caitlin, fuck my hairbrush, fuck it just like I do, slip it into that tight pussy and imagine it in mine… I used it just last night, it felt so good, lying on my bed and fucking myself hard with it. Now it’s your turn, cum on my brush Caitlin, cum for your sister…”

OH FUCK I’m there. I cry out as my body convulses. The orgasm explodes through me, knocking the breath out of me, searing heat through my body. I can feel my pussy contracting around the hairbrush handle, squeezing it tight as it clenches over and over. The sight of her little sister cumming sends Sarah over the edge too, and moments later she joins me in orgasm, gasping as she cums with me.

Afterwards we both lie there panting. Sarah grins at me and I blush, then a smile crosses my face too. I feel so good right now I don’t care what happens. Sarah leans over and gives me a playful kiss on the forehead. “Next time you want to play in my room Cait, all you have to do is ask.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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