A Family’s Tale Ch. 01

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Eric Winters didn’t usually have a hard time paying attention in class. As a regular high achiever in academics he was the one that most of the other students came to when they needed help understanding something after the class lecture was over, at least up until a month ago, and only in his twelfth grade biology class.

It wasn’t that the material was difficult to grasp, far from it. Everything seemed straightforward; at least to him it did. All Eric had to do was read through the chapter the class was being taught and he could pick up almost everything in a matter of hours. No, the problem wasn’t the class; it was his substitute teacher, Ms. Ambry.

A month ago his regular teacher Mrs. Irvine had taken maternity leave and Ms. Ambry had been hired as their substitute for the remainder of the year. When he first heard the news he hadn’t thought twice about the matter. Mrs. Irvine was a real bitch of a teacher, always shouting at her class, assigning three chapters an evening, and generally being a pain in the ass to every one of her students; it was safe to say that no one liked Mrs. Irvine. At 41 she was, overweight, had saggy skin, stank of the dead, and was only now starting to have kids. Everyone in the class was ecstatic to be rid of her, however, they all expected to have a replacement that was more of the same.

So he was floored to walk into class and find his sub to be the near definition of a bombshell. Ms. Ambry was absolutely gorgeous. With bright green eyes, a mane of long radiant red hair, beautifully high cheekbones, voluptuous full lips, taut smooth flawless skin, and a body to die for with all the right curves in all the right places, Eric almost collapsed where he stood. And when she flashed him that lethal smile of hers that first time his heart literally stopped beating.

Biology went from being his least favourite subject to his most right then and there. But it also went from being one of his best classes to his worst overnight. Too often he found himself staring at Ms. Ambry’s ass daydreaming, of what it would be like to squeeze and grope it, to hold it against him as he pounded his cock into her. Eric would get so caught up in his daydreams that he would miss the lecture altogether. And when Ms. Ambry’s almost musical voice shook him out of his reverie, he was always embarrassed that he didn’t know the answer to the particular question she was asking. Thus he would leave the class frustrated and with a huge hard-on. It was in that state that his twin brother Derek would find him at his locker.

“Hey big E, just get out of Bio?”

Eric swirled the dial on his lock over to the last number and yanked on it, “Yup.” He answered simply.

Leaning up against the row of lockers Derek stared up at the ceiling. “I tell you bro, I’m wishing I’d taken Biology; then I could spend all day staring at the most perfect hot-bodied teacher I’ve ever seen too.”

“I’d like to see you try to pass the class.” Eric said tossing his third period notebook in the cabinet.

“Who cares about passing the class? All I care about is getting the chance to scope out that teacher once and a while. Maybe even accidentally feel her up a time or two.”

Eric turned his head to regard his brother. “You don’t have the balls.” He stated more of a question than anything else. Though if he were to be truthful with himself, Eric already knew the answer.

Derek gave him a sly grin and asked, “Care to put money on it?”

Eric snorted at him and turned back to his task, “I just don’t want to see you get in anymore trouble than you already do that’s all.”

“Shit man, I don’t get in trouble you know that.”

Acknowledging the fact Eric shook his head and sighed. “I really don’t know why Mrs. Emerson lets you get away with what you do.”

“It’s because I know how to handle women that’s why.”

Eric couldn’t believe the audacity of his brother even though he’d been living with it for the past eighteen years. Eric supposed it was because Derek had always been the more popular of the two and that popularity tended to make the older brother more confident than the younger. Derek was the brother on the football team, Derek was the one that knew how to talk to the girls, Derek was the one who was invited to all the parties, Derek was the one everyone wanted to hang around, it was always Derek this and Derek that. Even at home their parents seemed to involve themselves more in Derek’s life than they did in Eric’s.

It wasn’t difficult to see why their father spent more time with his eldest son. Daniel Winters was a sportsman and popular guy in his youth himself, those traits he seemed to pass onto his oldest. When they were kids their dad always took Derek to soccer practice, their dad always coached Derek’s football team; Daniel Winters always took Derek to baseball games. Eric was always invited of course but it was more of a second thought. Daniel wanted to spend time with his first born not his second. It was easy to see that Derek took after his father, yet lately even Eric’s mother seemed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to dote on Derek more than Eric even though her younger son was more like her and he felt as though he had a special connection with her.

Emma Winters and Derek had been spending more time together than usual over the past three months or so. The two would take trips together out of town to visit Emma’s sister across the state. The two would lock themselves away in Daniel’s study so that Emma could tutor Derek. After Derek’s games Emma would take him out for dinner to congratulate him on how well he played. All of this seemed terribly strange to Eric who had to admit to a little bit of jealousy towards his minute older brother. Eric and his mother were alike in the same ways that Derek and his father were.

A bookworm by nature, Eric got straight As in school much like his mother did. Eric was more involved in academic studies than varsity ones. It was Eric that was the environmentalist activist, equality rights activist, political activist, and pretty much every other activist you could name. Many of Eric’s fellow students called him a geek but never to his face; he was far too intimidating a presence for them to do that.

Eric, like his brother, stood 6’4 and exercised enough to be graced with a slim yet muscular figure. He’d inherited his father’s dark hair, kept cut short that covered the top of his head. He’d also been blessed with his mother’s ocean blue eyes, which seemed to captivate the attention of many young girls in his classes. Even Ms. Ambry had been caught off guard the first time she’d seen him and stuttered a greeting.

With a hint of distain in his voice Eric said, “I wish I had your life.”

Mockery oozed from Derek mimicking his brother, “Oh yeah, poor me I have to spend all afternoon staring at a gorgeous, young, hot, redheaded teacher. Life is hard.”

“Piss off.” Eric said slamming the door to his locker shut.

Slapping his hand across his older brother’s shoulder Derek exclaimed, “Cheer up E. Tell ya what, tonight I’ll hook you up with a super hot babe ta help getcha laid. I mean you haven’t hooked up with a chick in how long? Seven… eight months? Seriously man you need this. So how bout it?”

Shrugging off the hand, slinging his knapsack over his shoulder and starting to walk away Eric said, “Derek I don’t want you to set me up with one of your flings alright. I can get my own dates. Besides, I can’t tonight. I’ve got a load of homework to do; I have to read a bio chapter tonight, finish up a physics lab…”

Waiving his hand in dismissal Derek interrupted, “So I’ll get her to come over and blow you while you work, I’ve got it covered.”

“Are you insane! Mom’s getting home today remember?”

Shaking his head with a half smile on his face Derek placated his younger brother, “Relax man. I’ll take care of mom tonight too. Don’t worry about a thing I’ll get everything set up.”

Before Eric could say anything, his brother was headed off towards a pay phone. The younger brother let out a groan of frustration and walked out the front door.

Emma Winters sat her bag down in the entranceway of her home. The two-day conference was finally over and she could sit back and relax for her weekend before she had to go back to work on Monday. And Emma Winters was planning on doing quite a bit of relaxing with her son Derek.

Just the thought of her son made the thirty-seven year olds juices start to flow. Her relationship with Derek had begun just over three months ago when her husband had been away on a business trip. Eric was spending the afternoon in the public library studying for an upcoming exam and Emma was in her living room going over notes she had made from her previous day at work when Derek had come home from school.

He’d immediately gone downstairs to their makeshift gym. There was a set of free weights, a bench press, a treadmill, and a bar hanging from the wall for pull-ups. Daniel and Derek used the equipment religiously; Emma herself ran on the treadmill everyday to maintain her voluptuous shape. Even Eric used it from time to time to stay healthy, though nowhere near as much as his brother and father did.

It took her thirty minutes to finish going over her notes, after which she realized that she hadn’t done her three-mile run on the treadmill. So she cleaned up the papers that were littered over the coffee table, changed into her shorts, training bra, and running shoes and went downstairs for a jog.

The music was blaring as it always was, but as Emma began stepping down the stairs she instinctively knew something was different. Perhaps it was the smell in the air or the song that was playing, or a combination of a million other things Emma couldn’t tell. But the minute she set her eyes on her eldest son Emma knew something had changed in her dramatically.

There was nothing unusual about the visage before her; Derek was sitting on the bench curling sixty pounds in his right hand. A small sheen of sweat started to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri glisten off his body telling Emma that he had been at it for the whole thirty minutes at least. But the thing that really got her attention was the massive bulge in his shorts. Emma felt herself flush and moisten when she saw it and thought she should run upstairs and lock herself away for the rest of the evening.

Instead of doing so however, Emma went over to the treadmill and began running. It took a minute for Derek to register her presence in the room but significantly less than that to notice the outline of her obviously hard nipples underneath her shirt. The young man watched his buxom mother mesmerized as her mammoth breasts began to move as she ran. It wasn’t long before he felt his cock begin to stir.

Emma saw Derek stop his bicep curls and come over to stand in front of her. The prominence in his shorts had swelled to an incredible size; and Emma watched fascinated as it tented in her son’s shorts straining the material confining it from her view to an unbelievable degree.

She tried to look into her son’s eyes but she found them firmly fixated on her own shorts. When Emma looked down to see what he was staring at she found that her pussy juices had soaked through her tight shorts and were now running freely down her leg. Emma blushed in shame and yet continued to run.

The two continued like that for Emma’s entire jog. The mother’s eyes firmly fixed on her son’s expanding cock, while the son’s eyes darting between her soaked pussy and her shirt sticking to her chest from sweat. Finally when her run was finished Emma was ready to flee up the stairs when her son’s voice stopped her, “Hey Mom, you wanna do some triceps exercises?”

She should have said no. She should have fled back to the safety of her bedroom instead of being down there alone and horny with her son. She should have left then and never looked back. But something inside her snapped something that she’d been waiting for the past few years as she’d seen her son grown into manhood. So instead of escaping up the stairs she said, “Sure honey, I’d love to.”

Derek went over to the set of free weights and grabbed five pounds and handed it to his mother. He then led her to the right side of the bench he had been sitting at and instructed her, “Okay Mom, now bend over and place your left palm flat on the bench. Now take your left leg and put it behind your hand.”

Emma did so while Derek stepped around behind her and leaned over her pressing his body into his mother’s forming a shell around her and showing her what to do, “Keep your right arm straight with your body. Now curl the weight in your right hand up to your chest, then slowly extend it back all the way so your forearm is straight with your upper arm.”

Emma was shuttering almost uncontrollably. She did as her son instructed but her entire attention was on his body pressed tightly against hers. His wide chest snuggled against her back, his strong arms gripping her wrist, his colossal cock wedged against her ass, Emma was mad with lust.

The memory of what happened next caused Emma to fall onto a nearby chair and thrust her hand down underneath her short skirt to start masturbating. Derek muttering words of encouragement began moving his hands up her arms, to her shoulders, then down and around her torso to grope her breasts through her soaked shirt.

He began kneading, and massaging Emma’s breasts causing her to gasp and moan. Derek’s hips began dry humping his mother’s ass eliciting her to push back with increasing enthusiasm. It didn’t take long for Emma to drop the lightweight she was holding and grip the bench with both hands.

Eventually Derek fell tired of feeling up his mom through her shirt. He wanted to grope her without obstructions. Derek slid his rough hands down his mother’s smooth sides and grabbed the bottom hem of the offensive garment and pulled it up and over her the tops of her breasts.

Emma knew she should have stopped everything right then and there, but her capacity for rational thought had all but evaporated. She continued to grind her ass back against her son’s huge thrusting member while his hands assaulted her now exposed chest. Delirious with lust, the only thing Emma was aware of was her content in allowing Derek to use her body as he pleased.

And use her he did; as large as his hands were they still couldn’t cover her massive luscious breasts, as he mauled them roughly for his own satisfaction. Moans and whimpers escaped Derek’s mothers limps, which were the only things her brain could muster her body to do to encourage her eldest son to continue his ministrations.

It only took a short amount of time for the tension in the young boy to build to great. Derek wanted to take this to the ultimate end and began pulling the elastic waistband of his mother’s shorts down her round firm ass, down her creamy smooth thighs and eventually off her legs altogether. The fact that his mother wasn’t wearing any panties fuelled güvenilir bahis şirketleri his lust further.

Derek’s own shorts soon followed and his large cock sprung free eagerly anticipating its entrance into sin. Emma lusting for the gigantic rod that was about to enter her spread her legs further apart to help accommodate his incredible size.

He began slowly pushing just hard enough to penetrate her pussy lips with his bulbous cock head. Emma’s hands gripped the bench she was leaning over for support while gritting her teeth as her son’s enormous shaft pushed deeper into her welcoming slit. He was moving at a snails crawl; and her cunt walls gave way inch by agonizingly pleasurable inch to his behemoth member.

Seconds stretched on for an eternity as Derek continued pushing deeper until finally coming to the end of his mother’s long canal. Never before had Emma had such a monstrosity of a cock inside her; simply having his whole obscenely massive cock inside her was enough to cause her to shudder from near climax. When he finally buried his entire length Derek had to pause for almost a full minute to allow his mother’s hole to stretch and be comfortable with his unbelievable prick.

It took every last shred of self-control Derek had left not to ram away at his whimpering mother. Her pussy was so hot and so wet, all the young boy wanted to do was use his powerful spear to drive home into his mother’s impossibly tight cunt. Emma’s velvety walls gripped him tightly and spasmed all around his thick shaft; it was almost enough to make the son finish right then and there.

But he wanted to enjoy this, and more importantly he wanted her to enjoy it enough to come back for more. So he waited until the contractions relaxed and then slowly withdrew until only the head was left snugly inside her tight tunnel then slightly quicker he pushed back in.

Emma dug her finely polished nails into the bench and shut her eyes to fight back the blindingly wonderful pleasure. Derek continued pulling back and thrusting into to her yielding pussy causing her to cry out with unbridled passion. His movements became quicker and with them her bliss grew to unimaginable heights. She began pushing her firm ass back to meet his incredible assault and the two quickly developed a tempo. The only coherent thought that could run through her mind was that this was how it was supposed to feel, this was what her pussy was supposed to be used for, this was what her life was meant for. It was then she had her life’s enlightenment and the reason of her existence was made clear: Emma was nothing but her cunt, and her cunt was built to fuck this godsend of a cock.

Emma gave herself into the wild abandon she so desperately wanted. She wanted to fuck and the fact that it was her son pounding her made no difference what so ever. The immensely large tool ramming her willing pussy was everything that she wanted. It was so large and so strong that it made her want nothing more than to surrender completely to it; let it have her whenever it desired, and that was exactly what Emma intended to do.

“That’s it baby,” she encouraged, “Fuck it, fuck it, FUCK IT! Shit honey, slam my fucking cunt. Fuck my pussy, pound it, slam it, ram it, just don’t stop FUCKING IT! Please baby, please I NEED IT!”

Derek himself was not unaffected by the experience. To be sure he’d had sex before, but nothing and no one compared to this exquisite vision of woman beneath him. Her body was incredible, her tits humungous, her face beautiful, and her pussy painfully tight. The ride she was giving him was without a doubt the best fuck of his young life. Derek was sure no one could fuck like his mom. A fact she would be proud to prove time after time.

Continuing to pound her furiously Derek reached up with one hand to fondle one of his mother’s massive soft breasts while another wrapped around underneath her to rub her pussy. Emma couldn’t take it anymore, the pressure had been building up too much and her son’s latest ministrations pushed her over the edge. Screaming so loud anyone outside would have heard; Emma came in a blinding climax of release.

Emma’s juices flowed over Derek’s cock like a flood of water bursting through a dam as her body thrashed wildly beneath her son. Her petite hands nearly tore through the sturdy bench with the force of her pleasure. Her pussy walls contracted against her son’s cock with such a force that was almost too much for him. Emma’s mind washed over in a sea of tranquil bliss as her orgasm consumed her.

Gripping his mother’s waist with both of his hands Derek redoubled his efforts ramming furiously away at his mother’s spasming cunt eagerly seeking release. As with his mother his own climax had been on its way for some time and the wild clutching of her pussy at his cock was simply too much. With one final thrust the young boy threw his head back and exploded into his mother.

White hot cum erupted out of his shaft and into his mother’s eager pussy like water coming out a high-pressure showerhead. Blast after blast shot into her welcoming canal coating her abused cunt with rich sperm. His pulsating cock seemed to expand as more and more of the creamy liquid sought release into her forbidden passage. Semen and pussy juice mixed together and began running down his shaft and out of her cunt while still the young boy came.

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