A Family New Years Eve

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I would like to thank JaneNYCGirl for her inspiration and her invaluable help with the story, including additional dialogue and descriptions.

* * * * *

It was close to 11:30pm, December 31st. Snow had started falling an hour earlier, making my brother’s mind up. He was going back to the city before the New Year rang in. He, Laurie and I had been out to dinner at a local place and now we were enjoying a drink in front of the fireplace in our living room.

She looked radiant sitting between us. The light of the flames from the fireplace across from our couch picked out the highlights in her new, very sexy short hair cut. The reds sparkled against her sky blue eyes. The flames also highlighted her excitement, revealing her hard, pointed nipples thrusting out through the thin silk of her slip dress; the shape of her full, round breasts outlined as the silk clung to them.

David kept her glass full during dinner, making her recount for me the things he made her do over the past year. Since he had walked in on one of her adventures at a downtown hotel card game, all of our lives have changed.

He’d thought he’d heard her…but there was no reason for her to be there. He opened the door to the room where he thought he’d heard the familiar voice. He stopped still as he realized he was looking at my wife, completely naked and totally exposed, sitting upright, astride the hips of a large, very naked black man, riding the longest, blackest ebony hose he’d ever seen.

She became aware of him and called him over to the bed, all the while posting up and down on that huge black pole. She put his hand on her breast and kissed him, telling him it was okay, she loved her husband, everything was good…and he finally calmed down. He called me later that night; I confirmed I knew and it was all good. I invited him over later and Laurie and I would answer any and all of his questions.

That encounter ended with my wife and my brother and I all bonding in ways none of us ever saw coming. As much as Laurie enjoys cuckolding me and mildly dominating and humiliating me, she enjoys it as much or even more herself when it comes from a strong personality. Like David’s.

He’d used her – and me. She’d used us both. I happily did as I was told at the time. We’ve never been closer.

He leaned down over Laurie, his ice blue eyes freezing her. There, in front of our fireplace, my brother slid the thin strap of her dress off of her shoulder. With his left hand, he cradled her breast. He bent down and sucked her nipple into his mouth. I watched almost breathlessly as he pulled on it with his lips, stretching it out painfully far. He let it snap back and looked at my wife with a hard grin. “It’s a new year, Laurie.” A low chuckle came from his throat, his fingers keeping her nipple extended. “I think you have to ask me again.”

Laurie’s voice was a low hiss, mixing with the crackling fire in front of her. “Please, David?”

“Please what, sister-in-law?” His voice was tighter now, his eye gleaming. “Tell me what you want.”

His fingers tightened around her, making her moan, pulling her pointed, dark red nipple out again. Laurie’s moan became a whisper. “Please, David…make me do anything for you again…please?”

His fingers became gentle, gliding over her breast, lightly flicking her excited point. “And the same conditions?” His voice was almost back to normal…almost. I could hear anticipation from him. I felt it myself; rock-hard, I sat enthralled by the scene in front of me.

Laurie looked from him to me. Her eyes were glazed over with submissive lust. We both knew she had to do what he’d asked. I nodded gently and smiled as best I could.

She looked back into my brother’s eyes, her voice trying to be strong, still shaking with the feelings that ran all through her. The intense feeling concentrated in her nipple; it now seemed all her nerves ran straight from there to her completely moistened cunt. “Yes, David,” she said to him, “Anything you want…anytime, anywhere, with anyone you tell me to. I promise, lover.”

David looked at her and smiled, but it didn’t reach his cold blue eyes – they drilled into Laurie. “So,” he spoke easily, “when are you guys going to New York?”

“The second,” Laurie answered as she massaged her still exposed breast. “Steven will call you as soon as we get back, lover.”

David turned to me. “You do that, bro. In the meantime, here’s a New Year gift for you.” He turned back to Laurie, the smile gone now. “Listen to me, Laurie.” Her eyes never left his.

“What are you, Laurie?” David whispered hard at my wife.

She dropped her eyes down. “I’m your slut, David.” I almost couldn’t hear her through the explosion of my heartbeat.

He moved next to her again, reached behind her neck and tilted her face back up to his. “Remember your promise, my hot little sister-in-law.” Laurie nodded her head. “Until I see you again,” his whisper was harder, deeper, “you will keep that promise to my brother. Understand, slut?”

I could see Laurie shiver in the heat of canlı bahis şirketleri the fire as she looked at me and then back to my brilliant older brother. Her voice shook so badly she almost couldn’t get the words out. “Yes, lover, I understand.” She raised her face closer. “I love you, David,” she said.

She pulled his head down to hers and they kissed slowly and lovingly. When they parted, he came to me and we kissed each other on the cheek and wished New Year’s stuff to each other and then he left.

Laurie and I moved to the couch in front of the fire. We slid down and spooned together, her wonderful ass pushing into my crotch, the fire keeping her very warm. We nuzzled, talked about my brother, and then we started to talk about our upcoming trip to New York. Laurie was drunk and lust ridden. I thought this was as good a time as any to tell her a little more about the people she, Lisa, Matt and I would soon be meeting.

I slipped my hand around her hip, under the thin silk slip and across the tiny front panel of her thong bikinis. They were David’s choice for dinner. I dipped my fingers inside to find her slit already hot and moist. I played with her lips and her clit, strumming lightly and gently as I spoke to her. “I can’t wait for you to meet Jane, baby. We’re gonna have such a great time in New York.” My fingers kept busy and between phrases, I was licking her neck.

“Are we gonna swap, baby? Are you gonna make me fuck pretty Jane’s hubby?” Laurie was moaning again as I slid a finger down her slit and in to her steaming cave.

I chuckled a little as I answered her. “Oh no, baby…nothing like that.” I started working my finger in and out of her creamy cunt. “I think Jane would really love you if you totally dominated him,” I worked a second finger into my panting, sweating wife, “and didn’t give him any sex at all.”

She looked back at me with the puzzled look of the drunk. “Then who’s gonna fuck me, baby? Jane?” She fell back towards the fire, her hips rotating around my hand.

“Oh yeah, lover. Jane told me she wanted to fuck you. I can’t wait to see that.” I took one of my cream-covered fingers and circled her butt hole, lubing her up. Her breathing got even shallower. “But Jane has a real young lover…she says he fucks like a god…she wants to share him with you, baby. Do you want that?”

Laurie was moaning again, louder now as I kept one finger up her cunt, one rubbing her backdoor, while my thumb flicked around the hood of her clit. “Yes, baby…a beautiful, young man…a gorgeous, hard, long prick to fuck me…is he beautiful, baby?”

“He’s 5’11” and about 170 pounds,” I said, keeping up a steady rhythm with my hand, “she said he’s so cute, with sandy brown hair.” Laurie was moaning continuously. “Jane told me he’s…18 years old, baby.”

She almost screamed she was moaning so hard. “Oh, God! Steven, he sounds just like Matt!”

As her body started to jerk, I pushed my finger into her ass. I got my mouth close to her ear, and I whispered to her, “Baby, listen to me now…Jane’s lover, the boy who’s gonna fuck you soon…” she trembled as I said this, “that boy…that hard young cock…all eight inches of fuck meat for you, baby…he’s Jane’s son, baby!”

“Oh my God…oh, Steven, really?” She was so close to cumming all over my hand. But something had made me look up and I noticed headlights pulling into our driveway. I pulled my hand out of her and tried to straighten her up (hard work, as she was now drunk, hot, frustrated and pissed.)

I got her together just as Matt and Lisa walked in the front door, laughing and punching each other lightly on the shoulders. Obviously, they had seen a little of the struggle through the window before coming in. I looked up at them and smiled. “Hey, guys. What’s up? We thought you would be home after 1 o’clock or so…”

Lisa, our twenty-one year old, just knocked me out. She had seen Laurie getting dressed for dinner earlier. “Mom,” I heard her say as she walked into our room, “are you really wearing that to have dinner with Uncle David?” She was referring, of course, to Laurie’s slip dress.

“Why?” I heard a familiar, amused lilt in Laurie’s voice. “Don’t I look good in this?”

“Yeah,” said our daughter, “you look way too good in that. Dad’s okay with that? Really?”

“Oh yes, sweetie, don’t worry about your dad.” Laurie laughed lightly as Lisa left the room.

A few minutes later, I was in the bedroom when Lisa knocked on the door. “Can I come in for a minute?”

Laurie said of course, and Lisa opened the door and walked into our room. My jaw hit the floor. She was gorgeous! She was wearing the same style of slip dress as her mother, in a pale burgundy silk that molded over her curves the way Laurie’s dress did to her. As she walked across the room, the dress did nothing to hide the sway of her perfect 34B tits under the silk.

I couldn’t breathe as I stared at my daughter. This wasn’t right…she shouldn’t be having this effect on me. She looked at me as she spoke to her mother. She watched me canlı kaçak iddaa as I, frozen in place, couldn’t help myself; I stared as her nipples grew into hard little pebbles under the silk. “I guess it’s okay if I wear this tonight, then. Right, Mom?” I moved back a little and Lisa was framed in the light from the doorway. It made her dress almost transparent. I could see the outline of her little bikini panties shining against her skin. My cock started to rise…Fuck…she had to have noticed as I pushed passed her and out of the room.

I heard Laurie laugh sweetly, telling our daughter she looked beautiful. Lisa’s long, dark hair fell in waves down to her shoulders. She is a little thing, only about 5’3″ and 105 pounds. Between her beautiful little tits and her long (for her height) firm legs, she has a flat little belly, trim from working out when she can. She also loves to expose the little tattoo she has in the small of her back, just above the crack in her cute little behind.

Laurie asked, “What do you think Joe (Lisa’s boyfriend, working over the college break) would say about it?”

“Mom, I don’t tell Joe everything!!!” Lisa laughed and went to her room to finish getting ready. She was meeting some girlfriends and they were going to a party later.

Laurie and I went downstairs to find Matt finishing his preparations as well. Matt is a strong, good looking young man of 18. Lisa has some of my features, and everyone says Matt looks like Lisa’s twin (with lighter colored hair), but he doesn’t look like me at all. Strange. He’s always been just a little shy, but no doubt he is all man.

He had a pair of slacks on, and was just pulling a sweater over his head as he walked into the kitchen where we were standing. His hard, flat stomach and muscled chest made Laurie gasp as he walked in. As the sweater cleared his eyes, he looked straight at Laurie. “God, Mom, you look great!” His eyes kept getting wider as he realized what he was really seeing, what was standing only three feet in front of him.

Laurie and I both saw his eyes lock on to her chest. This, of course, made those pesky nipples start to rise again. Matt’s face turned bright red and he mumbled something as he turned back towards his room. Laurie turned to me and giggled softly as she heard Matt’s door close. “What do you think he’s thinking, baby?”

“That he has a beautiful mother, darlin’…a hot, sexy, beautiful mom.” I kissed my wife gently and poured her some wine while we waited for David’s arrival.

Shortly after, Matt came back out, all calmed down, looking really good. He was picking up a girl he’d been seeing and going to a party at a friend’s house. He walked over to Laurie and bent down to give her a kiss. As she turned her shoulders up and around to meet him, I could see the front of her dress gaped open.

I’ve been in that position before – I knew that my son was gazing on every square inch of his mother’s breast and her stiff, dark nipple. He hesitated; he couldn’t stop himself from staring if only for a second. Enough time to burn the image into his head. Then he kissed his mother quickly, said goodbye to me and walked to the foyer.

He yelled up the stairs to his sister that he had his cell with him if she needed anything, then was out the door.

Five minutes later, Lisa swept down the stairs. She looked so much like Laurie at that age. I was so proud of her. I thought momentarily about my reaction to her earlier. I was ashamed and embarrassed at the very wrong things I had been thinking. But, God, I thought, she’s really a knockout.

Then, barely covered in that unbelievable dress, she glided across the floor and stood in front of the fireplace. The flames illuminated her through the silk. She was so enticing! I stood up and moved to her. “You are so beautiful, baby,” I said into her dark wavy hair as I hugged her from the side. “You’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman, Lisa.” I held her as I turned to my wife. “Hasn’t she, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Oh yes, love.” Laurie looked at her daughter with love and pride. “The best of both of us…” she smiled at us, standing together in front of the fire, “and better…I really think so, Steven. I think she’s better than both of us.”

Lisa turned out of my arm and went to her mother. “I love you, Mom. I could never be better than you…really.” She kissed Laurie and then came back to me. “I love you so much, Daddy. Both of you…you guys are just the best.” She pulled me into her and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Happy New Year, Daddy.” She turned to Laurie and wished her the same, then grabbed her coat as we saw a car pull in to the driveway. “They’re here…gonna have dinner and maybe go to a party. See ya.” And she was out the door.

Now, hours later, the four of us were back home together. . “Hey, guys. What’s up? We thought you would be home after 1 o’clock or so…”

Lisa punched Matt in the shoulder again; both of them giggling like little kids. “See? I told you we could catch them if we got back early!”

Matt laughed as he sat down canlı kaçak bahis in a chair. “You guys are hilarious…” he just kept giggling.

“Okay,” I said, “so what happened, Matt?”

“Nothin’, really. We were at Shane’s,” he smiled at his mom, “and then Kathy didn’t feel so good, so I took her home. I was on the way back to Shane’s when,” he turned his head towards his sister, “she called.”

Lisa picked up the story, also unable to stop giggling. “Dinner was okay – we went to Alicia’s after.” She laughed mysteriously to herself again. “Then all they wanted to do was talk about their boyfriends. Boring!!!”

Matt again… “So she calls me and tells me to pick her up.” And he laughs again.

Laurie looks from one to the other. “What is so funny?” She’s still quite looped and wanting to join in their good times.

Lisa is still laughing to herself, leaving it to Matt to explain. “Lisa bet me that if we came home early,” his faced started getting flushed, and it wasn’t from the fire, “we would probably walk in on you guys…you know…” His face was bright red and his voice strained.

“Screwing!!!” Lisa laughed out loud, her intoxication level now obvious. Matt just dropped his head in his hands in total embarrassment. I stood up, shook my head in a mock scowl at Lisa, and took Matt’s hand.

“C’mon, son. Let’s get something to drink for the ladies. It’s almost midnight.” I led Matt into the kitchen, my arm around his strong shoulders. I poured two glasses of champagne and handed them to him. “Your sister is kind of a goof, Matt…but you know, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Your mom is a very, you know…natural kind of woman. That’s why we love her so much, son.” I poured two more glasses and picked them up. “Now go in there and give one of those to your mom. I’ll take care of your goofy sister.”

As we walked back into the living room, Matt turned to me. “I’m okay, Pop.” I smiled back and told him I knew that.

Matt sat down on the couch next to Laurie and handed her a glass. “Thanks, honey,” she said. Smiling, she asked, “I haven’t had a drink in, what, Steve? Fifteen minutes?” She tipped it towards his, clinked his glass and they both took a drink. When they stopped drinking, Laurie put her glass down and moved closer to Matt. She put her hand gently on his cheek, tilted his head and kissed her son gently on the lips. Softly, she said, “I love you, Matt.”

I had moved to where Lisa was standing, near the fireplace. I handed her a glass. She took it in one hand and slid the other around my waist as we watched her mother and brother on the couch. She leaned her head on my shoulder as they kissed and I could hear a low sound from the back of her throat. “Mom’s so beautiful,” Lisa whispered.

“Just like you, sweetie.” As I kissed her softly on her shoulder, the smell of her perfume started making me uneasy…it was way too good, better than it should have been.

Lisa turned into me. I could feel her breasts under the light silk against me. She pressed into me…I knew she could feel me as well. “Do you really think so, Daddy? Am I as pretty as Mom?”

I was about to answer when the clock on the mantle started to chime midnight. I saw Laurie and Matt stand up by the couch. Laurie had her arms around Matt’s neck and she pulled his head down hers. “Happy New Year, Matthew,” she said softly. Then she kissed him – it wasn’t exactly the chaste kiss a mother usually gives her son.

As his arm lost the tension he felt initially and dropped down around her, I turned back to Lisa. It was her arm around my neck now. “Happy New Year, Daddy.” My daughter, a spectacularly hot young woman, kissed me softly on each cheek.

“Happy New Year to you, sweetie.” I kissed her very lightly on her soft, full lips and then drew away, smiling at my little girl. I thought I had handled that well. Her eyes were glazed over…maybe from what she drank earlier…maybe from watching her mother and her brother kiss. Whatever, she moved quickly back to me and planted a real kiss on her dad – one with more than a hint of her womanhood behind it.

Once again, I cursed my lack of control. I knew she had to be aware of my hardness growing against her. I knew…because she pulled herself hard against me and ground into me as we kissed.

I pulled away, thinking way too many thoughts – none of them very clear or coherent. Laurie and Matt were standing close together, watching us and smiling. I walked over to them, hugged my son and wished him well in the coming year. Laurie had gone to Lisa, kissed her, wished her a Happy New Year and said we were going to bed. I followed her as she grabbed her champagne and headed up the stairs.

Once in our bedroom, Laurie slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and the clingy silk Casino oyunları arasında en güvenilir slot siteleri arayışınız varsa eğer bettingmarkt.com sitesi üzerinden slot siteleri listesine ulaşabilirsiniz. outlined her spectacular form as it slid to the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed as she rolled first one stocking and then the other down her firm and supple legs. I rolled a joint as I watched her move so seductively, still drunk, still hot, still very frustrated. I lit the joint and took a long drag as I watched her move to her dressing room in just her thong bikini. God damn! She was hot, moving around her dressing room, touching herself, lost in her frustrated lust. She needed to be loved – she needed to be fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20