A Family Affair

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I was twenty seven years old and had recently been dumped by Sally, my gorgeous girlfriend and a few months later, by Sian, her successor.

Sally was a very pretty five foot tall brunette with a trim figure and great largish tits. I worked with her in London and she pulled me because she really fancied my taut buttocks.

She first approached me to look at a problem at the shop in the organisation where we worked saying that there was something wrong with the amplifier in the store room that fed speakers in the shop. Once she had closed the storeroom door, she put her arms round my waist and gave me one of the most passionate kisses that I had ever been surprised with while fondling my buttocks.

At the office Christmas party in a local pub a couple of days later, Sally had an opportunity to follow the kiss up with some very raunchy dancing, pressing her breasts against my chest with her hard nipples kept away only by my shirt and her thin blouse and sexy satin bra. Her thigh rubbed my groin ensuring that my erection was kept interested. There was nowhere private where either of us could cop a feel, so it wasn’t until the pub closed a couple of hours later and the party came to an end that I suggested that we went back to my house.

“Let’s go now, but I’ll need to get back to my boyfriend’s flat before he misses me.” I walked Sally to my sports car and drove the thirty miles to my house with my hand inside her panties gently frigging her cunt lips and clit. Her skirt hem was pulled right up to her waist giving me easy access to her minge. Sally’s breathing got a lot louder and it sounded as though she enjoyed several orgasms before we eventually arrived at my cottage.

“Where’s your bedroom? I need to have your cock inside me right now.”

“So do I. You’ve made me feel really randy. It’s up the stairs and the door ahead. Would you like some wine?”

“No time for that. We both need a good shag before you can drive me back to London and Dave misses me.”

Sally laid on the bed with her legs parted giving me a full view of my cock’s intended target hiding behind her dark écu. She was so ready for me that I easily slipped into her waiting minge and we both came within a minute or two which satisfied us both. I rolled on a fresh condom to be ready for a second round, but she insisted that she needed to get back to her boyfriend. I drove back up the motorway with Sally unzipping my fly and wanking my dick as I drove.”Did you know that you’re still wearing a condom?” She peeled it off and dropped it out of the window onto the motorway.

“That was for our second session.”

“It’s great that you were ready to fuck me again but don’t be greedy. You’ll have to wait until after Christmas before you can make love to me properly again. If we use the storeroom at work, we’ll be heard because I find it impossible to screw quietly.” That was something I found very true and it was several years before I fucked a lady who made more noise when I was fucking her.

I had already been told that I’d lost my job due to me not wearing a jacket when I was presented to the extremely important lady who was in charge of the organisation when she visited us to open a new exhibition, and I was due to start a new job on the edge of London.

Sally made an excuse for being away from her boyfriend for an evening in the new year and came instead to my cottage where we celebrated my new job in the most debauched manner we could think of.

Soon after, Sally dumped Dave and I enjoyed a year and a half long affair with her and although I never fell in love with her, the sex was very frequent and extremely enjoyable.

Sally’s libido was remarkably high and we would usually enjoy several quickies throughout the day. At least one when we woke up, another when we got home from work. One more before we went to the pub in the evening and a final protracted slowie before we went to sleep. Often, if one of us woke up in the night, a good shag sent us back to sleep again. Having a willing recipient of a nocturnal emission is priceless.

Sally was, quite rightly, very proud of her body and when we were alone together, we often wore nothing at all giving the other very easy access to our entire bodies. One evening, she was washing her hair, leaning over the bath when I surprised her by walking up behind her and plugging my erect dick into the exposed twat that looked as though it was waiting for me. Sally screamed as shampoo got into her eyes. “Go and sit in the toilet and wait for me to rinse this off.” she told me.

I did as she asked with my erection standing proudly on my lap and as soon as she was ready, she straddled me, with her beautiful face in front of me, her hard nipples against my chest and my dick easily slipped into her slit. She rocked herself to an orgasm, with my hands under her arse helping her rise and fall. After she had cum for the third time, the pleasure of being inside her spasming vagina caused me to release the contents of my balls into her cunt. “Go and lie down on the sofa.” She suggested. “I’ll güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dry my hair and you’ll be recovered enough by then for a more lengthy fuck.”

How could I refuse? I went into the living room where a log fire was warming the room while Sally went into the bedroom with a towel round her head. After several minutes of the hair dryer working, eventually she appeared, fully dressed in a long dress. This was not what I wanted. She sexily put a U2 CD on the stereo and as the music throbbed, she faced me and started performing a strip-tease. This was more like it. As she teased the dress from her shoulders, the dress dropped onto the floor revealing the fact that there was nothing under it apart from her naked body. “Tada!” My cock leapt into action. “I’m going to have to do something about that for you.” She kneeled on the floor beside me and took the entire length into her mouth with her tongue lapping against the underside. She withdrew so that only my helmet was within her lips and tickled it with her tongue as she fucked me with her mouth. She didn’t even gag when she swallowed my entire hard dick until my balls touched her lips. The feel of her long, soft, clean hair round my gonads while her fingers tickled my balls was enough to bring me to boiling point again and when I came, down her throat, she swallowed it all.

“My turn now.” Sally stood up with her figure illuminated by he firelight giving me a sight of all I had enjoyed and was about to enjoy again. She played with my cock using her fingers and lips for ten minutes until it showed some more life then straddled me and with my hands fondling her breasts while my thumbs tickled her nipples, she bounced up and down on my prick. “I’m really enjoying this. It’s as good as when you were sitting on the toilet.”

In the spring we walked through the countryside to a wood I knew far from the public and screwed for an hour or more on a blanket amongst the bluebells. Sally’s screams of pleasure soon drove away the birds that had been singing in the trees above us.

“I love coupling with you, Hans, you’re always so inventive.” Little did she know that my house-mate, Roger, and I were comparing notes on what made our women cum loudest. I even borrowed a peak sound meter from work which proved that Sally was seven decibels louder than his Sue.

I knew from the way that Sally had dumped Dave and started screwing me that my time with her was limited, so I wasn’t very surprised when I discovered that she was fucking someone else and in turn, dumped me, though I was more than a little upset having the use of her wonderful body denied me and that started me being depressed. The evening she dumped me, we were at her parent’s flat in London. “One last time, Hans, to remember each other with, What do you say?”

How could I have turned her down even if I had wished to? “I don’t really want to part from you but I’ve never once turned down the pleasure of your wonderful body, have I? You’ll need to keep the noise down as your parents are a couple of rooms away, so Yes, please”

We gently made love with me needing to cover her mouth with mine to stop her moans reaching her parents. By this time she had been fitted with a IUD coil to save on our expense on condoms and although I didn’t sense that Sally had achieved an orgasm, I spurted my jism deep into into her delicious cunt for the final time.

A few weeks later, I went to a local college disco with my friend Simon. Simon is a student at a local agricultural college. Simon’s girlfriend is training to be a Dance teacher at a college where I worked soon after leaving university. As we were queuing to go in, one of the most attractive girls I have ever seen walked past. “Yes, please!” I said to Simon and spent the rest of the evening getting to know her. Sian had shoulder length blonde hair, huge breasts and a soft gentle voice. I was smitten. Some days later, I was able to read the label on a bra that she had recently discarded on my bedroom floor that told me it was 38DD. Her tits were amazing. Firm, tactile and very sensitive, she loved having her breasts gently stroked, first with my full hand and as I collapsed my hand, my fingers would gently grip her pink nipples. Repeating that action on both tits was enough to bring her to orgasm. I loved to nibble her nipples with my lips as much as she loved me to suck them.

Sian was eighteen and a first year dance student and I soon fell completely in love with her. She preferred to go out in the evenings without wearing a bra – Her breasts were so magnificent and firm that she didn’t need to wear one for support and I loved to watch her without one as her nipples pressed themselves through shirt or blouse.

Sian was two thirds my age and still a virgin, though she kept me happy by both giving and receiving oral sex, though she continued to deny me full sex. Her breasts were the largest I had been allowed to touch since the first night I ever spent in bed with a naked woman, Trudy, whose bra cups were size G though Trudy capitalized on her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri huge tits by posing for men’s top-shelf magazines for money.

For the next college holidays, rather than Sian taking a train to her parent’s home, I drove her all the way there. Her parents were very welcoming, though surprised that their daughter’s new boyfriend was so much older than her. During the holidays, my employer had persuade me to rent a flat in London rather than to drive for up to an hour each way every day, as traffic was causing me to get to work very late most mornings. Once term had started again and Sian was back at college I would live in London during the working week and at my country cottage every weekend, visiting Sian on a couple of weekday evenings. One Wednesday evening, as I was about to drive back to London, Sian told me that she would prefer to spend time with blokes closer to her own age. She was breaking up with me! I was devastated. I had found, and now lost, my true love.

I drove back to London in tears.

Two days later, on the Friday evening, I must have been distracted by my thoughts and failed to see that the two cars ahead had collided and stopped in front of me and I hit one of them. My car was wrecked and the collision had broken two of my ribs and severely bruised a kidney as a speaker I was carrying behind my seat had hit me in the back.

An ambulance took me to the nearest hospital and a couple of hours later my house-mate, Roger, came to take me home. I was in too much pain to do anything except lie in bed on my back.

The following morning, I was surprised when Sian appeared in my bedroom and jumped on top of me, proving that she still cared about me and for the next month or two, while I was recovering, I saw her frequently although we were never intimate as before.

My immobility due to my injured back and needing to use public transport as my car was a total wreck was causing deep depression and after I was in a fit state to return to work where I was stuck in a small flat in an area where I knew nobody meant that I was heading for a nervous breakdown. On one of my rare trips home, one of my mate Simon’s classmates, fellow student farmer, Johnny, offered to take me to a party in a pub near where he grew up in Northamptonshire to celebrate his school friend, Jonathan’s twentieth birthday on a Friday night.

I’m certain that you are getting fed up with hearing about my problems, so let’s get back to some raunchy fucking.

Jonathan’s eighteen year old sister, Julia, was a slim pretty girl with dark blonde shoulder length hair and as soon as I was introduced to her I could tell that the attraction between us was mutual. As we danced, we couldn’t wait for the DJ to play slower songs so we could have an excuse to rub our bodies against each other with the erect nipples on her compact tits pressing against my chest and my hard cock rubbing against her pussy in time to the music. Absolute bliss!

Johnny drove Jonathan, Julia and myself back to the thatched stone cottage where Jonathan and Julia lived with their mother. Jonathan’s best friends had been invited back to complete his birthday celebrations.

The cottage was beautiful having been recently renovated from an old farmhouse and the mother, Mary, had created an exquisite home in the three years since they moved to the country from the nearest large town. A few months previously, Alan, the father had walked out on his family and moved in with Mary’s best friend back in the town leaving Mary lonely in a small village where she knew nobody. Mary greeted us all at the door. She knew most of Jonathan’s friends and greeted them by name as they came through the back door into the kitchen. “Hello Mrs Smith,” said Johnny “This is my friend, Hans. He’s staying with me until we go back south on Sunday.”

“Nice to meet you, Hans. Are you at college with Johnny?”

“No, Mrs Smith. I work in London as an audio engineer.”

“Please call me Mary. A good looking guy like you is always welcome here.”

As she kissed my cheek I could tell from the alcohol on her breathe that she had been drinking.

“Who wants a drink?” called out Mary “I’ve bought bottles of Red and White wine, cans of lager and there’s Coke and Orange juice for those who are driving.”

The half a dozen couples poured themselves drinks and either stood around in the kitchen or went to sit on the comfortable chairs in the lounge. “Can I pour you a drink, Mum?”

“That’s very kind, Jules. A large gin and tonic with loads of ice, please. You know how I like it.”


“I see you have German white wine. A glass of that, if it’s not too much trouble”

Julia poured the drinks including a very large Merlot for herself and come and sat on the kitchen table with her long legs swinging below. The way the minx had deliberately sat meant that the hem of her skirt was rucked up so her tiny pink lace panties were clearly on display to me. Mary stood beside her and I couldn’t fail to notice the similarity in güvenilir bahis şirketleri their looks although Mary’s hair was shorter and darker. Julia was eighteen and Mary couldn’t have been more than about double that. In my eyes, Mary was a textbook MILF and her daughter an alluring young temptress.

The three of us chatted and found out more about one another. Julia was due back at her college in Manchester the next day as she needed to study and prepare herself for a tutorial on Monday. “I suppose I’ll be alone again, all week without my children.” sighed Mary.

We empties our glasses and I refilled them a couple of times while the party came to it’s natural end and people left.

Meanwhile I took sneaky peeks at Julia’s panties imagining what they were hiding. She caught me a couple of times and gave me a wink to show that she had noticed,

Johnny came in. “Can Hans sleep on your couch, Mrs Smith? It’s a bit late to wake my mum to make up a bed when we get home.”

“No problem, Johnny. There’s a spare bedroom Hans can use.”

Johnny said he would see me in the village pub at lunchtime and went off with Charmaine who he had been chatting up all evening. I think they were pleased to get rid of me.

With most of the guests gone, I helped to wash up the glasses and tidy up the lounge. “I’m going to bed,” Mary told us. “Be sure that you turn out the lights when you come up, Jules.” She hugged both of us and gave us both a goodnight kiss. “See you in the morning. Don’t stay up too late talking.”

Jonathan had already taken Anne, his girlfriend up to bed so Julia took my hand and led me to the guest bedroom, showed me the on-suite bathroom and gave me an extremely passionate goodnight kiss before leaving me feeling very disappointed as she left the room and I could hear her footsteps going down the hall to her own bedroom. I had very much hoped that she would stay with me.

I completely stripped off, as I usually sleep naked and got into bed.

Within a few minutes, the door opened and Julia came back into the room wearing her dressing gown. “There’s something I forgot to show you.”

“What’s that?” With that, she undid the cord holding the gown closed, opened it wide to show that she was naked underneath and dropped it to the floor. What a body! She was slim and rounded in all the right places with her beaver shaved into a Brazilian landing strip.

“I realised that in spite of you looking up my skirt for the last hour, you wouldn’t have been able to actually see my pussy because my panties were obstructing your view. What do you think?”

“I’ll tell you once I’ve got closer.”

Julia clambered into the antique wrought-iron double bed and cuddled up to me. “Close enough yet?” she whispered in my ear.

We groped each other’s body while kissing whatever we could reach until Julia turned upside down so she could suck my dick while pressing her pussy into my face. My tongue lapped her clit which had already peeked from out of its shroud, her cunt and labia while she took my erect seven inches into her mouth. One of her hands caressed my balls as her tongue and lips performed an exquisite blow job. My tongue and fingers did their magic on her cunt until her pants and breathing told me she was about to cum. Two of my fingers found their way into her moist cunt and a sharp intake of breath told me I had found her G-spot. Her entire body shook as she came. “I want your cock inside me, right now!”

“I don’t have any condoms with me.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve been taking the pill for nearly three years and don’t have any STDs. Roll over on your back and I’ll ride you.”

I rolled over onto my back and Julia sat on my face before shifting her bum down my torso until my dick was lined up with her pussy. “This is what I’ve been waiting for all evening.” She said as she maneuvered my knob into her slit.

I have never encountered a cunt like it. All the ones I had fucked in the past had been even and smooth and my dick just slipped into them. Julia’s was uneven and lumpy where her vaginal muscles were protruding rather like the six-pack on my stomach. I am not saying that it was unpleasant, in fact I really enjoyed the different feel of being inside her. I was just surprised at how different she felt from all the other girls I had fucked in the past decade. Think of your first time and how different it felt from how you imagined it would be.

Julia moved her pussy down and completely engulfed me. She started rocking backwards and forwards, up and down. Relaxing her muscles as I slid into her and tightening them as I slid out. It was wonderful and the pleasure forced a groan from my lungs. “We need to be quiet. I don’t want to wake Mum, she will be jealous. Did you notice how she was looking at you tonight? She was chewing her bottom lip. She obviously really fancies you and probably hasn’t enjoyed a shag since Dad left, and probably not for some time before. Make me cum again please.”

I reached round and tickled her clit as she pounded up and down on my todger until soon she succumbed to a mind numbing orgasm. Her vaginal muscles spasmed in turn like a peristaltic pump pulling my jism into her cunt as I joined her in ecstasy. Definitely one of the best fucks I’ve ever enjoyed. “You probably need to give me a quarter of an hour to recover before I can manage it again.”

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