A Family Affair

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Today was the day I was somewhat dreading. My wife’s aunt and uncle were going to live with us.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they are nice people but a little strange. I always got the feeling they could look right through you.

Their names are Marty and Stella. They are both in their late fifties. Marty is 6′ and about 180 while Stella is 5’5 and about 120.

Marty is a retired military veteran and works part time. Stella is a hospital volunteer.

Now, Stella is in pretty good shape and she still looks hot in a bathing suit and from what I’ve seen of her in a bathing suit, she has big tits.

I am sure you want to know why they are moving in. So, let me start at the beginning.

My name is Joe. I am 40, 5’10, 175, black hair, brown eyes and a 7″ cut cock. I own my own tech business and work out of my office in the house.

My wife’s name is Diane. She is 39, 5’6″, 120, 36c tits, auburn hair, a tight ass and a very smooth pussy.

We have two children, a boy named Richard, who is 19 and a daughter named Ann, who is 18.

Richard is a big boy. He is 6’1″, about 185, light brown hair, brown eyes, and an 8″ cut cock and works out a lot.

Ann is a petite blonde at 5’4″, 110, smooth pussy, nice perky tits at a 36c and an ass to die for.

We have a big house in Tarpon Springs, Florida. There is a guest house in the back, where Marty and Stella will be living. The guest house has two bedrooms, kitchen, den, full bathroom and plenty of closet space.

Our house has five bedrooms, three baths, big kitchen, a family room, my office, a pool and a six person hot tub. There is even an outdoor shower and the property is completely private.

Richard is starting college in a few months and Ann just graduated high school and is relaxing for the summer.

Now, about Marty and Stella and the reason they are going to live with us.

A year ago, Marty and Stella’s house burnt down. To make matters worse, their insurance company would not cover the entire loss as their investigation pointed to illegal wiring that Marty had done.

The insurance company however, did make a payout to them, but not enough to rebuild.

Since they lived in New Port Richey, a short distance from our house, Diane and I asked them to live with us. Not with us, but in our guest house.

So, now you’re asking what was the problem?

The problem was that my entire family are nudists and Diane hadn’t told them yet.

So, one night Diane started telling them by saying, “Uncle Marty and Aunt Stella, first, we are thrilled you are going to be living in the guest house. If there is anything you ever need, let us know.”

Then Diane and I told our aunt and uncle that we had something to tell them.

Diane came right out and said, “There is something we have to tell you that we should have told you before and it might upset you. You see, our entire family, all four of us, are nudists.”

Marty and Stella looked at each other and Marty responded, “That is news. I guess you should have told us that before. Now, I hope you don’t think we are going to go naked too.”

I told them, “Look, neither of you have to go naked, just accept our being nudists. If you ever want to go naked, we encourage it and you will eventually enjoy it like we do, but you don’t have to. None of us are embarrassed with our nudity and we hope you won’t be either.”

They looked at each other and told us it wouldn’t be a problem and everything was settled.

However, Diane and I kept one important item a secret from them. You see, my family are not only nudists but we all play together and that is something we wanted to keep to ourselves, for now.

Over the course of two months, Marty and Stella got completely moved into the guest house.

I put together a BBQ by the pool for Saturday as a welcoming party for Marty and Stella. We had some neighbors over, as well and yes, everyone was dressed.

Over dinner Marty and Stella got Diane on the side and asked her about our nudist lifestyle.

Diane told them that we visit a clothing canlı bahis optional resort nearby every now and then to meet some friends or attend events. She even suggested that they come with us once and they could keep their clothes on too, to see what it was all about.

They laughed and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Little did we know that things were going to change, big time.

One day, Stella asked Diane if she could join her at the resort. Diane said that she was going the next day to meet a friend and she could join her.

That night, Diane told me that she and Stella were going to the resort in the morning. I wished her luck.

After breakfast, Diane and Stella headed out. Diane told Stella what to expect and the rules of the resort.

After a short trip, they arrived. Diane removed her clothes and Stella stayed dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Diane took notice that Stella forgot to put a bra on.

Stella told Diane she looked marvelous naked, especially her smooth pussy. Diane blushed and thanked her. Then Stella asked how she got it so smooth. Diane told her that Ann keeps it smooth for her.

Stella asked Diane if she thought Ann would do the same for her. Diane told her to ask Ann.

They went to the cafe to meet Diane’s friend, a young lady named Luanne.

When Diane and Stella saw Luanne, she was naked. The women greeted her and they all sat and had coffee.

After a half hour or so, Diane took Stella on a tour while Luanne went to the pool.

An hour into the tour, Stella asked Diane if she could remove her top as it was getting hot. Diane encouraged her to do so. Soon, Stella was now topless and Diane told her she looked great. Stella’s tits had to be a 40d with big nipples.

Along the trail, they found a bench and sat. Stella then got up and removed her shorts and thong and now she was completely naked in front of Diane.

Diane told again that she looked beautiful and after a few minutes rest, they continued their tour.

Diane pointed out all the sights and Stella didn’t flinch when she saw everyone was nude. She even kidded Diane about some of the men’s cock sizes.

Stella told Diane that Marty’s cock was bigger than most of the men there and they both laughed.

Then Stella said, “Diane, I have to tell you something but don’t tell anyone.”

Diane told her she wouldn’t say anything.

Then Stella said, “Diane, back home Marty and I joined a social group that met quartely. The group was only four couples. It was a sort of swingers club where the members would swap partners. Of course Marty was most popular with the women. I just wanted you to know.”

Diane looked at her and said to Stella, “I think that is terrific. Now, let me tell you a little secret too. You see, my family aren’t just nudists. The four of us play together.”

Stella looked at her with a confused look on her face.

“Stella,” Diane continued, “we all fuck each other. We have sex with the kids. We either do them one on one or together. We even watch when they are fucking. You guys would fit in perfectly with us.”

Stella was taken back with Diane’s revelation.

Then Diane really shocked her. “Stella, if you and Marty want to participate, and I hope you do, we would welcome you.”

Diane then told Stella that if she ever wanted to invite her small group leader over, they would be more than welcomed.

Stella told Diane that she would speak to Marty and let her know.

Stella stayed naked until it was time to leave.

On the way home, Stella said she enjoyed herself and liked the lifestyle. She also said that she will talk to Marty and if he says it is ok, well, you and Ann won’t be disappointed.

When I had a chance, I asked Diane how the day went and she said it was great. Then she told me that her aunt and uncle swap with other couples.

Diane then told me that she told Stella she could invite her group over anytime. I smiled and was speechless.

The next day, at the pool, there was Stella, completely naked, laying on a chaise bahis siteleri lounge, taking the sun to the family’s surprise.

Marty was in shock when he saw her, but he enjoyed the show.

She told him of her trip to the resort and how much she enjoyed it. She even told him to try it and then told him that his cock was bigger than the men at the resort.

She convinced him to get naked and finally, he joined her.

When I saw them from the window, I could not believe how big his cock was. I knew then that Diane would want that for herself. His soft cock had to be at least 9″ and I could not imagine the size of it hard.

I called Diane to take a look and I thought she was going to attack poor Marty right then.

Soon, Diane and the kids joined them and they all seemed relaxed and uninhibited.

Ann told them they looked terrific, as did Rchard.

Stella asked Ann if she would get her pussy smooth like her mom and Ann said she would be happy to.

Ann took Stella by the hand and went inside, telling us that they will be back in a short time.

After 45 minutes, Ann and Stella emerged. Stella’s pussy was now completely smooth like Ann’s and Diane’s. Marty even told her he liked the new look.

I could see Ann’s mouth was wet and I figured that at some point, she got a mouthful of her aunt’s pussy.

Soon, they were in the pool and I could see Marty checking Ann out. On more than one occasion, he brushed up against her.

Stella and Richard were against the pool wall, talking. She never took her eyes off of his muscular body or his 8″ cock.

It seemed that Marty and Stella would be joining the family in having fun.

Marty got out of the pool and went to the chaise lounge. I could see that his big cock was getting erect. It was obvious that his erection did not bother him as he didn’t try to hide it.

From the pool, Ann asked her uncle if he needed any help.

Without another word, we watched as Ann got out of the pool and went over to her uncle. Without saying anything, Ann knelt in front of him and engulfed his cock with her mouth.

Everyone watched as our daughter was giving her uncle a blow job.

It didn’t take long before Marty told her he was going to cum. She picked up the pace and moved her mouth up and down his shaft.

Then he moaned that he was cumming.

We watched as he flooded Ann’s mouth with his cum. Poor Ann couldn’t swallow it fast enough and his cum spurt out her mouth.

After he finished, his cock was still hard and erect. Diane got up and went over to him and straddled his cock and eased her cunt down onto it. Soon, his big cock disappeared completely into her cunt until his balls were against her slit.

She rode him for awhile as her tits bounced up and down. In a short time, Marty said he was going to cum. Sure enough he shot his cum in his niece’s cunt.

Diane finally got off of him and came back to me and fell spent on the lounge. Cum oozing from her cunt.

Everyone applauded the perfornance.

Stella called Richard over and asked him if he would like to fuck her. Without blinking an eye, Richard and Stella were kissing and feeling each other up.

Richard’s cock was nice and hard and Stella was jerking it as he played with her tits.

She laid herself on her back on the lounge and spread her legs for my son.

It didn’t take much effort for his cock to slide in his aunt’s cunt.

He started pumping his cock in her slowly as we all watched. As he fucked her, he started sucking her nipple, which looked like they hurt they were so big and hard.

Ann went over to them and started sucking her other nipple.

Moans were heard from Stella as her body was writhing in pleasure.

Richard started thrusting his cock harder and faster. Stella’s body matching him, thrust for thrust. Her body rising off the lounge

Suddenly, she yelled out she was cumming. As she yelled out, Richard shot stream after stream of cum into her aunt’s cunt, her body convulsing in one orgasm after another.

When Richard bahis şirketleri took his cock out of her cunt, his cum flowed out of her and onto the ground.

Diane and the family applauded her and we all welcomed her and Marty to our family.

That night, Marty joined Ann and Diane in bed and fucked them both. He also enjoyed the show of Ann and Diane having sex with each other.

Stella and I fucked for the first time that night and believe me, could she fuck.

I called Richard and asked him to help me satisfy his aunt’s sexual appetite.

My son was more than willing to help too.

Stella sucked my cock a few times as Richard fucked her more than once that night.

The next morning, we all showered and then had breakfast. I asked if everyone had a good time and the smiles we’re blinding.

Diane told everyone that after dinner, we were all going to get together for some fun and games and to rest up during the day.

Most of the day the entire family relaxed, waiting for the night’s activities.

After dinner, Diane gathered everyone in the family room. She laid out the games that they were going to play.

First up was going to be a game she calls “Cum First.” Each couple will fuck in front of the family and the guy who who cums first on his partner will be a winner.

After they are finished, there will be a rest period of 15 minutes.

After the rest period, the second game will be the women blowing the men and the first woman to get a guy to shoot their cum load on his partner will be a winner.

Diane explained that the two winners will decide what the rest of the players will do for the rest of the night, in front of the rest of us.

Diane also mentioned that the entire evening will be video taped for later viewing.

Everyone agreed to the rules. Diane served some wine and people paired off.

Marty took Ann. Richard took his mom and I took Stella.

The game commenced when the guys had their cocks fully seated in their partner’s cunts.

Marty had Ann on all fours and had his cock completely in her cunt.

Richard had his mom on her back and was already deep in her cunt.

I was on my back and Stella straddling me as my cock slipped all the way into her wet cunt.

Once we were all set, Diane said to start fucking.

As we all started fucking, I could see Marty pounding my daughter’s cunt, her tits swaying back and forth with each thrust.

Richard was really pumping his cock hard into his mother’s cunt.

Stella was riding my cock furiously as her tits bounced up and down.

Then I heard Marty yell out that he was cumming. He pulled out his cock and shot stream after stream of cum all over Ann’s ass and back.

Richard came next and I finished third.

We all were spent and needed the rest before we could continue.

After the 15 minute rest period, the men laid down on their lounge chair and the women knelt in front of their cocks.

When Diane signaled, the women started sucking their partner’s limp cocks.

I watched as Diane already had Richard hard and she was giving him a good blow job. Ann was trying hard to get Marty to cum and Stella was doing a great job on my cock.

Then I heard Richard yell out that he was going to cum. He pushed his mother’s mouth off of his cock and shot his cum all over his mother’s tits and face.

I followed next and Marty shot his load last.

So, the winners for the night were Marty and Diane.

The women were full of cum and wanted to clean up.

The three men took them out to the outdoor shower and had them kneel down under the shower head.

As they knelt, the three of us started peeing on them, trying to get our cum off of them.

We laughed but the girls got mad so we put the shower on to get them cleaned off. Then we returned to the family room after they dried off.

Marty and Diane had the four of us do all sorts of things that night.

I dp’d Ann with Richard and we both filled her holes with our cum.

Marty fucked Diane in her ass as she ate Stella’s now smooth pussy.

The rest of the night pretty much went the same way.

Before the end of the night, Stella asked Diane if she could invite her group over some time and Diane said yes, with a big smile.

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