A Dream Come True Ch. 02

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Lacey and I continued to kiss for several minutes until we broke the kiss to catch our breath. Looking down at her she flashed that sexy smile again and I couldn’t help but to start kissing her again. That smile melted my inhibitions and gave me a feeling of comfort I had never known before with a woman.

Breaking the kiss I moved so that we were both lying on our side facing each other. Sweat had matter her hair a bit so I reached over and brushed the hair out of her face and again with she smiled.

“That was amazing,” I told her.

Lacey grinned, “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it because oral is one of my favorite things. I’ve never had a guy kiss me after that though. It was…sweet of you to do that.”

Seeing a chance for playful banter I responded, “I was just disappointed you had already swallowed it all.”

She raised an eyebrow and her grin turned from sweet to naughty, “Oh really? And what would you have done if I had saved some of you cum on my tongue?”

“Then our after blowjob kiss would have been much sloppier!”

Lacey let out a little giggle and pushed me over onto my back and swung herself on top of me. “Well I will be sure to remember that the next time I suck you off,” she said while giving a little wink.

It was then that she gave me another kiss, although this one was a simple kiss without the tonsil hockey of our earlier kisses. When she sat up again our eyes met and we shared one of those moments that many couples do when they make love. That canlı bahis moment where everything is forgotten and your heart swells knowing that you are with your soul mate. Lacey leaned down for another kiss, but this one was one filled with all the passion either of us could muster. I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her so tight that I was afraid I might hurt her. The feeling of her lying on top of me with our crotches rubbing into one another and her lips on my mouth was almost more than I could stand.

She broke the kiss and pulled back so that our faces were an inch apart. Looking into her eyes I could stand it no longer and I rolled her over onto her back. Lying on top of her again I began nibbling and whispering in her ear. From there I left a trail of kisses from her ear, down her neck, and slowly worked myself back up to lock lips with her again.

A few minutes had passed since Lacey had given me a blowjob that rocked my world and our kisses had given my cock time to recover and get hard again. I wanted to lick her from head to toe, but more than that I wanted to feel her legs wrap around me as I slid my dick into her pussy. I wanted to hear her moan as I made love with her.

Without breaking our kiss, I worked our bodies so that the tip of my cock barely entered her. Although she had to know it was coming, the shock of it still caused her breath to catch. Regaining her breath she wasted no time in wrapping her legs so tightly around my back that she was pulling me into bahis siteleri her.

“Please, do me now,” she half moaned and whispered.

That was all I needed as I slammed all the way into her so that our pelvic bones were touching. This caused Lacey to cry out and a groan to escape my lips as I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. Fortunately, the earlier blowjob kept me from exploding right then and there. With my lack of experience, particularly recently, it was a miracle that I was able to gain control of myself a bit.

I began to work in and out as I would slowly pull my dick out so that only the tip was still inside and then I would slowly slide all the way back in. We swapped sloppy kisses and I licked and kissed her neck, ears, and the even planted some kisses on those sexy freckled shoulders of hers.

After a couple of minutes of this Lacey grew impatient and rolled us over so that she was once again on top of me. Her maneuver was well done as my cock was still firmly planted deep inside of her pussy.

With lust in her eyes she began to ride me by bracing herself on the bed and bouncing up and down on my dick. Moans and groans echoed throughout the room as we both enjoyed the feeling of the moment. Those wonderful sloppy sounds of my dick slamming in and out of her filled the room as her pussy leaked profusely.

Just when I thought things could get no better, Lacey changed tactics and began to grind herself onto my dick. Pushing her hips forward and backward rather bahis şirketleri than bobbing up and down was becoming more than I could handle.

“I’m going to cum baby,” I told her, although almost didn’t have enough breath to say the words.

She let out a cat like purr and leaned down so that her lips were barely touching my ear. “I’m about to cum too, and I want to feel you cum inside me,” she whispered.

The feeling of her breath on me ear and her pussy riding and grinding me drove me wild. I began to thrust my hips up to meet her efforts and strained to force myself deeper into her as if I would magically grow an inch or two if I tried hard enough.

Lacey planted another kiss on my lips and that was all she wrote. I slammed up into her one more time and pulled her down so that her breasts were pressing into my chest. I felt her body stiffen a bit at the same time mine did and we both began to cum. Even though I had already cum once tonight you would have never known as it seemed I would never stop cumming.

For several minutes we both lay there. We were both utterly exhausted and panting for breath. I had finished cumming finally and my cock was beginning to shrink.

Lacey continued to lie on top of me for a few minutes until my cock fell out of her pussy and she rolled off of me and propped herself on an elbow. Looking into each other’s eyes there was no doubt for either of us that what had just happened was far more than just a quick fling. Almost as if she read my mind, Lacey laid her head on my chest and draped her right arm onto my chest. I took this chance to wrap my arms around her, plant a kiss on the top of her head, and drifted off to the most fitful sleep I had had in years.

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