A Desert Fantasy

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It was nearing dark as I stood in front of my truck, as if staring at it could make it cool down any faster. A tiny puddle under my radiator revealed the problem. I could only give it some time to cool then fill it with water and hope it was a slow enough leak not to drain again before I got home. Probably it would be fine, it may have mostly emptied as it sat on the street the last few days unused. It still meant I was stuck for a while on this deserted desert road.

I walked back to the truck cab and sat to open up my pack and grab my book. As I opened my pack, I saw a truck turning off the main road and onto the small dirt road I was on. I stood and pulled my seat forward, my shotgun within reach, and watched the truck approach. It was an old Ford, maybe early 80’s, and well cared for. I felt more at ease somehow thinking anyone who cared for a classic like that couldn’t be all bad.

The car stopped a comfortable distance behind me, and a man in a cowboy hat and jean jacket stepped out. Standing just beside his open door, he put his hands on the top of it and called out, “Ma’am, anything I can do?”

“I’m okay, thanks, just need to let it cool some.”

“It’s getting dark, mind if I keep you company? I’ll stay back here, even pull away farther, if you’d like.”

I smiled and relaxed and waved him over, “Thanks, yeah okay, wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

He closed his truck door slowly, then took off his jacket and hat and placed them on the hood. Raising his arms up, he spun slowly, smiling, showing me he was harmless. “Don’t worry ma’am, I’m a good boy.”

I smiled and enjoyed the view. He got hotter with every step forward. His long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, framing his long thin face bearing a heavy stubble. Defined lines around his eyes seemed to highlight their light hazel color. He was a little taller than me and proudly carrying a belly that tilted his belt buckle outwards. He wore jeans, sandals and a white t-shirt, his thick chest hair easily casino oyna visible underneath.

He held his hand out to me when he got close, still keeping a fair distance from me. I stepped forward and shook his hand, and said, “Hi, I’m K”.

“Jake,” he said smiling, and then he took a step back and leaned on my truck. “I hope I didn’t scare you, I live pretty close, saw you on my way home, just trying to be neighborly.”

I nodded, and stole a look down at his bulge, he filled out his jeans nicely. “Looks like a slow leak in my radiator, I didn’t notice it before I left. I’m okay though, I’ve got water in my truck bed.”

“Good to hear, glad you can take care of it yourself, Ma’am. Still always better to have a little company out here, just in case.”

I stepped closer to him, just within the bounds of too close, and touched his shoulder with my hand. “Thank you Jake, I’m glad for your company.”

He turned towards me, moving in a little closer and glanced down at my breasts. “So anything I can do to help you pass the time?” he said, a sly smile on his face.

I openly looked down at his bulge again and ran my finger across his arm.

He stepped even closer and ran his finger from my neck down through my breasts and to my waistband. It sent chills though my body and made goose bumps stand on my arms. He put his arms around my hips and pulled me against him while he bent his head down to kiss me. His tongue pushed through my lips, quickly finding mine.

As his tongue explored mine, his hands slipped under my shirt, and rubbed up and down my back. His hands moved to my bra clasp, deftly unfastening it. He ran one hand down into the small of my back and the other slid to my front and wrapped around my tit, squeezing it firmly, as he kissed me wetly.

I pulled his t-shirt up and out of his jeans and ran my hands over his hairy chest, wanting to press my tits against him. As if he read my mind, he broke from his kiss long enough to take slot oyna a look around, guide me over in front of my truck and out of view from the main road and pulled my shirt and bra off of me, then pulled off his t-shirt. I reached my arms around his broad body and pressed my tits to his chest, rubbing my hard nipples against his flesh.

He pulled me tight against his body, grinding his hard shaft against me as his hands explored my back and hips.

I slid down along his body until I was kneeling in front of him. I unbuttoned his jeans and opened them wide. I smiled when I saw he wore no underwear. I pulled his jeans down gently, and then pulled out his hard thick cock and big meaty balls.

He leaned back against my truck as I touched my lips to the tip of cock. I covered it in light wet kisses, then made my way down his shaft. Taking his balls firmly in my hands, I slid my tongue back up his shaft and slowly took the soft mushroom tip of his thick cock into my mouth. Encouraged by his moans, I sucked gently and ran my tongue back and forth along the bottom of his tip.

He stroked my hair as I sucked him, his hips writhing more and more. My pussy burned hot and wet, longing to be filled. I began bobbing my head on his tip, taking it in and out of my mouth, working my tongue faster and firmer. He moaned and grunted, moving his hips with me as I took his tip in and out of my sucking mouth.

With a loud moan, he moved to the side, pulling his cock away. Stepping out of his jeans, he said, “Oh that’s nice darling, but I want to get buried deep inside you.”

His hard dick pointing out in front of him, he undid my shorts and pulled them and my panties off me. Staring at my trimmed pussy, he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and took a rubber out. He folded his jeans in half lengthwise and laid them down on the dirt road. “Put your knees on those, get on all fours for me,” he said.

I got down and waited eagerly as he rolled a rubber down his shaft. canlı casino siteleri He kneeled behind me and stuck his fingers into my slit, sliding them around. “Ohh woman, you are nice and wet.”

I sunk down to my rest on my elbows, sticking my ass up more. He ran a finger into my pussy and moved it around while his other hand squeezed my ass cheek.

With a deep moan, he slid his cock into my pussy and held in deep as I squirmed my hips around it. Grasping my hips hard he began slowly pumping into me, his thick hard shaft filling me full and tight. I put my hands out flat and pushed back to meet his thrusts. He gave my ass a light slap then began pumping me faster.

I moaned, fully enjoying his thick meat as it pumped in and out of me. I moaned even more when he leaned over me and took my tits into his hands, squeezing them firmly. My hard nipples welcomed his calloused palms as his cock continued to drill me.

He took things up even hotter when he began really thrusting hard into me, slapping into me with every stroke. I called out, “Ohhhh, unhhhh,” as he slammed into me again and again. I shook my head back and forth and pushed my hips back against him to meet his thrusts. He did everything right, giving me the good hard fuck I wanted.

I yelled out when he slid one hand to firmly grasp my hip and the other down to my pussy and began rubbing my clit with two of his fingers. He rubbed his fingers back and forth as he pumped hard into me, driving me absolutely wild.

Hearing him pant and grunt behind me, his fingers and pounding drove me over the edge and I yelled out as an intense orgasm took ahold of me. He pumped hard a few more times, then sunk in deep and let out a series of loud deep grunts as he came.

He leaned forward on me heavily as he moaned. I clenched my pussy around his cock as I rode the last delicious waves of my orgasm.

After a few moments of shared recovery, he pulled his cock out of me and sat back on his haunches. I sat with my ass on his jeans, legs crossed. He smiled at me and said, “So, how about we go back to my place? I’d like to fuck you again but my knees would rather be somewhere softer.”

I nodded, grinning and wiping dirt off my forearms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20