A Day on the Lake

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Madeline was surprised by the invitation. She wasn’t particularly good friends with the senior saleswoman, and yet here was Peggy asking her if she’d care to join her that Sunday for a quiet afternoon on the lake. Madeline had often heard about Peggy’s pleasant little cabin overlooking Mumford Reservoir, and so without giving the matter much thought she consented. After all, the weather was beautiful this time of year, and when would she get another chance to enjoy an afternoon on somebody else’s lakefront property?

Both women worked at the same company, Madeline as a secretary and Peggy in sales. In fact, Peggy was perhaps the firm’s top salesperson, which explained why she could afford any kind of a cabin on the shore of that beautiful, secluded lake. Both women were divorced, Peggy for seven years now, and Madeline for just that many weeks. Madeline suspected her recent marital separation might be a factor in Peggy’s gracious invitation for this quiet afternoon together, perhaps to lend her comfort and support at this understandably difficult period in her life.

The truth, however, was a bit more complex than that. Peggy, in her mid-thirties, had been aware of the younger Madeline for some time now, eyeing her lithe young form as she occasionally walked by the saleswoman’s office. Peggy loved the way Madeline’s behind wiggled just so, and she loved the smell of the younger woman’s perfume as they passed in the hall. She viewed the divorce as an opportunity to be exploited, much in the same way as she ruthlessly pursued her next sale. Peggy was aggressive in everything she did, and almost always successful. And now her sights were set on the pretty little divorcee with the red hair.

At only 24-years of age, Madeline was an excellent target of opportunity. She possessed a slender, youthful body, lush breasts, and an incredibly sexy round ass that Peggy had been dreaming of ever since that summer company picnic two months earlier when Madeline had turned up in a pair of tight blue jeans and halter top. She was still married then, but nearly all of her male co-workers had taken notice of what a knockout body she had. Peggy had noticed, too. Peggy has never thought of herself as a lesbian, but as her imagination focused more on more on that pretty red-haired secretary and the sexy body beneath those clothes, Peggy decided to go for it. Madeline was going to be hers before one of the men in the office beat her to it. And Peggy almost always got what she went after.

As for Madeline, she had never thought about Peggy much. She was perhaps a bit intimidated by the 35-year old sales executive, as was everybody at the firm. But Peggy wore her hair too short to be considered particularly feminine, and her expensive business suits didn’t do much to show off her still trim, athletic build. Madeline had once overheard another secretary say Peggy could be a knockout if she’d ever bothered to make the effort, and Madeline had agreed. But it seemed to her that Peggy wasn’t much interested in attracting a man. She would soon discover that there was a reason behind that accurate assessment.

On the appointed day Madeline drove to the cabin as per Peggy’s written instructions. Peggy was already waiting on the dock by the boat. As she looked up to watch Madeline get out of her car she couldn’t help but whistle quietly to herself in appreciation. Madeline was wearing a flimsy little yellow sundress that amply showed off both her bare shoulders and beautiful legs. On her feet were sandals, and on her head a matching wide-brimmed yellow hat.

“What is it? Am I dressed OK?” Madeline said, as she became aware of Peggy’s stare. “You didn’t tell me what to wear, and I wanted to take advantage of all this wonderful sunshine.”

“No, no, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you look just fine,” answered Peggy, thinking quietly to herself that Madeline looked prettier than she’d ever seen her, and even sexier than she had at the company picnic. Peggy was now more determined than ever to make her move on this scrumptious feminine morsel that was hers for the day.

Madeline smiled and made her way over to the dock. She was surprised at how nice Peggy looked in her informal cut-off jeans, sweatshirt, and white sailor hat. Gone was the severity of the office, and Madeline at once began feeling more comfortable with her decision to spend this day with this woman she hardly knew.

“So you’re the captain and I’m your passenger?” she teasingly inquired. “Do I have to ask for permission to come aboard?”

“Right this way, beautiful lady,” answered Peggy. “You sit up there by the bow, and I’ll take us out.” As she reached over to help Madeline aboard, she gently brushed the younger woman’s breast with her hand as if by accident, as her other hand circled the narrow waist of her pretty passenger as she led her to her seat.

Peggy then sat down at the tiller next to the engine. As she started up the motor and began steering the craft out onto the water Peggy couldn’t help but notice Madeline’s yellow sundress had pulled up, revealing considerably more of those long, slender legs and just a glimpse of the matching panties underneath. Peggy smiled to herself. The day had only just begun.

For the next thirty minutes or so they casually made their way cruising along the lakefront, occasionally talking about work or people they both knew. And then Madeline spoke up.

“What’s that little island over there? Does that belong to anybody?”

“No,” answered Peggy. “It’s just a little deserted bit of land covered with grass, a few trees, and bushes. Why do you ask? Would you like to check it out?”

“Yes, please!” squealed Madeline.

Peggy laughed at the younger woman’s exuberance, eased the boat up to the shoreline, and helped Madeline out before getting out herself. As she secured the craft, Peggy reached into the boat and pulled a small cooler ashore with her.

“What’s that you’ve got there?” asked Madeline. “Did you bring refreshments?”

“Absolutely!” Peggy opened the cooler. “This is a first class pleasure cruise. I’ve come prepared. A wine cooler for the lady?”

“How nice,” responded the younger woman with a smile and a “thank you” as she took the bottle offered her. Peggy grabbed one for herself.

With the cooler in tow the two women then casually walked along the shore of the small island, Madeline’s sandals occasionally slipping on the wet pebbles.

“Here, hold my hand,” said Peggy. “I’m less likely to fall with these sneakers.”

Madeline did so, feeling slightly awkward, but also enjoying the intimacy as they continued their stroll. Eventually they came to a broken tree that had fallen on its side some many months earlier, and now made an ideal bench for the two women to stop and rest upon. They each opened another drink as they quietly sat together in the calm loneliness of this peaceful spot.

“This is so beautiful,” sighed Madeline. “I could stay here forever.” Over the lake the setting sun sent its rays out along the horizon. Overhead came the cawing of a lonesome crow flying across the water.

“Yes, it’s beautiful,” agreed Peggy. “It’s all so quiet and peaceful out here. I really love this lake.” As she spoke her arm slipped around Madeline’s waist and she gently pulled the younger woman closer.

Madeline sensed something wasn’t entirely right, but didn’t want to spoil the mood, or seem unduly alarmed at what might be an innocent güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gesture, so she didn’t resist or pull away. In fact, she allowed her head to come to rest on the older woman’s shoulder as they continued to quietly sit there and enjoy the solitude as the sun continued to descend.

After several more minutes in this relaxed position, Peggy leaned over and whispered into Madeline’s ear, “You are so pretty in this light.” She then kissed her lightly on the ear.

Now there was no doubt in Madeline’s mind that her co-worker was very possibly making a pass at her. A part of her mind was in shock, but another, perhaps deeper segment of her psyche was intrigued at this turn of events. Another woman expressing interest in her? And perhaps a sexual interest at that! And not just any woman, either. An attractive, successful businesswoman, now nuzzling her neck out here in the wilderness. Madeline remembered boys flirting with her like this back in her high school days not so very long ago, and here it was happening again, only with a woman. She found the attention enjoyable, even welcome. Maybe it was the effects of the scenery, the alcohol, or the overall serenity of the situation; in any case any thoughts of resistance quickly faded.

Peggy had been half expecting a rebuff of some sort, so Madeline’s lack of a hostile response came as a welcome relief to her, and furthermore, she saw it as a green light to continue, and even escalate her attentions. She pulled the hat off Madeline’s head, gently grabbed the young woman’s face in her hands, and proceeded to kiss her lightly but firmly on the mouth. She then kissed her again.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help doing this,” she said in explanation, staring deep into Madeline’s green eyes. “You do something to me, you move me in a way that I can’t explain. I’ve watched you with a longing in my heart for so very long now. I have to show you how I feel.” Tears began welling up in her eyes as she spoke.

“Oh, Peggy,” Madeline murmured, as they began to embrace more passionately. Their kiss became deeper, more intense. The younger woman’s surrender was nearing completion as Peggy’s lips began travelling across Madeline’s pretty face, down to her neck, and then along those soft, bare shoulders. Meanwhile, Peggy’s hands roamed freely down the younger woman’s body, eventually pulling up her dress and running her hands up Madeline’s smooth long legs, and finally reaching her beautiful panty-clad rear end, which she proceeded to caress and squeeze as the kisses continued to increase in their intensity.

“You’ve got such a beautiful tush,” whispered Peggy, as she stood up, pulling Madeline gently to her feet. “And because I’m the captain of this little venture, and I give the orders, I am now ordering you to strip for me!”

Madeline, still in a bit of a shock over the turn of events these past several minutes had wrought, began to wonder what exactly she’d gotten herself into. “Are you sure this is a good idea…uh…captain?”

Peggy smiled in response. She wasn’t about to allow Madeline to turn back now. She pretended to scowl, then snarled, “I’ll have no mutineers on my ship, missy! This pretty butt of yours is mine!” And to emphasize the point she bent Madeline over at the waist and smacked her one on the ass with the flat of her hand. “I repeat, this pretty butt is MINE!”

Madeline’s eyes widened in surprise and glee. Peggy had just slapped her on the butt! But any sense of alarm was just as quickly overtaken by the sudden pleasure she felt at having another woman unexpectedly taking control of her, a woman who clearly lusted after her body! She was enjoying this way too much to stop now.

“Yes ma’am, captain,” she said in her güvenilir bahis şirketleri most submissive voice, reaching behind her back in an attempt to unzip the already somewhat rumpled sundress. Peggy’s hands got there first, zipping it down to the small of her back.

“Slowly,” she then said. “I want to sit here and enjoy the show. Ah, that’s better. Proceed, my pretty plaything.”

Madeline giggled quietly, slipping out of the dress in an impromptu strip-tease that was nonetheless surprisingly seductive. It was obvious her audience of one thought so, as Peggy’s eyes lighted up, travelling as they did along the length of Madeline’s body. Slowly her flawless body was being revealed as the dress came off. As she stepped out of it, Madeline wiggled her rear end up against the older woman, and at that moment felt Peggy’s hands come to rest on her legs just above the knees, moving quickly up her thighs to the flimsy yellow panties covering her ass. Swiftly those panties were tugged down and off, and then Peggy’s hands were once again sliding upward along Madeline’s silky smooth legs, coming to rest on her now bare butt, which was in the older woman’s face.

“Beautiful,” she heard Peggy softly murmur, then felt the older woman’s hot breath on her ass seconds before her lips made contact on those smooth rounded cheeks. Madeline was startled at how turned on she felt at that moment. Here was her bare butt being sensually kissed all over and fondled by another woman, a woman who was only recently a stranger, but now possessing her completely, and she was loving it! Madeline arched her back so that her beautiful, perfumed derriere was fully exposed to her companion’s intimate attentions, which now included loving licks, nibbles, and wet kisses. It was pure heaven.

At last Peggy pulled Madeline down onto her lap, kissing, caressing, squeezing, and touching her all over. Madeline’s flowery yellow bra then came off, leaving her completely nude. She was now Peggy’s possession, with the other woman’s hands freely moving along every inch of her exposed skin, her lips licking and kissing Madeline’s breasts and shoulders with abandon.

“You’re not going home tonight,” said Peggy as last, coming up for air. “You’ll be spending the night with me in my cabin. And no, don’t worry about the office. I’ve already arranged things. You’re officially working with me on a ‘special assignment.’ I did the paperwork on Friday. You are all mine for the next twenty-four hours.”

“But I didn’t even bring a change of clothes,” pouted Madeline. “What will I sleep in?”

“Tonight, my beautiful captive princess, you won’t need any clothes,” hissed Peggy with a leer. “In my bed I’ll be requiring total nudity from you. You’re my nude little plaything tonight. Just be happy I didn’t bring my hand-cuffs,” she added, playfully slapping Madeline again on her ass.

“Whatever you say… my captain,” purred Madeline in response, as they kissed again. The night was only beginning. Within moments the two were soon back in the boat, Madeline still nude and on Peggy’s lap, being fondled as they slowly cruised back to the cabin along the shore. There, that night in the huge four-poster bed Peggy had installed in the cabin the previous summer, the two women made passionate love for hours on end, with Madeline being kissed all over and her body ravaged by Peggy’s lustful attentions. Her breasts were sucked, her pussy devoured, and just for good measure Peggy produced a strap-on from her purse, turned Madeline over onto all fours, and took her from behind, her hands gripping the bleating young woman’s glistening hips as she fucked her doggy style into a state of ecstasy.

Morning found their nude bodies still entwined, locked in a passionate embrace, with the spell of the lake still lingering. The two kissed again to the sounds of the morning birds greeting the new day, as the sun’s rays rose over the window sill illuminating their newfound paradise.

“Got any plans for next weekend?” Peggy asked. Madeline laughed in response, lifting her face for another kiss.

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