A Day in Office Ch. 02: Fantasy

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Vanessa had barely made it closing the cubicle door when the men’s main door swung open. Vanessa hoped their talking would not distract them from anything out of the norm. “Traces” of an unusual lunch time event that had ended less than 10 minutes earlier could still be spotted, especially if one were to look hard enough – in particular the urinal unit which she was being held.

Tiny fragments of her white cotton-polyester dress, streaks of cream frost strewn and splattered around the inner urinal and nearby ceramic tiles beneath. There was also the musky-stench filled atmosphere mixed with a tinge of a feminine heavily-scented Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.

The scent seemed to leave a trail leading to the cubicle which Vanessa was now hiding in. Inside, Vanessa was seated on top of the toilet seat cover, praying no one would take notice… or even heard the slamming of the cubicle door. Her whole body was trembling in fear, even as she made feeble attempts to quieten her panting. She had a palm over her mouth and nose as the voices outside grew audibly louder.

“… that was some hearty lunch, mate?”

“Sure was, I’m so bloody stuffed right now! Could use some relief…”

“Tell me about it, fellas! Lunch time is almost over and damn! Back to the same old shit!”

Then, the sound of unzipping was heard, one after another like falling dominoes and in the moment that followed, the sploshing of waters against the porcelain of urinals.

“Aaahh…. This feels so gooooood…”

*Sniff*… *Sniff*… “There seems to be a change of fragrance in this toilet, fellas.”

“Really?” *Sniff*… *Sniff*… “It’s different from the usual, but hey! Whatever…”

“At least there are quite a handful of chicks to check out although work sucks!”

“Totally agree!”

“Second to that! Did you see how Vanessa dressed for today?” “She’s looking damn sexy with that white dress, especially when she sits down and that hemline just rides up her thighs!”

“I love the way her perky taut ass moves when she walks; makes it so tempting to squeeze them!”

One by one, each gentleman started zipping up and made their way to wash their hands; their conversation on Vanessa continued.

“Guys, do you see notice how her glorious gams seem to always look so shapely and firm? And they are always a tad more bronze looking that her arms. I wonder what’s her secret to staying in shape?”

“You don’t say, matey! There was once I passed by her work desk and saw how gorgeous those legs of hers looked, in that particular position which she was in — she was seated on her left ass, her right leg over her left, and her right high heel tucked under her left calf like her legs were in one total alignment.”

“Oh! Not forgetting her hemline was riding way up to her buttocks area, she didn’t even fucking realise it! That image was forever etched in my mind and you have no idea how many times I had wanked myself off! I’m getting hard now, just thinking about it, no thanks to you for conjuring her image up in my fucking head!”

All of them burst out in laughter as they opened the main door and walked out; silence once again filled the room.

Meanwhile, still holed up in the cubicle, Vanessa heaved a sigh of relief. Her trembling palm slowly inched away from her mouth, quivering from what she had just heard and the ordeal she had endured earlier on. Her mind was a blank, her long tresses was all over her face — looking dishevelled like she had just woke up from bed.

Indeed, Vanessa had just “woken up”; her mind flashed back to those times when she thought her male colleagues were so helpful — turned out they had other “motivations” for doing so.

Vanessa gradually stood up to gather and recompose herself; smoothening her creased and wrinkled dress, her torn top which she tried to use whatever remaining shreds of cloth to cover her modesty. She shimmied her hips while simultaneously pulling down to adjust her hemline.

Gobs of cum decorated her nylon gusset and inner thighs. Streaks of lust juices could also be seen running down the length of her pantyhose-encased gams; cutting a darker tone of bronze colour through the tan coloured nylon material, as the cum meanders its way into the foot of her high heels.

There was no way she could make it back to the office without attracting undivided attention, Vanessa thought. Especially from her male counterparts after hearing comments from some of them.

Darn! Lunch time was soon going to be over in 10mins’ time!

Vanessa had no time to clean up from the mess she was in. As discomforting as it was, she told herself she had to just grit her teeth and bear with the copious amount of frosty cream splatters all over, from inside to outside of her pantyhose crotch that her male colleagues deposited generously. That slimy lust juices smeared all over her pussy lips, parted in two and pressed up against the delicately weaved nylon material that was her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri 15-denier pantyhose gusset.

Vanessa cautiously opened the cubicle door to take a peek outside to make sure the coast was clear before she swung the door fully open as she shifted her body to step out from the cubicle. She gingerly tip-toed on her high heels to the main door, opened a little to check out the surrounding before she stepped out and bolted for the Ladies’ room that was a few steps away.

Upon entering, Vanessa frantically headed to the nearest cubicle and swung the door to see if there were any blazers hanging behind it. None!

She went to the next one, and it was the same as the first. Vanessa headed to the third and her hopes started to dim further.

By the time she got to the fifth and last cubicle, Vanessa had resigned herself to another disappointment. But lo and behold, her eyes lit up when she saw a black jacket hung behind the cubicle door. She wasted no time to take it down and put on — Perfect!

Vanessa ran her fingers through her tresses quickly and adjusted herself again before taking in a deep breath to calm herself and head back to the office. As she stepped in, she sensed the stillness of the atmosphere; it was quiet, in fact it was unusually quiet for Vanessa. Only the clacking of her high heels punctuated the stillness of the air, announcing her arrival as she made her way back to her work desk.

The cool soggy cum soaked nylon gusset that was pressed up tightly against her slight parted pussy lips made her writhe beneath that creased white dress. Vanessa felt dirty and soiled wearing that heavily frosted pantyhose; the slimy secretion kept smearing her pussy lips moistly wet with each forward step she took with her encased nylon legs.

On occasions, a whiff of musky odour would assault her senses — one that was almost identical to the smell of cum which Vanessa often had close encounters with, when she was still with her ex-boyfriend, Shawn.

As she took her seat, Vanessa’s right leg second-naturedly crossing over her left while lowering herself, her mind played back to that last encounter she had with Shawn (see A “Seeding-ly” Closer Encounter) a couple of months back.

Shawn gave one final thrust inside of her, before withdrawing out and inserted his throbbing shaft quickly in-between the small hole of Vanessa’s nylon gusset and the mound of her pussy in its entire length, humping his cock a couple of times that sent spurts of long thick wads splashing out and splattering all over Vanessa’s pantyhose covered pelvis. She could feel the contractions on Shawn’s cock head as squirts after squirts of cum scattered all over, frosting up her 20-denier clad thighs.

That last remark of his was enough for her called it quits and moved on. Vanessa felt her life would be endangered if she stayed in the relationship…


Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a booming voice from above. Vanessa snapped back to reality and once again, that squelchy feeling in between her crossed legs and the musky scent greeted her. She looked up to find her boss, Mr. Denson Bailey — a late-40s bespectacled man with a 6′ stocky frame, towering over her, looking rather displeased.

“Where have you been?! I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Sorry, Mr. Bailey. I was held up in the Ladies’ room earlier.”

“What could possibly hold you up in there? Masturbating, perhaps?”

Vanessa felt embarrassed and a little offended by Mr. Bailey’s crude remarks but nevertheless, restrained from defending herself further. She needed this job to pay her financial commitments, including the rental of her apartment, her parent’s allowance, and other bills.

“I need you to churn out our dept.’s monthly sales analysis report and have it ready for tomorrow’s management meeting, got it?”

“Yes sir!”

“Oh! And make copies of this folder which I’ll need for later.”, as Mr. Bailey handed a pink file to Vanessa.

Vanessa wasted no time, grabbing the folder from Mr. Bailey’s hand, as she pushed her chair away from the desk, uncrossing her nylon gams in front of Mr. Bailey, as he feasted his eyes upon her glamourous legs that glistened under the shimmery of her 15-denier pantyhose. Mr. Bailey could feel his hard-on coming on, elongating into the small pocket of his polyester-spandex material of his Y-cut brief as he took in the exquisite sight in front of him. This is why he always enjoyed catching Vanessa off-guard for moments like these.

Just as Vanessa was about to stand up from her seat, Mr. Bailey could not help but transfixed his lusty gaze upon the hemline of her white dress. He swore he spotted a visibly dark welt of Vanessa’s “skin” in comparison to the rest of her legs; his hard-on twitched hard from the alluring sight, oozing pre-cum out from his bobbing purple head.

Mr. Bailey quickly gathered himself to stepped aside güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for Vanessa to head toward the photocopy machine. He smiled at her as she moved past him, her Tom Ford Orchid Soleil filling his senses followed by a whiff of musky odour that brought him to a frown.

He watched Vanessa from behind as she swayed her hips left and right with each corresponding step she took.

No wonder they loved the way Vanessa sat in her chair, her perky taut ass moved when she walked, how much they would love to squeeze them — He thought to himself.

His gazed still fixed upon Vanessa’s behind, scrutinizing every inch. Like a treasure discovery, Mr. Bailey’s eyes popped out wide when he saw a wet patch in the middle of her white dress. It was visible, even from a distance while Vanessa slowly disappeared from his sight down the corridor. As he swung his body around to make his way back to his room, he found another treasure!

The chair which Vanessa sat earlier had an exact patch of stain that reflected identically to the back of her white dress. Looking around, Mr. Bailey knelt down and brought his nose close to the seat cushion. He sniffed in a couple of lungful and the same musky odour greeted him when Vanessa walked past.

By now, Mr. Bailey’s cock was erected and hard, its length only constrained by the pocket of his Y-brief which his cock had enlarged into and his purple head bobbing occasionally from the discoveries he found in that short span of time:

the dark welt of Vanessa’s “skin” + the shimmery glister of her legs which he was cock-certain she was wearing pantyhose that made absolute sense her legs and ass were always firm and shapely.

the patch of stain at the back of her dress and chair + the musky odour which he commented that Vanessa masturbated when she said she was “held up” in the ladies’ room.

These suggestive images of Vanessa have now claimed another male victim, in Mr. Denson Bailey as he made his way back to his room. He could not shake off what he had just witnessed and discovered, and his mind was already fantasizing about Vanessa.

As Mr. Bailey plonked himself on his leather executive chair, the Vanessa images he saw kept replaying in his mind and his right hand inadvertently moved to his crotch, and started to rub his hard-on through his pants. His fingers pinched the zipper and without much ado, he unfastened it and slipped his right palm inside.

Mr. Bailey wrapped his fingers around the polyester-spandex material pocket that enfolded his shaft as he began stroking the pocket of his Y-brief. He fantasized the silky-smooth material was Vanessa’s 15-denier gossamer pantyhose he was fucking into as he pumped his cock against the tip of the Y-brief pocket.

Oh Vanessa, you look absolutely stunning in that sultry white dress. You have no idea what a cock-teaser you are, and the effect you have on me. My cock went from limp to fully erect in record time as my eyes feasted on the revealing ways that white dress showed off your body, especially those Fuck-Me pantyhose clad legs and high heels… that dark welt you accidentally exposed or did you not? Oh fuck, yeah…

The hemline! Oh Vanessa, the hemline! Replaying you in that white dress countless times now and on each occasion my conclusion is that your nylon covered pussy is only just covered by the sexy white fabric!

The patch of stain on your white dress and the enticing way in which the dress wraps around your taut perky ass looks like an invitation to pull up the hemline and feast my eyes on the dark welt part of your gossamer pantyhose before slipping a hand inside giving your ass a squeeze or two.

I imagined being in a confined space with you, Vanessa! One of the men’s toilet cubicle here; having dragged you inside as I was overcome with lust. You are struggling as I press myself against you. You could easily feel the bulge of my rock-hard cock pressed against you as I slip the dress and your bra straps down off of your shoulders. You would try to stop me but feel helpless as my eyes feast on your dark stiffening nipples as my greedy hands grope your tits.

Holding you against the side wall with one hand I step back and use my free hand to unzip my trousers and free my stiff cock. I grip my cock in my hand and give it a few strokes, smiling as I see you are unable to resist looking at the engorged purple head, coated with pre-cum juices.

I move closer again. This time there is no doubt at all about the big lump pressing against you. My pre-cum juice staining the middle of the front of your white dress. I’m so close that you can feel each breath on your ear as you struggle to stop my exploring hand thrusting between your nylon-clad thighs. You gasp, “no, no, please!” as my fingers forced their way between your upper thighs. I can almost güvenilir bahis şirketleri sense your submission as I whisper huskily into your ear, “If you didn’t want it touched, you shouldn’t walk around or seat with your dress almost revealing your cunt, you fucking cock-teaser!”

As I finished speaking, you gasp again as my fingers find their target between your legs. I forced a knee between your Fuck-Me pantyhose legs, giving me access to the delightful gap at the top of your silky-smooth nylon thighs. As my fingers search out and touch the now puffy wet lips of your pussy, you cringed as I say, “not only do you walk around with your cunt barely hidden but you don’t wear any panties at all! Are you trying to tease every cock in this company, bitch?”

As I finish speaking you feel ashamed by how wet you are and the fact that I am feeling the slimy mucous now flooding your gusset. You feel me pressed the nylon between your soaked labia with my fingers, rubbing in circles. And then for a brief moment my hand and fingers withdraw. Unable to move and still pinned against the wall you feel the unmistakable sensation of my thick stiff cock pushing between your legs. You feel the head pressing into the fine nylon of your tights, smearing my copious pre-cum all over, leaving thin strings of trails, parting your labia. “You think that thin layer of nylon will somehow make you feel more secure; that fine but fragile layer of protection preventing penetration? Think again, slut!”

Mr. Bailey’s strokes have now speeded up, like a well-oiled piston pumping back and forth against the polyester-spandex pocket. His breathing heavy with short gasps as he continued in his fantasy of Vanessa:

The nylon gusset is so wet by now, a mixture of my pre-cum juices and your vaginal secretions, that my cock feels almost like the nylon barrier is not there. I start to thrust against it with my whole being having just one thought, and that is to cum! I pause for just a moment and lean back a little to catch another glimpse of your 32B tits and to have a grope. Then I started to pound my cock into the slimy nylon of your delicately thin gusset. I can feel the gorgeous plump lips of your pussy being parted by each thrust as I force my nylon engulfed head up into you.

You feel my hands move around to your buttocks. They went under the hem of your dress and gripped your encased nylon buttocks tightly. My hands massaging the rounds of your taut perky ass, each hand gripping a palmful of your ass through the fine nylon material, spreading your ass cheeks away from each other, as I continued my violent thrusts of my pulsating shaft, wedged between your inner thighs and the base of your pantyhose pussy.

I start to lose control and pant wildly in your ear as I pull you tightly against me, “I’m cumming, Vanessa!” “I’m gonna cum into that Fuck-Me nylon gusset, Vanessa!” You sensed I will soon spunk and then, with my hot breath close to your ear you feel the whole gusset area of your tights being flooded with hot spunk.

Copious after copious amounts of thick semen unleashing its fury against the gossamer gusset that was pressed against it. Your pussy lips that is meshed against the nylon material has no escape from the wrath of my hot spunk. The moment was quite brief. I just stand back, wiped my softening and dripping cock on your white dress as some has already streaked downwards from your thighs and the front and back of your white dress stained with my lust juices.

Right at this moment when Mr. Bailey was on verge of ejaculation, there was three knocks on his door that interrupted his fantasy of Vanessa.

“Mr. Bailey?”

It startled him that he jumped from his seat, his sexual appetite immediately doused like cold shower. However, Mr. Bailey’s purple head was still pulsating against the pocket tip of his Y-brief, pushing and stretching the fabric, fighting to break free from its encasement. Mr Bailey knew he had to stop his cock from going into automated multiple contractions or he would be in for a messy inconvenience.

“Just a minute!” was all that Mr. Bailey could muster up. He immediately went into a frenzied squeezing of his pelvic floor muscle to halt his almost impending ejaculation, the spunking of his Y brief would surely embarrass him in front of his subordinate who is about to enter his room.

Mr. Bailey grunted and groaned through his teeth as he kept up his squeezing of his pelvic floor muscle as tightly as he could, hoping the contractions will subside even before it starts. It was a good thing he practise the Kegel exercise every now and then, because this was really a test of how far he had come. Thankfully, he felt only a couple of streams jetted through the small slit hole of his cock head, not enough to do any serious “damage”. Mr. Bailey’s uncircumcised foreskin also acted as a deterrence to those couple of ejaculate that jetted out, contained within the confines of his purple cock head wrapped in his foreskin.

The urge soon waned off, but Mr. Bailey slipped his hand down to the tip of his Y-brief pocket to make sure none of those cum leaked out. It did not and his brief was still dry, his shaft still throbbing and hard though. Phew! Close call there!

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