A Date To Remember

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Two friends, Shawna (5’4″, 125lbs, short brownish-blond hair, hazel eyes with a nice 34B-28-34 body) and Jon (6’2″, built 200lbs, short brown hair and deep brown eyes) decided to set a time to meet and have a nice dinner together, which essentially was a date. They had joked about it going on a “date” since they were just friends, but none-the-less, it was a date, and that’s what they left it as.

The time came and the two met and had a nice dinner at a simple, quiet restaurant and talked about everything and nothing at all. During the dinner Jon looked at Shawna and he noticed how her eyes sparkled when he said something humorous, or how beautiful she looked when she smiled coyly whenever she noticed he was staring at her. It wasn’t dramatic or planned, but the night had a special aura about that made everything feel so right.

Dinner came to an end, and much to Shawna’s surprise, as well as Jon’s, he stood up and reached his hand out as a gesture to ask her to dance. She took his offer, and stood up giving him a smile and a wink that sent electric chills up his spine. As they stepped out to the dance floor they danced (sometimes better than others), but finally a slow song began to play. ‘This’, he thought, ‘I can do.’ Every verse in the song brought their bodies closer, and every word nearer to something they could feel, but couldn’t quite understand until he could feel her warm breath on his neck making his heart beat a little quicker. His hands and arms pulled her closer and more firmly when her lips touched his neck leaving a single, hot sensation that welcomed his body to her. She tilted her head back slightly to give him access to her neck where he ardently kissed and held her even more tightly to him so he could feel her body pressed to him….so firmly, yet so comfortably.

They danced as one, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest. He could feel her nipples through their clothes as they were hard from the heat of the flames between them. She could feel his firm cock pressed tightly between them, aching to be released and relieved. Their hearts raced, and their bodies ached and begged to be manipulated for pleasure. As the song faded out he asked her if she would like to return to his place for a drink or bahis firmaları two before the night ended. Gladly she accepted his offer, and they walked out of the restaurant hand-in-hand.

As he opened the door like a gentleman, she turned to him and ardently began to kiss him, and he returned the gesture. Her fingers ran through his hair and down his neck and back, and her fingernails gently yet firmly ran down his back forcing him even closer and deeper to her. His hands roamed freely up and down her back, cupping her butt and breasts firmly, and fiercely holding her body to his. Their tongues entwined and probed the others’ mouth needingly, wanting more. They pulled apart knowing that they needed to arrive at his place to finish what they had started, and what they so desperately wanted and needed.

The car ride wouldn’t be too long, but sensing the importance of a little action continuing, Shawna slid a little closer to her date and began to rub his cock through his pants. She then, before he could object (not that he would), unzipped and unbuttoned his pants so she could feel his throbbing member even better. She reached into his underwear and grasped firmly onto his shaft. As she did this, he breathed in deeply for he knew what was soon to come, yet enjoying the pleasure and chance of what could happen if he didn’t remain focused on the road.

The palm of her hand rolled over the head of his shaft, and then firmly grasping and carefully pumping up and down on him. She reached and fondled his balls for a few, too short, moments to return to the base of his cock , and back up to the head where her fingers gently squeezed his head, and rolled back down. She then put her head down and began to lick the head of his cock. Her tongue then ran down the underside of it, and back to the top when finally she engulfed his entire member in one skillful motion. His breath caught as she did this, almost unable to remain focused to the road ahead.

She continued up and down with her mouth, sucking and licking every inch she could. When it was in as far as it could go, she mimicked a swallowing motion with the back of her mouth and throat that was beyond anything he had ever felt or imagined before. Up and down with her mouth until kaçak iddaa he could feel the movement in his balls that he knew meant a release he so desired. She pumped up and down with her hand and mouth until he told her he was going to come. Finally a greatly welcomed pleasure swelled over him as he pulled into his parking spot and he erupted over and over again. She swallowed every drop.

After the two arrived to their desired destination – his place, or rather the parking lot – he quickly shut the car off and went to open the other door for his lovely and very talented date. She got out of the car and was immediately embraced by Jon’s strong arms. Their mouths and tongues danced with a powerful rhythm all their own until she pulled away from him, seized his hand, and gave him the most seductive look she could, willing him to follow her. He understood the look and was more than ready for what was ahead.

They arrived at his door, and as he searched for the right key to unlock the door, she wrapped her arms around him and ran her hand firmly up and down the front of his pants, making him hard once again, and ready for anything she wanted to do. He unlocked the door and threw it open. He then picked her up and carried her into the room, shut the door, and set her down on her feet, but forced her up against the back of the door. His mouth quickly and passionately found hers. His hands ran up and down, feeling her every curve of her back, her waist, her breasts, her butt, and everywhere in between.

By this time both were breathing heavily as they made their way as one to the bed, trying desperately – unbuttoning shirts and pants, and unzipping what needed to be unzipped. Her dress slid to the floor, revealing her scantily clad black bra & thong panties. His hands roamed the outside of her thong, feeling how wet and needing she was already. He unsnapped her bra and leaned his head down to lick her tight nipple with the tip of his tongue, and kiss everywhere from there back up to her neck.

His hands ran back down only to part her black thong and slip his fingers to her moist opening….up and down wetting her clit, and rubbing it in circles. This was driving her wild as she pulled his underwear down, and pumping up and down on kaçak bahis his fully erect shaft.

‘No more’, he thought, as he laid her down on the bed, slid her thong off, and lay himself on top of her. She could feel him pressing to her, wanting….needing release once again. She too felt the need to be pleasured and fulfilled. She wanted his cock in her so bad at this point. While he kissed his way down her neck passionately again, she whispered ‘are you sure?’ and he replied in a raspy, fervent voice ‘yes, I’m positive, are you?’ and she replied ‘yes….yes…I need you….I want you so bad right now, please…’ Her legs wrapped around his waist, while she ran her fingernails up and down his back, breathing more heavily.

He slowly trailed the head of his penis up and down her slit, lubricating himself, until finally he slowly entered her….slowly pushing every inch of himself in until he was fully encompassed by the hot, wet comfort. He pulled his cock back out almost completely, then pushed back in, making her moan slightly in passion. Oh, the sensations he could feel all at once, when all of the sudden he could feel her gripping and ungripping around his shaft, she could flex her inside muscles to massage him while he was inside her….she smiled at him and whispered ‘you like that, don’t you’ in his ear, then nibbling on his lobes and lightly licking the bottom of his earlobe…knowing that this would drive him absolutely wild.

He could feel the movement and sensations in his balls that meant soon he would be overcome by an immense rush of an orgasm he felt would be the best he’s ever felt. In and out more quickly…..faster….faster yet….in and out until he heard her under him moan louder and surge under him as a strong wave a passion, a tidal wave of an orgasm cursed through her, and finally through him. A few hard, final thrusts as he erupted in desire that never seemed to end…in and out of her as he wound down from the best and most erotic feelings he had ever felt before. His hot, sweaty body collapsed next to hers. As their breathing finally calmed to a normal rate, he wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her as close to him as he could, kissing her gently and yet so passionately….with so much emotion and feeling behind it. With a final kiss on her neck, he laid his head down next to her, and the two exhausted and completed couple fell into a deep, comforting sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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