A Dad Does His Daughter DP Style

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Susie had always been a bit of a bad girl. She always broke the rules and never did what she was told. One time she’d got caught for smoking at school, another time she’d got caught smoking weed. She knew some bad people and she was heading to becoming the worst of them. I was sure she was who had wrecked my marriage to her mother. But Susie was my daughter, I couldn’t just leave, I couldn’t just give up on her. And now this.

She’d come home in a mood and said she’d got caught shoplifting some expensive clothes and was about to head to jail with the police before she struck a deal with the security guard that caught her. The deal she told me was to suck and fuck the guy to make everything go away! However, after putting out for him, he told her he would keep the evidence on her just in case, and the agreement would have to be a long-running one! He wanted to fuck her every week and by the way, he was talking he was gonna be bringing some of his friends to the party too to share in the spoils!

Susie was already nineteen and had been sexually active a long time and she used guys herself, so it made sense that she would use her body as a back up in case she ever got caught doing anything illegal.

But now it was my problem. I couldn’t have my daughter as the sex slave possession of some bent store guard. I’d always punished my daughter whenever she did anything like this and she’d always seen me as the bad guy, but this time was different. This time was bigger, this time I needed to stop this thing before it went even crazier.

Of course, I had a decent stash of guns for protection, our neighbourhood wasn’t the safest, so I immediately went to the cupboard where I held all my weapons under lock and key. I’d never believed in vigilante justice, but when a guy abuses another guys daughter and lays an ownership claim to her, there’s little other option left. If anyone was going to prison, it was gonna be me.

“What are you doing dad?” Slipping the loaded gun inside my inside coat pocket I turned to see my shocked daughter standing behind me.

“I’m going to get you outta this mess Susie.” I snapped back at her. For the first time in her life, I saw something in her eyes like regret. Whenever she’d done something wrong before, I tore her down, this was the first time I’d taken her side. And this time she knew I might not come back.

“You don’t have to do anything,” she said looking at the gun as it slipped inside my coat. “What are you gonna do dad? You’ll be thrown in jail.”

“I’d rather that than you being used as some sickos sex slave for the rest of your life. And what else? A drug trafficker? Right now he owns you, he can do anything he wants to you and get you to do anything he wants. This crooked creep messed with the wrong kid this time.” I said barging past her to the front door.

“But Dad, what if he hurts you?” She asked, now for the first time since she was a little girl, tears welled in her eyes.

“Kid, you should have thought of that before you went out and stole that shit to get you into this mess,” I shouted.


When I returned home later that evening Susie was straight to the door to meet me.

“What happened,” she asked. “Are you ok dad? Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” She asked, finally it seemed something had gotten through to her. For the first time in a long while, she seemed human and capable of emphatic thoughts.

“I don’t want your pity Susie, you should have learnt that years ago. It’s too late now.” I snapped, pushing her away from me.

“Your hand,” she gasped, noticing the blood and bruises on my knuckles as I pushed her away. “What happened?”

“You don’t need to know,” I scowled heading straight to the gun case, unlocking it, and returning the warm gun.

“Oh dad, please tell me what happened.” She begged.

“You never need to know. All you need to know is that you won’t be hearing from that asshole ever again, so you better forget you ever met him. Understand?” I shot back. Now her face took on a level of fear and foreboding as she tried to contemplate what I might have done.

“Understand?” I snapped again.

“Yes,” she mustered, the realisation of the sacrifice I must have made registering in her mind.

“Now get out of my way,” I said, pushing her away and heading to the kitchen. I needed a beer.

“I’m sorry, Dad! I’m so sorry I did this. I’m so sorry I got you in this mess. I promise I’ll change. I will. I never thought about you once. I never thought how anything I ever did would affect you. But now I get that I dad. I’m sorry. I hope you won’t go to jail dad.” She admitted, her eyes welling again. As I sat at the table cracking open a beer she fell onto my chest, her tears now pouring from her eyes. Ignoring her, I let the cold foamy beer slide down my throat.

“It’s too late now kid,” I whispered. In a matter of seconds, I’d already finished my first beer. As I crushed the can onto the table I started to reach güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for another before Susie grabbed it for me, splitting it open, she handed it to me.

“I am sorry daddy, truly I am.” She muttered through her tiny lips and tear-stained eyes. My mind full of anger, looking at her now, she seemed so weak, so innocent. My wife had left so long ago all my sexual tensions were pent up inside. Seeing her so innocent and forgiving slouched against my chest just gave me the craziest feeling imaginable. For the strangest reason, I wanted to punish her for what she had done like I always did, but his time I wanted to punish her with my cock!

Her arms grabbing out around my waist, her young, yet pert breasts touching against my stomach, I suddenly couldn’t help but feel my erection as it grew beneath me. The blood rushed to my cock as sat, beer can in hand, guzzling its contents, while Susie hugged my waist, her tear-soaked face buried into my chest and her breasts resting on my stomach.

My free arm rising I wrapped it around her waist to offer her comfort. As I did so, I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked in the tiny new shorts she was wearing, and her amazingly youthful long perfect legs. And her ass! Oh her ass was the perfect shape for a young girl.

Sipping another mouthful of beer my cock started to move and bounce in my pants, attempting to break free. Yet as it grew, Susie’s breasts hung on my stomach, the tip of my cock rose upwards and eventually touched against the bottoms of her breasts.

When she realised what was happening she lifted her head as if in question. Instead of apologising or even meeting her questioning eyes, I simply continued to slurp down the contents of my open beer can and ignored her.

It seemed Susie wanted to decide what was going to happen next herself, I realised as she slid her body lower a little so my hard cock slid along her cleavage, a bouncy breast either side of it.

Her ass sticking out even more now, all I could think about was pulling down her jean shorts and spanking it. Fuck did I want to screw her right now, I was so angry at her.

“I’m so sorry daddy,” she said, her head hurried in my stomach, her wet doe eyes staring back at me. Her breasts wrapped around her daddy’s hard cock. Now my arm slipped down from her waist to her ass. Hell, if she didn’t like it I would just blame it on the beers. My cock in between her breasts and my hand on her round peachy ass, Susie didn’t do a thing to reject my approaches.

“Thanks for saving me dad,” she whispered. “I was stupid to steal those things. I know it now. I’m a stipule little girl. And that guy used me like any guy would use a stupid girl. If you hadn’t of saved me he would have made me suck his cock whenever he wanted me to. God, I hated it when he came down my throat daddy.” She said, her watery doe eyes looking back up at me again. I knew what she was doing. She knew I wanted to fuck her so she was gonna make me so horny I would break through the barrier of incestuous taboo that it would be to bang my own daughter. She was gonna make it impossible for me not to strip her naked right there in the kitchen and shoot my loads everywhere in and over her that I wanted to.

“He didn’t care about me at all, he was so rough and wicked, he just used my mouth as a toilet and didn’t even care when I was gagging. He just rammed his big cock in my mouth and down my throat harder and harder.” She said hugging me a little tighter and shifting her body so my cock rubbed a little in between her breasts.

“Yes you are a stupid little bitch,” I said angrily, placing my beer down and gripping her jaw roughly in my now free hand. “I’ve been telling you for years your screw-ups will get so bag they’re gonna lead to something bigger than you can handle and now this,” I said, reprimanding her angrily. Still holding her jaw in my hand, her face all squished up, I used the hand that was on her ass to give her one hard spanking. As spanked her, I could see as the stinging pain registering in her eyes.

“I deserved that,” she cried. “I know I was a stupid bitch. It’s true.” She admitted, her eyes watering even more.

“And you nearly turned yourself into a god damned whore too, you stupid fool.” I shot back at her. Now I spanked her again a few times more and this time much harder. Her eyes filling with tears.

“Oh daddy, I hope one day you can truly forgive me.” She begged. “I could never imagine having to go back to that evil man, he treated me so badly, like I was worthless. Like I was nothing. After he fucked my face and came in my mouth he told me I was a dirty whore and spat in my face.” She said crying again.

“Well you made yourself look like a whore,” I told her as I felt my cock bouncing up in my pants as the image of spit hitting her face filled my growing fantasy of her. I knew this was her idea of dirty talk now, she was leading me to where I wanted to go, and I knew I shouldn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri follow her because she was my daughter, but hell, she was leading me there, what else could I do.

With all my anger, my hand holding her chin, I spat in her face and watched the dribbles of spit run down her eyes and into her mouth. The erotic sense of sexual excitement it gave me was amazing. It was almost like some kind of viagra, it got me so turned on. Yet more than that, I could feel Susie’s nipples harder as the spit ran down her face. My daughter was getting super hot too, and it was clear she wanted it rough!

“I deserved that daddy,” Susie said. “I would understand if you wanted to do it again. Just like he did. I told him if he wouldn’t tell the police he could do anything he wanted. So he spat on me, again and again, treating me like the whore I am. He even forced my mouth open and spat straight down into my throat.” Susie told me or rather led me.

Grabbing the sides of her mouth squeezing it open I spat into her mouth and shut it.

“Right now you’ve made me feel like you’re worthless too, you stupid little bitch,” I said, opening her mouth and spitting inside again. She was making me feel mean and I was sure she was getting hot for that. I’d never used those kinds of words when speaking to her before, but right now everything was different. Right now, she was hungry for it.

“I’m sorry dad, please forgive me,” she begged. The spit dripping from her face. Standing up in front of me, looking me straight in the eyes, she pulled her top off over her head to reveal her pert, bra-hidden, breasts. But before I could even take in and enjoy the sexy sight, she reached around her back, and within seconds her bra popped loose and she slid it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor revealing her pert teenage breasts.

Standing for a few seconds to let me take in what she had just revealed to me, she proceeded to unbutton then unzip her jean shorts before dropping them too. Now she stood before me completely naked except for her hot black lacy panties. But within seconds her hands slipped down the sides and she pulled them over her ass and down to the ground, kicking them off, to reveal my totally naked daughter before me.

“Oh shit!” I thought. I was gonna fuck her hard now.

I took in her hot, sexy body for a short while. Eyeing her wonderful nubile curves, her pretty little nipples and the thin layer of hair concealing her vagina. She just stood there, letting me take in the sexy sight, waiting for me to make the next move. Maybe she even wondered if there would be a next move. I was her dad, I knew I should stop this right now before everything got real and crazy. But Susie had made me way too wanton for her, it was close to impossible for me to stop what I was about to do to her now. And she wanted me to do it. She was desperate for me to do it to her.

Without thinking anymore I stood up and copied her exact motions undressing from top to bottom to finally reveal my hard wet cock as it bounced out of my boxers as I slipped them down my legs and off.

“Now you’re gonna get it, you crazy little bitch,” I said, her vaginal juices glistening between her legs, my pre-cum dripping from the end of my cock. My naughty little daughter was about to get the fucking of her life, and it was daddy that was gonna be dealing out the tough love.

“Come with me,” I said, grabbing her hand and marching her upstairs to her room, the two of us completely naked, my cock bouncing up and down as we climbed the stairs to her bedroom. Pushing the door open, I pulled her inside and threw her on her bed.

“Open up your legs,” I demanded as she lay sprawled out on her bed. I didn’t care for getting sucked off right now, I wanted to be inside her and I wanted to scold her while I finally gave her the punishment I should have dealt out a long time ago.

“Now open up,” I ordered her, as she opened her legs in compliance. Now she used her hands to part her vagina to allow me to enter her more easily. Within seconds I was on top of her, my hands either side of her body, her stretched wet vagina easy to navigate from its entrance all the way deep inside her. As I slid myself into her with ease, her pussy so wet, she groaned with a satisfied desire. She wanted to be punished badly for so long, and now she was going to be.

Almost the instant my cock pushed into her and her moans began, I started thrashing inside her, beating her vagina with my cock, her expressions highlighting how much she wanted this. How much she wanted me, her daddy to do it to her. In silence, I fucked her like a rag doll, like a worthless thing, like a toy whose only worth was the satisfaction of my male sexual needs.

“Is this how he fucked you? You dirty little whore,” I asked as I pounded inside her.

“No,” she mustered, clearly enjoying every thrust from my cock. “He fucked me from behind. When He fucked me he couldn’t see güvenilir bahis şirketleri my face. Because I didn’t mean anything to him, I was just a little teen whore to him. That’s what he said. He told me I was just his own personal teen cock pocket.” She said panting beneath me.

“Oh really!” I said. “Yes you are a worthless little cock pocket whore,” I said, pulling my cock out of her and flipping her over onto her stomach. Her head buried in her fluffy cute pink flowery pillow, I entered her pussy from behind, my head now behind hers, my hot breath panting into her red flushed face as I began pounding her again from behind. Grabbing hold of her head as I ploughed into her I used her head as a means of support to stop her body moving so much as I pumped her pussy.

Her mouth half-buried in the pillow, she gasped for breath beneath me, until finally, I let her up. Moving into a sitting position behind her a clutched onto her thin waist and use that as a means to stabilise the movements of her body, allowing me to pound her deeper and harder.

“Daddy, in the top drawer,” she said, her eyes glancing over to her bedside cabinet.

While continuing to fuck her from behind, I leaned my body over to open up the drawer in question. Looking inside I felt an even greater tinge of sadistic desire flash into me. There in the little drawer was none other than a strap on dildo! Holy shit, I knew where this was gonna lead us, and the mere thought of it sent my sexual desires into overdrive. Taking it from the drawer I shoved it into her face, taunting her with it.

“You are a dirty little whore aren’t you Susie,” I goaded. “A shameless little slut. I don’t know how I ever came to have a daughter as sinful as you.” I said my mouth close to her ear, my hot breath breathing into her ear, the dildo slapping against her face.

“Open your mouth you dirty little slut,” I demanded as she reciprocated. As she did I slammed the entire dildo straight into her mouth and down her throat causing her to choke and gag immediately. “How do you like that you little teenage slut?” I teased.

Pulling the thick rod from her throat allowing her to regain her breath, I reached back into the drawer to take out another thing that she had stored in there. As I pulled out the sex-lubricant I caught the glimpse of excitement in her eyes. My young daughter had grown up into a true sadist and there was nothing sacred to her at all. But the last thing in the drawer was the hottest, sexiest of all.

As I pulled it out, and from the look in her eyes, I positively felt she had literally just wet herself. It was a red ball-gag. At only nineteen, I was shocked at the level of sexual depravity Casino oyunları arasında en güvenilir slot siteleri arayışınız varsa eğer bettingmarkt.com sitesi üzerinden slot siteleri listesine ulaşabilirsiniz. she had already attained. Yet holding the ball-gag in my hand, I had become desperate to sink to that level of depravity with her. Shoving the red ball into her mouth and tightening it to her head at the rear, she looked like a stuffed pig ready for the spit.

“No matter how much you wriggle and writhe you need to be punished you, dirty whore,” I said, spitting on her again. This time into her hair. She nodded confirming the punishment that I was about to meat out to her. “I don’t care how much you resist, no matter how much you fight I won’t stop do you understand whore?” I whispered into her ear. She nodded again.

“I think this needs to be out of the way,” I said moving a fluffy rabbit toy I had bought her for her eighteenth birthday as a joke onto the top of her bedside cabinet. “He should be safe up here unless of course, things get a little too crazy,” I advised. Wouldn’t want him falling off if things get too rough would we.” I said grabbing her around the neck. With a ball in her mouth Susie needed some other kind of safe word. She nodded to me, understanding that that was it.

“Good!” I said, kneeling up behind her again and fastening the dildo to my waist just above my penis. All the while Susie’s eager eyes watching me. I knew, like me, her body was tingling with a wanton lust for what was about to happen. Grabbing the lubricant and lubing my cock, I then squeezed some into Susie’s ass, I proceeded to slip my finger in. Her eyes bulged open and she bit onto the ball as my finger slid deeper into her ass and I stretched her ass wide. Fingering her for a few minutes, enjoying the look on her face as I did so, I eventually pulled out ready to replace my finger with the dildo, and of course, at the same time my cock would fill up her pussy.

As the dildo stretched her ass wide open, entering her, her eyes bulged, almost popping out of her head, her teeth biting into the soft red ball as hard as she could. Slowly I slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy. The dildo only halfway down into her asshole, and her hand reached out to knock the onto the floor. I stopped immediately.

“Can’t take it? You want me to take it out do you?” I whispered in her ear, now my voice nearing my fatherly concern, yet not quite breaking the aurora we had created. She shook her head. “Oh too painful for the little whore? You need it a little more slowly do you?” I asked, my voice now regaining its sadistic side. Yes, she nodded. Reaching down to the rabbit while trying to move as little as possible inside Susie’s ass, I picked it up and returned it to its place on top of the bedside cabinet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20