A Cousin Fantasy Come True

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It’s often said that cousins are the first friends you have and it’s a friendship that lasts a lifetime. But in a world of dispersed families, sometimes you don’t know your cousins while growing up. Veronica is almost 18 years younger than I. We connected as friends when she was in her mid-twenties, living several states apart. It was a story of getting to know one another online and sharing family stories, catching up on the years that had passed since we had last seen one another.

In an instant, she was my oldest and best friend. We liked so many of the same things, ate similar foods, held similar values, suffered from similar afflictions. We were shaped into being such similar people though our family connection was severed by divorce and miles.

Veronica had one child when she was younger and then two more after she married a man she had begun dating about the time we reconnected. She was quite petite, with a beautiful body. She spent many hours exercising and was very successful in her job. After her second child was born she struggled regaining her figure, as is often the case.

Through many conversations of support for one another whether it be relationships, family, personal struggles, the topic of getting fit was front and center for us. I’ll still never forget the day that she sent me her “before” pictures when she decided to get serious about regaining the body she wanted to have again. She wore a shirt tucked up under her breasts and leggings, showing a bare midriff with the pants inched down to get the full effect of where she was starting from.

I honestly had never had an impure thought about her or any cousin prior to that day. Where she saw fat and scars, I saw a sexy young lady who was willing to let me be a part of this journey with her. I’d receive updates on weight, gave suggestions on diet, and cheered her on. Every now and again I’d get new, updated set of pictures of her progress. She was losing the baby weight and consistently the clothing she was wearing was a bit more revealing.

Then there was the day she sent a picture to me that initially she hadn’t intended, but she was completely nude and I could get a full look at how far she had come. We laughed it off at first, but that picture would forever imprint itself on my mind. I still recall the day that we talked about where she still saw flaws and I could see what she wanted to change, but I was focussed more on how much the picture turned me on.

Veronica is shy and somewhat uninterested in talking about sex. We had had a couple conversations on our experiences and likes/dislikes, but nothing too explicit at this point. So the conversation about her nude picture was awkward for her and the more I said about her breasts being amazing and then how i loved the definition in her abs that pointed down at a very cleanly kept private area. I think I mentioned something about her lips down there and how nice their outline was.

I stepped across the line with that comment and the conversation ended. In fact, while we continued to monitor her progress, she had gotten into shape to a point that she didn’t focus on it as much. Then she became pregnant with her third child. After her youngest was born we were back at the same place in our relationship of motivating her to get back into shape. She sent progress pics, now with only a sports bra and panties on. Getting a full 360 view of where she was once again. Which in all honesty, she was still in amazing shape with a little extra baby weight.

Losing weight and getting into shape was not as easy this time around, but she was losing and she was progressing, regaining definition in her abs. Sometimes the pictures would be without a bra, and a couple times there were nude shots, giving a better view of her entire body. I saw the perfection, though she still saw and focussed on her flaws.

I don’t recall exactly how it happened, but over the months we had more conversations about sexual preferences and struggles she had in her relationship in keeping up with her husband. He worked out of town most of the time and when he was home she would do what she could to take care of his needs, no matter how awkward it was for her.

One day she told me that the two of them had a video chat session while he was away and they did their thing to show one another pleasure. She was planning something and was wondering what i thought about her making a video for him to have while he was away. Being a guy, I know how much it would mean to me for someone to do that. From personal experience i had dealt with a long distance relationship and knew the loneliness and how little things like that made the miles disappear.

One evening when i got home from a sporting event she told me that she had done it and needed help with how and where to upload it seeing she couldn’t text it to him. There weren’t a lot of options I knew of, especially for the size of the video, but she had found somewhere she could share it privately with him. Out canlı bahis şirketleri of the blue I asked if I could watch it to see what she had done. Without hesitation she gave me the login and password for where it was. My stomach was in my throat at that point, all I could think was “Oh My!”

As the video began she moved onto her bed where she had a couple toys laid out. One was a small bullet style vibrator with a cord attached so she could control its intensity and the other was a vibrating dildo. She faced the camera, on her knees, completely nude, and began running her hands up and down her slender frame. She would grasp her breast moving into a pinch of her dark nipple while the other hand moved all around. The small vibrator was the first to be picked up and gently run from her nipple, down her torso, to her amazingly manicured mound. One hand now held the control unit as the other held the buzzing device over her clit.

She dialed in the right speed and returned her hand to her breast. Massaging and pinching in a rhythm that her hips started moving in, perfectly timed to the slow music playing int he background. While pleasuring her clit, she maneuvered to opening her lips and delicately rubbing the bullet up and down her slit. Her pussy looked amazing and was very wet at this point. Her labia full with excitement, beautifully pink though the enjoyment brought a darker shade to her skin.

She slipped the toy in and out of her as she repositioned herself to give a rear view. Legs spread, down on one elbow, the other hand still playing in and out of her. She arched her back, spreading herself open with a view of perfection. Her butt cheeks in a position giving a view of her asshole that looked like you would just want to bury your tongue in.

The music continued and she bucked a few times in that position before returning to a full frontal, back up on her knees again. She set the smaller device aside and opted for the dildo. The vibration noise cutting into the the music and she slid it up and down from her clit and between her lips. Her other hand once again on her breasts, alternating between them. She squeezed very tightly as she slid the vibrator up and into her pussy. An adjustment to the speed, adding a twisting motion to it and she fell onto her back with her legs left wide open for my (well mine at that time anyhow) enjoyment. Her other hand found the smaller bullet which she placed on her clit while her other hand moved the dildo in and out. She moaned and shuddered over and over, crying out in ecstasy for what seemed like 10 minutes though I know it was only a couple. At that point she let out a noise of relief as her juices sprang forth with the dildo coming out of her, soaking her bed. He body convulsing as more juices flowed.

The toys went to the side, she laid almost motionless except for returning one hand to her lips and slowly, gently rubbing to a halt, basking in her own afterglow.

My heart was racing as I watched this all unfold, i became fully erect immediately and stroked myself to her every move. Time stood still, it was so amazing. Here I was, getting off to my cousin. Desiring to see her in this way, but knowing I’d never want to become an obstacle to her relationship, nor would she have any desire for me.

I had downloaded the video so that I didn’t have to use her login and could watch it whenever I wanted. I was in a tough relationship at that time and things were falling apart as hard as I tried to keep it together, but i had been without regular enjoyment with my girlfriend for some time. After a couple weeks I decided to delete the video just in case the girlfriend spied on my laptop. Even though I knew my relationship was over I still held out hope. This was a move I would soon regret when eventually I grew tired of trying to hold on.

We talked about the video and she was thankful that i liked what she had done. It was totally out of her comfort zone, but sometimes we have to stretch beyond our comfort zones to help our partners. If the first nude picture i saw of her wasn’t enough, this video was now the main track playing in my brain, over and over.

I don’t mean for it to sound like our entire relationship is based around this sexual tension I had built up inside myself. Everything was still normal between us. I visited her after the video and we got along great in person, just like I figured we would. I helped with the household stuff, we talked, played games, watched the kids, and went hiking. All quite normal, but not completely normal as inside me I just wished I could catch a glimpse of her naked in real life. Not to touch her or do anything like the fantasies I had, I just wanted to be able to see her.

Alas, the trip ended and I returned home. We had a wonderful time and our relationship was quite well. But this stirring inside of me needed an outlet and at times I started telling her about not so pure thoughts.

One evening I mentioned that i was going to take a bath canlı kaçak iddaa and she was going to do the same so we’d just chat while relaxing. I’m 6’4″ so most bathtubs don’t quite fit me. It was quite the picture and I sent a shot of my legs leaning up against the far wall, well out of the water. We laughed at it and she said something to the effect of “oooh, nice legs”. Well, that triggered something in my brain and i felt like i had to do something more. I had positioned myself slightly differently in the tub and taken a few more pictures showing me as a pretzel in the tub and in one picture, the tip of my penis was visible. I chose that one to send to see if there would be any reaction. I knew she would notice it and I semi-apologized for it, saying something like “whoops, more in the shot that i intended”. She laughed at me in a friendly way. I got myself excited over that exchange and had started to masturbate. Once I was hard, laying back in the tub I took another picture of my fully erect penis, not big, not small, just a normal penis. I hemmed and hawed and then sent it to her. Immediately fear took over my whole being as I didn’t hear from her for a few minutes and I started profusely apologizing and we talked about it and she was ok and understood why i would. Guys do that crazy kind of thing I guess, though I can’t say I ever had to anyone but the long distance girlfriend previously. I calmed down and we went on chatting and I apologized again later for freaking out so much.

A few weeks passed by and we had had a conversation about man-scapping, or more accurately about not having the 70’s hairy package. That night I decided I was going to shave/wax it all off down there. And I did so. Cleaned myself up real nice and it felt so cool and smooth. I asked her this time if I could send a picture of it all cleaned up and she said sure. So I sent the picture and we made slight comments on it all nothing sexual there, but talked about the cleanup process and such. I think I sent a couple more as it really excited me to have her seeing my member, whether it excited her or not. Well, I knew it didn’t as she said that type of thing just doesn’t quite do anything for her seeing she’s not as sexual of a person. But it was ok that i was sharing it.

Another few weeks passed by and it was time to clean up down there some more and I tried a different wax, only this time it caused blood blisters and ripped some skin in areas that should not be ripped. We joked about it and I couldn’t look so I took pictures the best i could without seeing the damage too much and sent them to her. Still exciting me like crazy.

Over the next couple months I know I sent pictures of my penis several times and even a couple videos showing me cumming. I shocked her a bit with them, but all was well. There was one day when she was taking a bath that she sent me a full nude picture of her in the tub, nothing super revealing, bare breasts, and amazing stomach, a neatly trimmed pubic area, and legs closed together. Wow. Was she really sending me this? yeah, she did. I was amazed and thanked her. Seeing I had erased the earlier video of her, this picture in the bathtub became my one source of pleasure for my lonely nights.

I had another trip scheduled to come to see her and the only rule was that i needed to not whip my thing out while i was there. It was said jokingly, but I took it seriously. It wasn’t like that was something i would do anyhow, still believing that she had a wonderful life to be proud of and true to. Not to mention that I never look at myself as someone who could ever be with a person as young and beautiful as she. The fantasy still rang true in my mind, but i could very easily compartmentalize my feelings and keep things separate. It was a busy week with a mutual friend’s wedding that weekend. So we didn’t have much time to interact as much as we both wanted, but if was still fun to be in the same house and having an opportunity to catch up in person.

I was staying in her master bedroom while she slept in another room. But we still shared the master bath and on one occasion i was getting out of the shower and starting to open the door back into the bedroom when she warned me not to come out because she was there and the younger kids were too. No problem, I just stayed in a finished getting ready, but all the time only thought about how i’d love to walk out in all of my nakedness and have her see me. A similar shower event happened the next day, but because there were no kids, i opened the bathroom door a bit to hear what she was saying while i stood there naked talking to her, though still hidden by the door. The desire to be seen flew through my head a million miles an hour and i started to get hard and while standing there talking to her i stroked myself to full erection. She finished what she was doing and walked out of the room. I thought that she may have seen me in the passing, but my mind was focussed on the task at hand and she said nothing. I finished myself canlı kaçak bahis off and then completed getting ready for the day.

On day 5 or so of the trip it was time to do some laundry and I was collecting things from her room, some kids clothes, mine, hers, and had stripped down to wash what i’d been wearing over night. As I’m standing there and not realizing i had left the door completely open I began stroking myself and was working on quite an erect moment when she started coming up the steps to the bedroom. She was trying to let me know that she had finished clearing out the waster, but my mind was blank, thinking only of how horny I was and I didn’t really hear her coming..

I was remembering the video she had shot right here in this room. I was picturing every sight and sound from it. She was right there on this bed. Her body moved along with the background music as her toys buzzed. I could picture her from the rear, watching her vibrator go in and out of her pussy, stretching her lips as it would retract from her, then returning inside of her wetness.

At that moment of bliss in my mind she walked into the bedroom, not fully noticing me at first, but then several steps in she stopped in her tracks and took a quick glimpse and then started to apologize and turn around to leave.

I told her there was no reason for her to be sorry and I apologized for the door being open. She seemed both embarrassed and a little in shock. When she got to the door she stopped and I could see her whole body kind of sigh. Facing out the door, she started what seemed like it was going to be a major reprimand by saying that i had to know she didn’t like watching that type of thing and it was and uncomfortable situation. My whole body just felt like cowering. I had stopped stroking when she initially realized what I was doing and a wave of shame had come over me.

To my surprise she turned around and looked me up and down. She broke the tension in the room by saying “nice penis cuz,” to which we both laughed. She had known how tough my breakup had been and that I hadn’t had sex in over a year. Something inside her broke and she told me that she had seen me in the bathroom doorway a couple days before, but that she didn’t want to embarrass either of us then. She followed that up by asking me “well, are you going to keep going or not?” And with that question she closed the door, still standing there in the room.

I was honestly, quite lost at that moment. I asked her if she was going to stay and watch to which she said “sure, I guess.” Not exactly the enthusiastic response I would have liked, but thrilling none the less. My fantasy of being seen naked had come true and now she was standing there waiting for me to start playing with myself.

While I had lost my hard on earlier, the excitement started to return thinking of her watching me in person as I had watched her on video. I began to play with myself while trying to keep my eyes focussed on her, memories of her naked racing through my mind. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect again and using various had positions to pleasure myself in front of her.

I continued stroking over and over, it was taking quite some time. I was a little nervous and quite unsure if I could finish the task. I just couldn’t get to the end of the task. Pre-cum leaked out of me like crazy, but the build up inside just wasn’t ready to release. She was tiring of standing there and I apologized saying that now and again i would have this issue where I couldn’t complete things. Sometimes I would need to give up and just deal with the frustration. She started talking to me, telling me to stop overthinking it. “Go slow, enjoy the feeling, imagine being next to a woman, the smells of sex, the touching, the feeling. Just let yourself go and relax,” she said.

Well, if I wasn’t already turned on by masturbating in front of Veronica, those words coming out of her mouth, in such a warm and caring manner were taking me into another realm. I swear I did cum, but not physically, i was having an internal orgasm like you wouldn’t believe. I stared at her eyes while she stared back at me, looking down at my dick in my hand. I told her what was going on in my head and how that had blown my mind, but that my body just wasn’t cooperating. She stepped further in the room from the door. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what was about to happen. I started to lose my erection after all of this tugging, but then she said “would it help to see me naked?”

My brain wasn’t already overloaded by what was happening and her words took me beyond the edge and I replied that I’d love that if she was comfortable with it. She removed her shirt and bra, then dropped her sweatpants and underwear into the dirty clothes basket after walking over closer to me.

There she was, completely naked in front of me. Such beautiful breasts and smooth skin. Her eyes locked on me as she began to caress her breast with one hand and then run the other up and down her body, settling it over her pubic area.

My erection had come back full force and i could feel that i was on track to come in the near future. More pre-cum was lubricating my stroke and a string of it stretched from the tip of my dick and down my thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20