A College Roommate Visits A Husband Gets His Wish

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A College Roommate Visits A Husband Gets His Wish
The internet is a fantastic information distributing invention. The information it distributes can lead to fascinating, even improbable events. For example, a social media site enabled my wife of seven years to reconnect with her college roommate, Marie. They had fallen out of touch, then out of the information superhighway (remember that) Marie reconnected with Terry, my wife, and expressed a desire to visit. Marie lives on the other side of the country and wrote Terry that she would be in our area next month and would love to visit and catch up. I was particularly intrigued to meet her; Maire had seduced my wife in college. It was a one time sexual encounter. Afterward, Terry told Marie that the sex was great, but having given it a try she realized that she prefers men. Marie understood, she enjoyed both men and women and wasn’t upset or surprised by her decision, but pleased that Terry had tried sex with a woman once and that it had been her.

I met Terry after college so I never had the opportunity to met Marie. Her profile photo on Facebook had me intrigued. Terry had told me the story of her sexual adventure with Marie years ago and I had asked many questions about the encounter. I told her to report every detail of her trip to the island of Lesbos. I told Terry that it made me hard to think of her licking another woman’s pussy and nipples.

“Of course it does, you’re a guy, why are men so turned on by women having sex with each other?”

“Who knows? We just do. Why ask why?” I replied. “Just give me more details, it gives me a hard on.”

The talk of Marie and Terry’s excellent adventure was old news, but the reconnection with Marie and her impending visit had revived my interest in my wife’s experience with muff diving.

“Really? Muff diving? What are you in Junior High?” Terry interjects as she reviews what I have written.

Of course Terry could see where my male mind was headed now that the legendary Marie was coming to pay a visit.

“I suppose that you would love a reenactment of that enchanted evening?” she said, “with you as a guest star.”

“It’s every heterosexual male fantasy to fuck two women at once,” I relied, without, I believe, any hyperbole.

Just stating the facts. Nothing out of the ordinary. A staple of a million porn scenes. Two women, one lucky guy having his cock sucked and balls licked by two female mouths. Two lovely wet holes to fill. All just a natural part of the heterosexual male sexual fantasy life and I am just an ordinary specimen of that category. Don’t blame me for the circuity of the male brain. It is what it is.

Terry said, “Thou does protest too much.”

After much good natured back and forth I sensed Terry starting to get annoyed with the topic so I dropped it. The next evening, as casually as I could, suggested we watch a porn scene together.

“Let me guess. A girl on girl scene right?” Terry said with annoyance in her voice.

“Why not? Maybe it might bring back some fond memories or whatever?”

“Yeah sure whatever,” Terry replied.

The internet is magical. You know it was invented just for porn. The internet is for porn. Any kind of porn, any time of day, for as long as you can hold off from ejaculating. It is a massive information network sex toy.

Terry said, “I want to see a woman using a strap-on.”

Interesting, I wasn’t expecting that. I knew that a strap-on had not been a part of the sapphic experience with Maire so I didn’t know what to make of the request. I would soon file the whole experience under the “careful what you wish for” category. Though my fantasy would come true, it was not what I had imagined. I am getting ahead of myself, back to watching the girl on girl scene on my laptop.

The scene was conventional, two attractive young women sitting on a bed beginning kissing, then disrobing, then sucking each others breasts, pussy, fingers in vaginas, and finally a strap on is produced. One of the women suits up in the male “costume” and in short order is awkwardly pumping her silicone cock into her friend.

I said, “That’s hot, right?”

Terry kept watching for a while before replying, “Yeah but I want to see a chick fuck a guy with a strap-on.”

“In the ass?” I said idiotically.

My wife giggled,“Of course in the ass, where else?”

Terry leaned over and took the computer and typed: “Femdom” into the search box of the porn site. What the hell did that mean and how did my lovely wife know what it means? Many results with thumbnails appeared and Terry clicked the first one. A woman wearing a ridiculously long fake cock was standing over a man on his knees licking her boots. The cock was absurd, at least a foot and half long and six inches thick, closer to a horse cock than a human male penis.

“Oh my god! That’s insane is she going to fuck kaçak bahis him with that thing?” I exclaimed stupidly.

Terry giggled, “I hope so.”

The scene cut and that massive silicone cock is in the man’s anus. The woman calls him a bitch while shoving more silicone horse cock into his ass. I couldn’t believe that anything that large could be inserted into an anus. I assume it wasn’t the guy’s first rodeo.

“Why are we watching this Terry?” I asked as intelligently as I could muster.

“Why do you think smart guy? I’ve got a deal for you. If you want to have your threesome fantasy, then I get a fantasy of mine checked off. I get to fuck you in the ass.”

Things had taken an unexpected turn.

“You want to fuck me in the ass in exchange for a threesome with Marie. First of all I’m not gay, second of all I could never fit anything that big in my ass.”

“First of all it doesn’t have to be that big, it can be a normal sized dildo, and second of all, it doesn’t make you gay to have your loving wife fuck you in the ass. Let me add that this is not negotiable. You want to fuck another woman I get to fuck you in the ass with a strap-on.”

“It’s a threesome with someone you fucked once before for christ sake!” I protested.

Terry said, “Oh is that what you think? It’s not cheating because I’ve had sex with her before? I’m going to let you fuck another woman without a pay back? Listen I’ve fucked Maire before, I’ve been there, done that. If you want a threesome, you gotta give me something. I want your ass hole. That’s my price for you to fuck my friend. Take it or leave it.”

She wasn’t angry, just adamant. This was the cost of my fantasy. I stopped talking and thought about what my wife had just said to me. In the meanwhile she clicked another thumbnail, in this scene the woman wore a strap-on with a more reasonable human sized silicone cock. I don’t remember much of the scene, other than she was soon fucking the guy in the ass. My mind took a bit of time to play through the scenario of what might transpire with Terry and I and a strap-on dildo, then segued to an imagined scene of Terry, Marie, and me.

Terry changed tactics, “Don’t worry honey I’ll be gentle with your virgin anus. And then you’ll get to fuck me and Marie, two mouths, two pussies and who knows she might let you fuck her in the ass.”

I had fucked Terry a handful of times in the ass, although she didn’t care for it. As the scene on the screen continued, not that I was watching anymore, I weighed the pros and cons of the offer. This was likely my best and only shot at a threesome, one less item on the bucket list. Hell I might even enjoy getting ass fucked I thought optimistically.

I said, “Let me think about it.”

“Sure honey but don’t take too long. The is a limited time offer, don’t miss out.”

It didn’t take me long. The next evening I told her yes, I agree to her terms.

Terry smiled and said, “Great let’s look online for my cock.”

I didn’t care for the sound of that statement nor for her enthusiasm.

The internet is also for sex toys. Terry really enjoyed herself. We spent at least two hours, on three different sites shopping for the perfect strap-on harness for Terry and the dildo for my ass. The biggest bone of contention, pardon the pun, was the size of the cock that was to penetrate my virgin ass hole. We settled for a “harness compatible” dildo, “6.5 inches insertable,” bigger than I had hoped, but smaller than she had wanted. It had an upward curve with a slightly bulbous head, made of “dual density silicone”, whatever that means. The description stated it was “perfect for beginners.” That’s me, anal virgin. Oh yeah, its diameter is 1.25 inches. In any case, FedEx would deliver my anal assassin overnight. What a man wouldn’t do for a threesome.

The following evening Terry came home early, she said she couldn’t wait to open her new toy. She had changed into a black pantsuit with matching jacket and her favorite black patent leather fuck me high heels. She stood in the kitchen more than a little bit self consciously. I noticed a huge unnatural bulge in between her legs pushing up the fabric of her pants.

“Are you wearing it?” I asked stupidly.

Terry moved towards me wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body hard against me.

“What do you think,” she purred.

I could feel the purchased sex product between her legs.

“You couldn’t wait for me? I wanted to open it with you,” I protested.

“Sorry I couldn’t wait. Our deal has gotten me really wet. I couldn’t think of anything else all day. I can’t wait to try it out on you. I really want to fuck your ass.”

What the fuck was happening? What have you done with my wife of eight years. Fuck me, I’ve created a monster and the monster can’t wait to **** my ass.

This woman, who looks like my wife, pulls me to the bedroom, casino firmalari I keep in mind my payoff to this unfolding nightmare, two women at once, a threesome. Yes that’s what I get out this anal fucking. Hell I hope it’s worth what is happening right now.

In the bedroom she orders me to sit on the edge of the bed. I haven’t even changed out of my work clothes. Terry disrobes and when she pull down her pants I get my first look at the strap-on with mounted dildo. The harness is made of black nylon and spandex (Terry said no leather) with two leg straps, thong and waist belt with lube pocket, $150 bucks delivered. She is wearing it over her panties. She stands in front of me only wearing her push up bra, thigh high black stockings, and high heels.

Terry said, in her best Scarface voice, “Say hello to my not so little friend.”

Now is a good time to describe my lovely sex fiend/wife. She is a pale skinned Irish, Scottish, Danish, mutt, 5’9’’with reddish blonde hair, blue eyes, long limbs, slim hips, small breasts (pear shaped b cups), and a high firm ass. I think she looks a bit like the actress Julianne Moore, who, naturally, I think is hot. As for me, I’m of a of similar ethnic background with darker hair and skin, slightly taller, still in athletic shape, I was a competitive swimmer, and, of course, I look like the hottest guy you can think of, say Brad Pitt or similar. But seriously, my wife says I am a “stud muffin”, of course she would say that, but not like anyone famous. I’ll take it, stud muffin soon to be anal slut.

Terry tells me to take a shower and she’ll open a bottle of wine. I did as I was told, and came out of the bathroom naked and damp. Terry was sitting on the bed, stroking her well lubed “penis” with her right hand, a glass of wine in her left. A glass of wine sat on my bed stand.

“Have a drink Mark,” Terry said in an unfamiliar tone of voice.

My wife sitting on our bed stroking her cock is not an image I ever thought I would be describing to anyone. I’m not aroused but intrigued and apprehensive in equal measures.

I sit on the bed and take several long gulps of wine. I am going to need all the courage I can drink.

“I am really turned on by this thing,” Terry admitted. “I want to try it out. Get on your back.”

This was not our usual lovemaking scene. The script was usually some kissing and licking, soft foreplay, some oral. Terry has never ordered me around in bed. Well, the script had been ripped up and we were now improvising.

I propped my torso against the bed headboard and spread my legs. Terry moves immediately on her knees between my legs. She grabs her bottle of lube, conveniently holstered in her harness lube pocket, and applied a generous amount of cold lube to my still flaccid cock and then to her dildo. She stroked my cock with her left hand and with her right stroked her “cock”. No need for the quotes at this point. It really is her cock, she owns that cock now. Her loving hand motions worked their familiar magic on my penis and quickly made me hard. With her right hand she pushed up my left leg towards my chest.

“Hold up your leg,” she commands.

I do as I am told.

“Pull both legs up to your chest, I need you wide open for me.”

I am now at her command. In for a penny in for a pound. My cock stiffened as she quickened her hand strokes.

With her well lubed fingers she rubbed my anus occasionally probing my opening. She took her time, pushing her fingertip further into my anus until her entire right index finger made its way into my ass then out again. She continued to jerk me off with her other hand. This is not bad. Just when I am really starting to enjoy her two handed loving, she pulled out her finger in my anus and moved closer.

“I think you’re ready for your first ass fucking,” she said. It was a speech pattern that I had never heard out of my wife of eight years.

“Oh you think so? I might need more to drink,” I said with a bit of panic and indignation in my voice.

“Too bad,” she said forcefully.

I realized at this point that she was really going to make me pay a steep price for fucking her friend and the ass fucking was only a down payment.

She began probing my anus with the dildo, I soon realize my mistake. It’s not the length that I should have been concerned with but the diameter. I don’t have much time to ponder my stupidity because my wife is pushing the dildo forcefully past my sphincter muscle.

“Holy shit that hurts,” I yell out. “Fuck take it easy, that fucking hurts.”

“Relax your asshole Mark,” she suggests.

It still hurts like hell, but she doesn’t give a shit. Terry’s face is flush, mouth open, short intakes of air, she’s in an altered state, my wife is possessed. She rocks her hips back and forth not a body movement I have ever seen her perform. Why would güvenilir casino I have, she is fucking my ass with a strap on. She is fucking me in the manner that I have fucked her many times. She continues to pump my ass and stroke my cock. She uses my cock as a handle of sorts as she shoves more and more of the duel density dildo into my ass. I realize it’s all the way in, all of that fake penis is now slipping in and out of my asshole. Everytime she pumped inward I let out a groan of pain. My noise just encourages her to pump faster and harder. She wanted me to feel pain. It turned her on. My wife is violently ass fucked me. Damn this got weird fast.

She has lost interest in jerking me off and is now holding onto my legs while thrusting her dildo into my asshole. It goes on forever. Finally she runs out of steam and stops with her little friend still in my ass. The look of pain and tears on my face must have brought on a sense of pity because she pulls the dildo out of my ass and quickly shoves my semi erect cock into her mouth. The feeling of her hot mouth on my cock after the brutal attack on my asshole makes for a whiplash of sensation. Terry is aggressively and passionately sucking my cock, shoving as much as she can down her throat. I don’t last long, yelling loudly while shooting jizz into her mouth.

My brain is still firing post orgasmic neuron action potentials when Terry’s mouth met mine and she forced my seman into my mouth.

“Swallow it,” she commanded, dripping seman from her to mouth to mine.

I did as I was told. The taste of own cum disgusts me, yet Terry has eaten it many times without complaint. The look of disgust on my face pleased Terry. This threesome is going to cost me more, way more, than I realized.

After we caught our breath, Terry admits this whole experience has caught her by surprise.

“God that was so hot,” she exclaims. “Sorry if I hurt you. I was like possessed. How’s your asshole?”

“What do you think?” I whimpered in as manly a manner as a man can muster after being anally ****d by his wife.

My asshole throbbed with pain. I felt like it had been beaten up for ten rounds. It had been.

In a sweet voice I recognize as my wife’s she says, “Let me kiss it and make it better.”

And that’s exactly what she did. She put her face between my cheeks and licked my poor violated asshole. Instead of silicone, she pushed her tongue up my ass, another first. That did help a bit. The contrast of her wet tongue on my bruised ass hole was novel and hot.
That put some wind back in my sails. Then she stopped, stood up, took her little friend out of its holster, vigorously wiped it clean using the bedsheets, applied more lube to the dildo, lay on her back on the bed, pulled her legs up to her chest and began working the silicone cock that had just ****d me into her pussy. I just watched as she quickly began to pump the fake cock in and out of her pussy. I just sat there stroking my own cock watching my wife fuck herself. I don’t remember ever watching her masturbate. Another first.

In a breathless command she said, “Fuck me in the ass.”

“Yes mame.”

I applied lube to my cock and slipped by cock into her asshole with a bit of effort. The cock in her pussy made her ass a tight fit. Feeling the silicone in her pussy with my cock in her ass was a new feeling that sent me over the edge in no time. I always had a tough time delaying orgasm when I’m in her ass. While I was still in her ass but deflating, Terry worked the dildo very quickly in and out of her pussy and with her other hand rubbed her fingertips over her clit. It only took two minutes for her entire body to stiffened and shake violently. I was concerned the neighbors could hear her screams. The night continued like this, once more for me and dozens of times for her. It was the hottest sex in years, frenzied a****l sex like we had before we were married.

The next morning I brought up the not a small point of this whole grand bargain that hadn’t even occurred to me for some reason. What if Marie wasn’t interested in a threesome with us? What if she was in a relationship or no longer into sex with women or didn’t find me attractive or just said no thanks.

“Yeah she might say no, but I have a strong suspicion she still has the hots for me,” my wife offered.

“How do you know that?”

“She commented on photos of you and me and said how hot we both look together, said I still have a great body that kind of stuff, she’s still into me,” Terry concluded.

“Damn that is encouraging,” I said redundantly.

“No guarantees of course but leave it to me, I’ll do my best to get you a threesome now that your ass is mine to fuck,” she said with an evil look on her face.

Whenever she talked about ass fucking my wife changed. It was a side of her I had never seen before. And this all started with a Facebook message.

Maire’s visit was still two weeks away and every night until her arrival, my asshole was hers to fuck. You know what was crazy about the whole thing. I grew to like being fucked in the ass.

End of Part One

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