A Chance for a Change Ch. 02

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Kim and I headed to a nearby city, close to where she lived. We found a nice bar where we could chat, and more importantly, start drinking.

I told her all about my discovery that my husband Scott is a secret cuckold, or at very least gets off on that kind of fetish.

“Oh my god babe, that’s a fucking dream come true isn’t it?” Came Kim’s reply.

“How do you mean?” I asked curiously.

“Well, now you can have your cake and eat it.” She said with a smile on her face. “You can totally make this situation suit you.”

“I’m not sure Kim.” I replied, a little nervously. “Scott is my husband and it’s just a fantasy after all. I mean I’m enjoying fucking with him, but I’m not seriously going to sleep with someone else behind his back. I love him too much to do that!”

“You love him too much not to do it.” Said Kim, looking at me a little more seriously.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” I replied, dismissing her comment.

“Um, lets look at the facts for a second.” Kim continued. “You’re hotter than any forty year old I know, you’ve been married to a guy with a stump for a dick for sixteen years, you’ve never really experienced a decent sized cock before and now you’ve discovered that your husband is essentially a wannabe cuckold.”

“Hang on Kim, that’s my husband you’re talking about.” I said defensively. “And I’m still only thirty-nine thank you.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Scott to bits.” Kim replied, backing off a little. “I think you two are great together and I wouldn’t want you to do anything to jeopardise that. But I really don’t think this would, it could bring you together even more. All I’m saying is that I’d do it in a flash.” She laughed.

I have to admit, I was horny as hell thinking about my possible infidelity to my husband. I’d already clocked a couple of guys looking over at our table and one of them was totally my type. But it was only around nine-o-clock and even if I changed my mind and decided to take Kim’s advice, I was nowhere near drunk enough to even consider talking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to him.

We got to talking about Kim and her love life for a while. Kim is blonde with a nice sized bust and a nice shapely butt, which looked really hot in the jeans she was wearing. She, like myself, always got a lot of attention from men.

“I’m thinking about ending it with Steve.” She told me.

Kim is a forty year old divorcee, she, like myself, has a teenaged daughter from her previous marriage. Her and her partner Steve have been together for over a year. She was always bragging to me about how big Steve’s cock was.

“Really?” I answered, a little surprised. “I thought things were great?”

“They are, in the bedroom.” She said cheerfully. “But in most other aspects it’s just stale. We don’t have many common interests and to tell the truth I’m just bored of him.”

This was Kim to a tee. She always got bored quickly and, aside from her ex husband Gary, guys rarely lasted a year with her. Steve was one of the longer relationships she’d had since her divorce a decade or so ago.

“Does he have any idea?” I asked.

“Don’t think so, but he’s bored too, he’s probably at home wanking on the couch right now, he’s always fucking wanking.” She smirked.

“Well we have one thing in common babe.” I replied giggling. “Scott is probably doing the same.”

“Also he fancies you.” Kim said, looking at me with a raised brow.

“Who Steve? Don’t be daft.” I replied dismissively. “Why would he fancy me, when he has you?”

“He likes red heads! I check his internet history too.” She said calmly. “Plus I’ve seen him checking you out, he’s a walking erection when you come around.”

I brushed this off and changed the subject, it made me feel a bit awkward to be honest. Steve was an attractive man, but he was Kim’s boyfriend, so I always tried not to think of him in a sexual way. Although admittedly that was difficult when Kim first described his cock to me.

Kim was a girl who liked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri big dicks. She had admittedly broken it off with guys before because of their size downstairs. I teased her that she was shallow and there was a lot more to sex than size.

“There better had be with your Scott babe.” She’d joke back.

Before Kim and I became best friends I was dating a guy called Rob. I was at university and I only really saw him when I came home for a weekend, or if he made the hour long train journey to see me at my Uni town, which was a rare occurrence.

I knew Kim from school, but we didn’t really hang around in the same crowds. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I found out Rob had been cheating on me with Kim while I was at university.

I wasn’t really that bothered, as I was kind of into another guy at Uni. But I did call Kim a slut when I saw her a little while later at a party. I immediately broke it off with Rob. I think Rob and Kim dated for a few weeks before she dumped him, presumably for someone else.

When I returned from Uni a year or so later I bumped into Kim. She was so apologetic and mortified at what she’d done, she said she didn’t know we were together and asked if we could still be friends.

“Sure” I said, although we weren’t that good friends in the first place. She invited me to a party that weekend and we really hit it off. That was nearly twenty years ago and we’ve been best friends ever since.

As the evening went on Kim and I headed to another bar and hit the dance floor. I was starting to feel a lot more tipsy and after a while I went to the bar for a drink.

“I’ll get those.” Said a male voice from behind me, as I was about to pay for mine and Kim’s drinks. It was a guy I’d noticed from earlier at the previous bar.

“Oh thanks, but it’s fine.” I replied.

“I insist.” He retorted, extending his hand for the barmaid to take is card. My heart skipped a beat for a second, this guy was hot.

He introduced himself as Lee, he was a real güvenilir bahis şirketleri sharpe dresser with dark hair, high cheekbones and just enough stubble to make his fresh face look manly. Also he smelt amazing.

I flirted with him for a bit, before Kim came over and said hello.

“Hi, I’m Kim.” She said, taking her drink from my hand. “I’ll leave you too alone.” She smiled, walking off towards the dance floor.

“Hey come back.” I shouted, half hoping that she’d rescue me, but she just left me there talking to this handsome stranger.

After a while I accepted Lee’s invitation to dance, the butterflies in my stomach were really strong as he held my waste. I was hoping he wouldn’t notice my wedding ring as he locked his hand into mine.

We danced and chatted for a couple of songs when he lent in to kiss me. At first I pulled away. “What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I lied. “I just haven’t done this kind of thing for a while.”

“That ok, I’ll go easy on you.” He said reassuringly. The dimple in his cheek as he smiled made me tingle with attraction. My tummy turned over with the anticipation of his kiss.

I felt enormous guilt as his lips touched mine for the first time, fortunately not enough to stop him though. His tongue entered my mouth as we shared a passionate kiss, then I thought I felt his erection through his trousers as he pulled me closer. Fuck I was so horny, I could have let him take me there and then.

He slowly ran his hand up the outside of my dress towards my breasts, then around to the back of my neck. I plucked up the courage to touch his leg and slowly made my way to his crotch, running my hand over his cock though his trousers, then seductively up to his chest. I must admit, his bulge felt huge in my petit hand.

In that moment I really thought I was going to cheat on my husband for the first time, I swear I would have let this guy do anything to me I was so wet. Just then one of his friends interrupted.

“Ah, sorry Kim, I’ve got to go.” Said Lee, much to my disappointment. Can I have your number.

I took a breath and composed myself, before typing my number into this guys phone, without a thought of what my husband might say if he actually called. Then I reluctantly kissed him goodbye and went off to fined Kim.

To be continued…

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