A chance at a new sex life; Part 2

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A chance at a new sex life; Part 2
The drive home isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. There are dozens of missed calls from Kelsey and multiple texts. I briefly look at what they say and they all vary from “you bastard! We need to talk, back to you bastard and that it was ok.” I laugh at them all, she never once says she is sorry or that it was her fault.

When I get home, I decide to call Kelsey. It isn’t a pleasant phone call. She is crying and screaming at me, defiant that she cheated. I couldn’t care less anymore. She keeps demanding to know who the whore is in the picture I sent. The slut I slept with but I told her the only whore or slut in this situation is her. I tell her to have a good life and hang up.

As I’m about to get out the car I notice the familiar sight of a red SUV parked outside the house. It was Stacey’s boyfriend Brads car. Brad is such a dick; I don’t know what Stacey sees in him. She can do so much better than him. I get back in the car and take off. I really can’t be bothered hanging about the house when he is there. Funny thing is, I’m taller and bigger than him but he still speaks down to me because he is older and I’m Stacey’s younger brother.

I drive to the mall across town and decide to grab food first. I take on board what Lexi said and rather than normal just order the food I decide to try out how my game is. Behind the counter is a cute little blonde girl, Jenny her name tag says. I flirt with her as she takes my order and I’m rewarded by blushing looks away and small grins she tries to hide. I’m not really trying to get into her pants, all though I would love too, I’m just testing the waters on how I’m received by the opposite sex.

I get my food and head to a seat, a big grin on my face. A great sense of a new lease of life. I feel free. I can do what I want now. No having to bend over backwards to please that bitch. I can’t believe I wasted so much of my life on her. She was hot yeah but that was it. She never really treated me as an equal.

I sit and eat my food in relative peace and happiness. Admiring all the people around the food court, especially the number of very attractive females of different ages. Some clearly with their boyfriend and others with their friends. There was certainly a few MILFs out today as well. My dick twitched at the endless amount of possibilities now.

Once I finish eating, I walk around some of the shops, light flirting as I go. The cute little Asian girl in the clothes shop with her small curvy frame, it’s very hot. She has a decent rack and a massive ass. She definitely caught me looking a few times but she just shyly smiles at me. There was the blonde in the electronic store, her hair kept back but a sexy pair of black glasses. I almost forget why I’m in there when she comes over to ask if I need help. Thankfully I manage to compose myself and explain how I’m studying media and was looking for a potential go pro or a new laptop. The one I had was good enough but it was getting a bit worn. We spend a good ten minutes chatting and flirting away. I admire her petite body. I would love to suck on her small titties but it isn’t to be. I thank her for her help but need some more savings to get the new laptop.

Thankfully Brad’s car is gone when I get back home.

“Mom” I shout as I enter the house.

“Robbie?? Is that you?” Her voice came from upstairs.

“Yeah” I reply as I dump my bag down and slump onto the sofa. I pick up the tv remote but don’t even turn it on.

“You’re home early?” Mom says as she comes and joins me on the sofa. “Everything ok?”

“Not really” I feel a little emotional but hold it together.

“What happened?” Her voice is full of concern.

I proceed to tell her what happened, deciding to leave out the part about Lexi.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. We didn’t like her anyway” she said pulling me into a hug. My face nestled into her ample bosom. “You deserve so much better”

“Yeah” I nod. My eyes glued on her cleavage. The thoughts running through my head are not the ones a son should be having about his mother. “Thanks Mom” I say pulling myself away from her.

“You going to be ok?” She asks looking me in the eyes.

“I’ll be fine” I smile.

“That’s my boy” Mom beams as she bahis siteleri canlı gets up and heads back upstairs.

A few hours later of mindlessly watching tv, Mom comes back down stairs.
“Stacey’s staying with Brad tonight so it’s just us, I was going to get a pizza. That ok with you?”

“Yeah sure!”

The pizza arrives and we watch some tv together before we head off to bed. I get into bed but I feel I have too much tension. I reach down and start to play with myself. I was thinking about the girls from the mall but I need more. I grab my laptop and search for some porn. As I click on a video a pop up appears that takes me to a webcam website. I’m intrigued with what I see and click on the image of an older looking woman. She looks around moms age. She has big breasts that she is playing with as she lays on a bed. Moaning away as she twists and pulls on her nipples.

To the right of the screen there is a chat box were multiple other users are writing messages to sexycougar69. There is also the occasional ding as it appears, they are tipping her with some coins. With each tip she gets, there more she is doing. Her hand is now down between her legs and teasing her pussy lips. Spreading it apart with her fingers, you can see how wet she is as she plays with her juices with her finger tips. More dings happen and she pulls out a pink dildo. Sucking it in her mouth before rubbing it against her clit. Then slowly sliding it up and down her pussy lips. She gives out a low moan as she eases the dildo inside of her.

She doesn’t waste time fucking herself and pumps the dildo in and out of her faster and faster. With one hand she rams the dildo into her pussy and with the other hand she furiously rubs her clit. Within seconds she is cumming loud and I’m right there with her. I explode all over my stomach as I watch her ride out her orgasm. She twitches as she pulls the dildo out and sucks off her juices. She moans softly as she sucks the last of her juices.

There’s another flurry of dings as she leans in towards the camera. She blows a kiss and then camera cuts off.

‘Fuck that was kind of hot!’ I say to myself. I grab a towel and clean myself off before rolling over and falling asleep.


Normally I have work on a Sunday but since I’m still meant to be away, I have the day off.

The morning drags on, mom is away out so I decide to go for a run and then use some of the weights that we have in the garage. It helps pass the time until lunchtime when Stacey comes home. She looks a little rough and if I could guess a little sheepish.

“You ok loser?”

“Ahhh” she screams “Holy shit Robbie! You gave me a fright!”

“My bad!”

“Why are you here anyway? You’re meant to be away with your beloved Kelsey!”
“Kelsey is a cheating whore!”

“Finally find out?”

“You knew??” I get up from the sofa, anger racing through me.

“Wow calm down bro! I didn’t know she was actually cheating but I knew she would”

The anger settling a little. “Well you are right, best thing is she didn’t even apologies!”

“Bitch!! Are you ok bro?”

“Yeah I got my revenge so I’ll be fine!”

“What was his name?” She jokes.

“Oh, har har” I playfully push her back. She pulls me into a loving hug before she goes upstairs.

The rest of the day is very uneventful. Dinner is nice with mom and Stacey.

We watch tv together before mom hugs and kisses us both as we go to our separate rooms.

I clean up my room a little and before getting into bed. I lay there for a while before deciding that I want to jerk off again. This time I decide to go straight to the webcam website. I browse around some of the shows when I notice it. The familiar site of what looks like my sisters’ room. There was no one on the screen yet as I clicked the small icon. It opens up and I was struggling, I’m now certain that it’s Stacey’s room. The next thing a voice comes from off screen.

“Good evening boys” Stacey says as she steps into view. She is wearing a pair of matching black bra and panties. Her brown hair nestles down the side and across her busting cleavage. Her panties are pulled up tight, fuck she was looking hot.

I click the next button jumping to another show. ‘Did I just say that?!’

This one is a young ginger tipobet giriş haired girl that is sucking on a monster dildo. My cock is rock hard now and I slowly begin stroking away, admiring the young girls attempt to take as much as she can. It’s a very hot sight but my mind is else were. I can’t believe it but I want to go back to my sister. Which I do.

Stacey is now kneeling on her bed, doing a slow sexy dance and runs her hands all over her body. The dings begin to happen for her too. She blows a kiss and thanks the users for their tips. Her fingers now trace the outline of her bra as she slowly starts to pull it down and is about to expose her tits.

I click next again back to the young ginger girl. ‘I can’t watch my sister!’

I’m conflicted. I’m entranced with my sister but she’s my sister. I shouldn’t see her naked never mind want to jerk off over her. I try to concentrate on the girl on my screen who has now changed the monster dildo for a smaller much more manageable sized one. Which she is now currently bouncing on. Her little titties bounce about as she moans in pleasure. Normally this would have done it for me but my mind is still elsewhere.

I click back. Stacey is now back on my screen. Her bra now gone. Her left hand squeezing her tit and tugging her nipple. Her right hand is now down her panties, playing with herself.

I’m lost. I watch her intently as she pleases herself. The fact she is right next door is making it so much hotter.

The dings are constant now as she lays back on her bed. Pulling her panties off and spreading her legs. Her fingers are straight inside her as she fucks herself. I can hear her moans on the laptop and from the next room. Holy fuck it’s feeling so good, way better than last nights.

She is getting close and so am I. Her moans getting louder as she covers her mouth. She pulls her fingers out and quickly strokes them across her clit. Within seconds she is coming into her hand and I’m right there with her. Cum erupts from my cock and I can’t help but groan loudly in pleasure. I just lie there in a moment of bliss before returning my view back to the laptop. Stacey is now sucking on her fingers that have just been in her pussy. She then waves goodbye and the show cuts off.

‘What the fuck’ I say to myself. I just wanked over my sister. It was hot and I enjoyed it. Man, she is fucking hot and sexy. A little disgusted with myself I clean the cum off and shut off the laptop. I still manage to fall asleep quickly enough though.


The ride to college the next day is weird and awkward to say the least. Stacey is her usual chatty self but I just can’t look her at the same. All I can picture was her in her underwear, my dick starts to twitch in my pants. I have to slyly re adjust and get my mind on anything else.

When we get there, we go our separate ways and head to class.

My media course is taken by the wonder that is Miss Davidson. She is young, hot and a great teacher. Miss Davidson or Laura, is a tall teacher being just under six foot. She clearly takes care of herself as her body looks in great shape. She always wears pretty causal clothes for a teacher but her glasses add that little bit of sexy class. Her green eyes center around her young fresh face. She’s in her late thirties but she can easily have passed for one of the students. Today her auburn hair is tied back in a pleated ponytail.

“We all have a good weekend?” Laura speaks out to the class.

A low mumble of “yes’s” is returned.

“First off I want to thank you all for submitting your projects on Friday. I watched them all over the weekend and there was some very promising work. Today we will continue to look at how music can effect a scene and emit emotions.” The project we had was to pick a movie and pick out the scenes were a song or choice of music emitted a certain emotion.

Before I know it, class is over and it’s time for lunch. As I pack my things away and head out the class with the rest of the students Laura calls out to me “Eh Robbie could you hold on a minute.”

“Sure, what’s up Miss Davidson?”

“I just wanted to talk to you about your project!” She seems nervous.

“Why? Was it bad?” I was a little concerned.

“No, no tipobet güvenilir mi not at all. Would you mind coming by at the end of the day and we can talk about it?”

“Um ok”

“Thanks Robbie”

“No problem Miss Davidson” I nod as I awkwardly left the room.
‘What the hell was all that about’

The rest of the day is slow as I’m pensive of what Miss Davidson could want. I know my project wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad that was for sure. Only time will tell, I guess.

I drop Stacey a quick text saying not to wait for me.

“Ok loser” was her reply.

After the final class I make my way back to the media rooms. I look into the class and Miss Davidson is sitting alone at her front desk peering at her laptop. I knock as I open the door.

“Hi Robbie, thanks for coming back” she smiles standing up to grab a chair.

I silently walk over and take the seat she is offering me next to hers at her desk.

“This is kind of difficult to say Robbie but do you know why I brought you back here?”

“Not a clue Miss Davidson” I genuinely don’t.

“Please, call me Laura.” She offers a weak smile. “Well ok thank you for submitting your USB stick with the project on it.” There’s a pause as she shifts uncomfortably in her seat. “Are you aware there was other files on the stick?”

“Uh huh” I give her a quizzical look, trying to rack my brain.

“Well I’m sorry I snooped and open some of them.”

“Where was she going….” my heart stops, ‘fuck’

“There were some nice ones where you’ve made good use of your video camera but there was another file where you used it for a different reason.”

I can feel my heart jump start and start to race and beat fast in my chest.

Miss Davidson is shifting a lot more in her seat as she opens the exact file she is talking about. On her screen is Kelsey on my bed. We had gotten drunk one night and yeah, we made a porno. She regretted it the next day and made me delete it which I said I would do. I didn’t. I meant to hide it amongst folders but clearly, I hadn’t.

On the screen Kelsey is swigging a beer as she sways and slurs her words. She drunkenly crawls towards the camera when my hard cock comes into view.

“Miss David…. Laura I can explain!”

With my cock in full view she pauses the video.

She bites her lip “is it, is it really that big?”

I was dumbfounded. I don’t know what to say.

She resumes the video as Kelsey is now sucking on my cock in between drinking her beer.

We sit in awkward silence as the video plays on. Kelsey has now turned around and I’m taking her from behind.

“So hot” Laura whispers. “You do have some good camera work in this” She lightly jokes.

“Thanks” is all I can say.

We continue to watch the video as Kelsey is now on her back as I fuck her missionary style. I was actually turned on by watching myself fuck my ex. I notice that Laura’s hand is now down in between her legs.

The video comes to an end after I had shot my load all over Kelsey’s stomach.

“Do you have any more? She asks still looking at the laptop.

“I, I… no.”

Laura sighs with a slight disappointment as she turns to me.

“I’m not going to lie Robbie that was incredibly hot. I watched it last night and found myself playing with myself.” Her hand still between her legs.
“I can’t have sex with you even though I want too. I would lose my job and my reputation would be destroyed.”

I’m gutted, I thought this was going a whole other way.

“But I love watching that cock! I want more!”

“More?” I ask.

“I want you to make more of these videos and I want to see them!”


“I know what you are thinking but it will just be our little secret!” She pleads.

“It’s not that, it’s just that was my ex and a onetime thing with her”

“Oh” she sounds genuinely gutted. “Could you, you know, film yourself?”

“As in….”

“Yeah just of you?!”

Again, I’m kind of lost for words. What the actual fuck is going on I nervously laugh to myself.

“Please Robbie, I’ve had a few men in my time but never with that impressive, member” She lingers on the last word.

“Ok I’ll do it”

“Thank you” she moans. She turns back to her laptop and pulls out my USB stick. “Here, I hope you don’t mind by I copied the file for my own, pleasure.”

“Sure, what the hell” I honestly didn’t care. She can post it on the internet for all I cared.

With an awkward goodbye I leave the room and head home. ‘Well that was weird’ I thought as I sit on the bus. ‘I wish she did want sex’ I chuckle inwardly. ‘I would have happily bent her over her desk. Maybe one day.’

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