A Beach Balcony Trice

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We spent the afternoon sipping on wine, sharing stories, laughing about anything and everything. The nervous feeling I had in the pit of my stomach has worn away, giving away to the excitement of what the rest of the night may bring. Outside of the little world we have created for ourselves, the sun is setting and darkness is quickly filling the sky.

You look at me with those deep, dark eyes and ask, “Do you want to go sit outside?” I merely shake my head in agreement, a grin plastered on my face. We both stand up, I stumble ever so slightly as I feel the effects of the wine. As you notice my unsteadiness, your hand quickly finds its way to my waist. The second your hand touches me, I feel my entire body heat. I look up at you. You are tall and handsome and have spent the day letting your charm show ever so slightly. As I memorize the feeling of your fingertips against my waist, you pull me closer. My body is flush against yours, my head at chest level on you. Your other hand finds its way to my back, rendering me unable to move away from you, not that I would want to. As I look up at you, I catch your eyes for a quick second before I feel your lips crash down onto mine. I am breathless as I feel the softness of your lips against me, your tongue gently sweeping my mouth. Your hand runs up my back, slowly, sensually, finally resting with your fingers twisted into my hair. You gently use my hair to pull my head back, deepening the kiss we share. Breaking away from my mouth, you lay kisses on my neck, starting gentle but quickly sucking and biting. The sensation of your mouth against my neck is met with a growing need between my legs. My stomach clenches at the thought of what comes next. I try to just focus on this moment, this feeling. I let out a gentle moan as I feel your teeth graze the skin on my neck. If you continue this assault on my neck, I may lose my ability to stand and just fall to the floor.

As I enter near trance, you grab my hand and lead me out to the balcony, which during the day has the perfect view of the ocean. As darkness has overtaken the sky, the only evidence of the ocean is the salty breeze and the calming sound of the waves crashing against the sand. You pull the door shut behind us. As if you were a wild animal ready to strike, you push me against the concrete wall, casino oyna a hand on either side of my body, trapping me there. I stare at your face, your eyes. The lust that is present in your eyes is likely mirrored in my own. I have anticipated this moment for so long, I am having difficulty believing the moment is here. You plant another kiss on my lips, as your hands make quick work of unbuttoning my shirt, which pools my feet. You are clearly hungry for more. Your face drops and you begin sucking the skin along my bra line as your hands work to my back to remove my bra completely. It pools at my feet too. You spend a few minutes biting and sucking at my nipples. The sensation is arousing at a minimum. I find myself grasping your hair in my hands, throwing my head back and letting out quiet moans.

With my nipple still in your mouth, your hands unbutton my pants and pull them down to my ankles. You loop a finger into my panties. I don’t know why, but this startles me ever so slightly. I tense for just a moment and then I feel you pull my panties down. I step out of them, one foot at a time, and you quickly toss them to the side. You stand. You are so tall, I love how intimidating your tallest feels to me. You pull me close to you again, I feel your erection against my belly. I can’t wait to feel it in my stomach from a different angle. As you kiss me again, deep and hungry, your hands make their way to my ass, gripping tightly, nearly pulling me off of the ground as your pull me closer, bending slightly so I can feel your erection again my wet slit. I let out a moan into your mouth. I am so worked up at this point, I don’t think I can wait much longer. You grab my hands and pull them forcefully above my head, pulling them together at my wrists. It is clear you want me restrained, but don’t have anything to do it with.

You grab my waist and spin me around eagerly, pushing me against the wall. The concrete feels cold and rough against my breasts, my stomach. I stand still, just as you placed me, waiting, anticipating. The anticipation is very evident as the moisture between my legs builds. I hear you begin to undo your belt, remove your pants. And then I feel you against me again, your hands holding something, following my arms up to my hands. You use your belt to tie my hands together, slot oyna to restrain me in this position, unable to touch to you. You grab my hips and pull them slightly off of the wall. You use your foot to nudge my feet apart, exposing my most sensitive area to the cool ocean air, to you for your pleasure and mine.

I feel you line the head of your cock against me, sliding it gently back and forth, coating you with my own arousal. You continue that torment with one hand as the other runs up my stomach, my chest, finally landing around my neck. I feel your fingertips grasp around my throat, just the slightest pressure against me.

You lean in, whispering in my ear, “Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“You. I want you.” I mutter out between heavy breaths.

“Where do you want me?” you ask. I feel like you are teasing me now, drawing out my anticipation, making me beg for the exact thing you know I want.

“I want you inside of me, deep inside of me.” And with those words, I felt the head of your dick enter me. You move both of your hands to my hips for leverage and you slowly let your cock fill me, pulling me down as you rise up, into me. I feel you fill me, stretch me, and it feels glorious. You rest your face against my shoulder, your body flush with my back. Slowly, you thrust in and out of me, almost teasing me. My forehead scrapes the wall with each movement, tiny gasps escaping my lips. You wrap an arm around the front of my, pulling me impossibly close to you as pick up pace. I feel the skin of my forehead thinning as each thrust against the concrete takes a layer off. The pain of my forehead and the pain between my legs are nearly offsetting each other. I close my eyes and absorb everything. The sound of the waves crashing against the sand in the background. The pain you are inflicting. The feel of your skin against mine. Your rhythm. You.

You keep pumping into me faster. Harder. Your arms are still pulled across my stomach, I feel your fingertips dig into my hips. You pull me down farther, so you can go deeper. And that’s it – you start assaulting my spot, that spot with your cock. I shudder slightly.

“You like my cock in you? You gonna cum for me?” your raspy voice in my ear. I can’t respond verbally, but I know I will cum soon. I feel my body canlı casino siteleri climbing quickly as you keep pounding your monster cock into me, my forehead near bloody against the wall. My stomach clenches and I know I am there, right on the edge. I tense. And you pull out. Devastated, I let out a gasp.

“Not yet. Not yet,” you say. My body is spiraling in need, desire, hunger. “Soon,” you say, “but not yet.” I breathe against the wall, trying to stabilize myself. I note how tight your belt is against my wrists, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t leave a mark. I just focus on breathing. In and out. I listen to the ocean, trying to calm myself. I feel your lips against my shoulder, offering gentle kisses. And then I feel you against my ear.

“Do you want my cock?” you ask.

“Yes,” I say.

“Tell me.” You respond.

“I want your cock. Please. I want your cock.”

“What do you want my cock to do.”

“I want it to fuck me.” I grow frustrated. I just want you back inside of me. I am so hungry for release, I can barely see straight.

“Is that all?” you ask.

“I wanna fuckin’ cum. Please, I want your cock to make me cum. Please.” I blurt out in frustration.

You give in to my begging and dive into me with new enthusiasm. I coil forward, smacking my head against the wall yet again. You hold my hips tight and dive deep into me. Over and over again. Within a minute I am back on my ledge, my body tensing around you.

“Let it out baby,” you say. I comply and scream loudly, surely anyone around can hear us. My fingers grasp at the wall as my body is pulsing, orgasm ripping through me. The pulsing is rapid at first, but slows, until it almost matches the waves of the ocean. A tranquil feeling overwhelms me for a split second, until I realize you are almost at your release, your fingers tighter on me than they have been all night. I feel you lift yourself farther, pushing yourself in deeper. You rest your face against my shoulder. Fast and furious, you pound into me a few more times. And then I feel your teeth sink into the skin on my shoulder. Unexpected, it startles me. But like most things, it is a pleasant pain you give me. Simultaneously, you hold my hips still and I feel a gush of warmth inside of me, you groaning into my shoulder as you reach your own release. We are still for a few seconds, coming back to earth. And then you release your teeth, replacing it with your face, pulling me close to you, snuggling as you catch your breath. I smile to myself. I love this moment with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20