A Bad Dream Ch. 01

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I’m in no way a professional writer at all. This story is one of the many fantasy stories I come up with in my head, on a day to day basis. I have been a long time reader on Literotica, and decided to try my hand at writing. I would love to hear whether you guys and gals like my stories or not. So please feel free to leave feedback.

This is a fictional tale, and everyone in this is 18+.

P.S. This story has a bit of a slow buildup.. so bare with me…




“A Bad Dream: Chapter One”


Section 1: The Dream.


It all started with a bad dream…

Lucas Tucker rolled and tumbled with yet another nightmare.. He’d had them since he was 13 years old. His parents were killed in a car accident where an 18-Wheeler lost control on an icy road, jackknifed, and hit his parent’s SUV in the process. This nightmare, however, was different than the rest. For years it had been that same diesel chasing him everywhere. If he jumped in a ditch, it would follow him, if he went to the top of a building, it would follow, it really seemed that regardless of where he went, the truck followed. He always awoke when the truck finally caught up to him, just as he was about to be hit.

This bad dream however, was not about the truck, his parents, or his recently deceased grandmother/guardian. It was about his twin sister.. Amanda.

Amanda was Luke’s best friend, sister, and in recent years, his object of desire.

He knew that he loved her, he knew that it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. She was always the one person he could count on. The one woman that would never break his heart, and the only woman that was ever able to understand why he was so shut off from the world.

She had beach blonde hair, stood about 5’6.. and weighed somewhere around 115 lbs.

She had piercing green eyes that seemed to cut into him like a hot knife through butter. It also didn’t hurt that she had the body of a supermodel. She had at least 34c breasts, and a marathon runner’s build. She was, in Luke’s eyes, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Luke struggled for years with his yearning for her, but this dream made him realize just how badly he needed, and wanted her.

The dream started out fairly simple. Mandy was jumping up and down, and cheering about something. Luke could see just how happy she was.. He asked her what she was so excited about.

Her answer was simple. “I got accepted to USC, I finally get to leave this crap of a town!”

In the dream, Luke went from being happy for her, to being seriously depressed. Knowing that his twin was leaving him, and going to California.. more than 3000 miles away. She could see the look in his eyes, she could sense he was sad about it, but she never relented. She explained to him that she was tired of putting up with his sulking, and was ready to start living her life.. As far away from him as she could. Luke tried to tell her he couldn’t live without her, but then she looked him right in the eyes with her piercing greens, and told him that she never wanted to see him again. At that very moment, her piercing greens, turned into headlights, and yet again it was the 18-wheeler chasing him.

Luke woke up in a cold sweat. He couldn’t and didn’t want to comprehend what the dream meant, or was about. He knew in his heart that he had to talk to her as soon as he could. He had to tell her the way he felt, and hope that maybe.. just maybe she felt just a little bit of the same towards him.

He glanced over at the clock, it was 3:13 AM. He knew it would be wrong for him to wake her up now. He figured he was going to shock her enough by telling her his true feelings, he at least wanted her to be less inclined to kick his ass in the process.

He laid and pondered for a few minutes, and figured that sleep was now a lost hope.

Deciding to get up and go downstairs, Luke’s head was spinning..

Once downstairs Luke turned the television on, and within 20 seconds, he heard footsteps on the stairs. He glanced over and saw Mandy on her way down.

She glanced at him, and asked simply..

“Another bad dream, Luke?”

Luke nodded his head, Mandy knew him better than anyone, they’d always shared secrets, and pretty much everything with each other, but somehow he was now terrified of the big secret he had been keeping from her.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to start talking on his own, Mandy decided to take the reigns..

“What was it about this time bubba? Diesel trucks, or Granny?”

Luke took a deep breath, and responded with a grunt..

“Neither, this time.”

“Do you want to talk about it, bro?”

Luke knew that is was the moment of truth, he knew that it was now or never.. So he started telling her about the dream, and as she always did, she just listened, until he was done.

“Aww Luke, you know I wouldn’t do that to you, bubba, you’re my best friend and the only guy who gets me. I couldn’t leave you if I tried.”

Luke obviously felt a little güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri better after hearing this, but knew he had to get the weight off his chest while he still could, he had to tell her how much he loved and worshiped her. He didn’t love her like just a sister. He loved her like a man who had been married for 50 years loved his wife.

So taking yet another deep breath, Luke tried to will himself into telling Mandy just how he felt.

Mandy could obviously see his brain working, and knowing her twin, she could sense that whatever he was about to say, wasn’t going to be pleasant.. Or at least that’s what she thought.

Mandy had often wondered why she couldn’t find a guy more like her brother. He was the sweetest, most caring guy in the world, yet he was just so shy and shut out from the world. He was ruggedly handsome, with light brown hair, and a 6’2, 170 lb. frame. She knew he was smart enough to do whatever he wanted to in life, but he was just too shy. As far as she knew, he’d never had much of a social life, and she knew for a fact that he’d only had one date, and that it didn’t end well. She didn’t have much of a dating life either, she’d always compared her dates to her brother, and they never matched up. In a perfect world Luke wasn’t her brother, but her lover.. She however didn’t want to ruin their relationship by telling him that..

Luke finally spoke up.

“Mandy, I’ve got something serious that I have to tell you. It’s been eating at me for a while, and I’ve gotta to get this over with.. PLEASE don’t hate me.”

Mandy was preparing to cry. She didn’t know why, but something deep inside her told her to brace herself, because her world was about to get turned upside down.

“Mandy, I really don’t know how to say this, I’ve bounced around ideas in my head, and none of them are really what I want to say.”

Mandy wanted him to just get it over with, she knew something was wrong, and she was dying for an answer.

“Luke, just say it.. what is it?”

“Mandy, I love you.”

“Bubba, I love you too..”

Luke figured that would be her response, he then prepared to drop the bombshell.

“Mandy, honey.. I don’t…. I don’t love you like that… I love you like dad loved mom, I love you like Jack loved Rose.. Mandy, I love you so much, and I just can’t live without you anymore. I want you, I need you, Please tell me that you feel the same way.”

Stunned would be an understatement. Mandy had already been preparing to cry, so when she heard him say that, she started bawling like a baby at nighttime.. She was happy to hear that her twin felt the same way as she did, but still confused about what to do about it. So she looked at Luke, then the floor.. and then ran upstairs to her room to clear her head.

Luke, started to tear up himself. He just knew he had screwed up. The one person who had trusted and cared for him.. And he just had to go and screw it up. He briefly considered finding the nearest bridge and jumping off.. But that would require him to leave Amanda all alone.. As attractive as suicide may have been at the time, he knew that deep down Mandy would never be able to get over his death.. They were just too close..

He decided to try and talk to her again, maybe he could just say he was still half asleep and wasn’t really sure what he was saying.. “Nah, she can always tell when I’m lying.. that won’t work.”… he thought.

He made his way up the stairs, and turned to the left walking towards her door.

He lightly pecked, and tried the knob… It was locked.

“This isn’t good… she never locks the door.” he thought.

“Mandy, please let me explain myself…”

“Go away Luke, I need some time to myself..”

“Mandy, please!”


Immediately, Luke knew two things.. First off, he hadn’t just made Mandy uncomfortable, he had totally pissed her off. He had never… ever heard her use the “F” word. She always said she thought that word was tacky.. She instead loved to use the Elliott Reed of “Scrubs”… “frick” word.

The second thing was that it was useless to talk to her now. When she is mad, it’s like talking to a brick wall.. She could be very stubborn at times, and apparently this was one of those times.

Totally discouraged, Luke decided to go to bed. He knew he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep, but there was no sense in bothering her anymore.. for now.

Luke laid on his bed, and just kept kicking himself mentally..

“Just had to tell her you wanted to be more than friends and siblings… didn’t ya?”

“She’s probably planning to move now.. you stupid moron…”

He was finally able to settle down a bit, glancing at the clock, he noticed it was well after 4 AM. He shut his eyes to think about all the good times he had with Mandy, and then suddenly fell into a deep sleep. The weight was off his shoulders, and he rested fairly peacefully.

Across the hall, Mandy was still wide awake. She felt bad for yelling at her brother, but dammit she needed to think alone. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She had been in love with Luke for at least 5 years.. He had been so good to her after their parents died.. He’d wiped her tears, made her breakfast, and did absolutely everything he could for her… Yet here he was telling her, that he felt the same way. That he loved her, that he wanted to be in a real relationship… She knew that it was morally wrong to fall in love with your brother. Society would not be kind to them if they ever did become an item.. What should she do?.. What could she do?…

She decided that the honest truth was that she didn’t care anymore. Screw society if they can’t handle it. “I’m in love my brother…” she thought.

She knew deep inside that her parents would support her decision. They were loving people, and always wanted their kids to be happy. When they passed, the kids were just 13, so they were forced to live with their only living grandparent. Granny Jean as they called her. She had passed away just a few weeks after their 18th birthday.. So the kids were yet again on their own.. With just each other..

Mandy was going to try and get a little bit of rest, but it was a lost cause.

She finally decided to get her iPod to listen to a few songs and try to clear her head.

She went over to her desk, and her iPod was not in its normal spot. Then suddenly she remembered.. She had given it to Luke earlier for him to add some songs, (she wasn’t too good at the whole technology thing), and apparently he hadn’t brought it back..

“Frick.” she said a little too loudly.

Mandy sat at her desk, and turned on her computer.

She looked through some pictures of Luke and herself.. and she couldn’t help but get a little aroused at some of the pictures of them at the lake last month.. She had to admit Luke was a great looking guy. He wasn’t ripped or anything like that, but he could hold his own when it came to looks department.. She briefly considered masturbating, but decided it would be wrong to picture her big brother without telling him her true feelings first.

“Heh, maybe he can help me with my horniness..” she thought.

After settling down a little bit, she laid back in her bed, and fell asleep. Dreaming of what kind of lover Luke would truly be.


Section 2: The Truth Shall Set You Free.


Luke woke up a few hours later, looking at his clock he realized it was a little after 9 am, and he had to get up. He went into the bathroom to take a quick piss, and an even quicker shower.

He was feeling horrible, lonely, and a bit horny.

He’d usually jack off during his morning shower, as a way to jumpstart his day, but this morning was just not the right time. He quickly got out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed.

Before heading back to his room, he tried the doorknob on Mandy’s door… Still locked…

“Jeez, I don’t know how I’m going to live without her if she does leave now..” he thought.

Luke then realized he shouldn’t wake her, knowing he was a big reason for her sleeping so late, so he decided to go for a walk. After getting into some comfortable clothes, he walked out the door.

As soon as Luke walked out the door, the heat hit him like a ton of bricks.. It was at least 95 degrees and he was pouring sweat by the time he made it to the road. He immediately regretted the decision to take a walk, but to try and clear his head he proceeded. After a few minutes of walking he made the decision to walk to his favorite spot in the world. It was about a mile away from his house, and miles away from everywhere else in the city. Luke had often walked there when he was sad or depressed, and it always seemed to cheer him up.. something he definitely needed right about now.

Finally arriving at his spot, he sat down on a tree stump and looked out over the beautiful scenery.. His favorite spot was back in the woods, and had a nice little spring running through it. At the end of the stream was a gorgeous waterfall. The waterfall wasn’t huge, but Luke had often dreamed of one day showing the spot to his lover.. The lover he hoped would one day be Mandy. After sitting for a few minutes and just thinking back over his life, how Mandy had always been there for him, and how he wished she was there now, he decided to take a swim. He had worked quite a lather of sweat up during his walk, and the spring just looked so tempting. He quickly stripped off his running shorts, and shirt.. then knowing that this spot was very secluded, his boxers. Walking into the stream was both relaxing and a bit cold.. It amazed him how such a small spring could cool him down so much. The water only came up to his waist, but he figured it was good enough. He splashed around like a little kid, and was able to let loose of some of his emotions. After swimming around a little bit, he went over to the waterfall, and let the water fall over his body, it was just so reinvigorating.

He started to wonder if Mandy had awaken, and also wondered what they would güvenilir bahis şirketleri talk about when he got back or if she would even talk to him again. After an hour or so of supposed swimming, Luke finally got out of the water, got dressed, and started to walk back home, quietly sulking yet again.

Mandy had awoke when Luke closed the door for his morning walk, she was going to try and catch him before he left, but by the time she got to the door, he was already gone. She tried to figure out where he had gone, but knowing Luke, there really was no telling. She decided to go take a shower, and wait for him to get back. Entering the bathroom she quickly turned the shower on the hottest possible setting. To Mandy there was nothing better early in the morning than a nice hot shower. Stripping off her clothes, she looked in the mirror briefly and noticed her nipples were as hard now, as they were when she finally fell asleep. She knew today was going to be rough. She wanted to tell Luke how she felt, but she still felt guilty about her feelings towards him, after he had told her he loved her, she kept thinking about how wrong it was. But now, she knew that the only way she would ever be truly happy, is if she gave Luke a shot at being her lover.. She quickly jumped in the scalding hot shower, and grabbed the soap. She rubbed it gingerly over her breasts, trying not to arouse herself more than she already was. Washing the suds off, she moved on to her other body parts. Saving her teenage pussy for last. After finally washing everything down, she slowly but confidently moved on to her pussy. Slowly she rubbed up and down a lather of soap. She knew now that she wasn’t going to be able to do anything today if she didn’t cum at least once. So slowly she rubbed the lather on her pussy, and started twirling her fingers around her protruding clit. Imagining that Luke was the one rubbing her there, it didn’t take more than just a few seconds before she had her first orgasm of the day.. It was a huge one. She really couldn’t remember having an orgasm last as long as this one.. “Oh… fuckk,…. yesss…..LUUKKKKEEEE,” she screamed as she came.

As Luke walked in the door, he heard Mandy screaming his name.. worried that somebody was hurting her, or that she had fallen or something, he immediately ran up the stairs to see what was the matter. Seeing the bathroom door was closed, and hearing the shower, he was scared she had fallen in the shower and was screaming for his help. Walking at a fast pace towards the bathroom door he yelled. “Mandy, are you ok in there?”

Mandy almost jumped through the roof hearing Luke. She was still in the midst of an amazing orgasm, and could hardly speak. “Yeah, I’m… I’m just … just…. great Luke…”

Heart still pounding Luke took a sigh of relief..

“Ok, just heard ya screaming, and was making sure you’re ok.. I’m going to go fix some breakfast..”

Luke said, deciding to not say anything about his early morning revelation.

“O….K….” Mandy tried to say, but it came out as a barely audible grunt.

Making his way back downstairs Luke tried to find something to cook for breakfast, but noticed very quickly, they had absolutely no groceries. He sighed, and decided to wait for his beautiful sister to come downstairs to see if she wanted to go get some fast food.

Mandy finally calmed down enough to get her shaking legs out of the shower and dry off. She was still feeling the after effects of her amazing orgasm.. She was trying to figure out what she would tell Luke if he asked why she screamed his name, but then decided she’d just say there was a spider or something, or just ignore the question if it came up.

Getting back to her room, she quickly pulled on her white cotton panties with hearts on them. Then looking around in her closest she decided on a low cut v-top, and a pair of daisy duke shorts.

Checking herself in the mirror, she left her shoulder length blonde hair down, and figured she was good enough for rambling around the house, and started her way downstairs.. She was trying to block her feelings out, and then noticed she couldn’t smell anything cooking.. After hearing Luke talk about food, she had realized how hungry she was, and not smelling anything kinda upset her.

Making her way into the kitchen she saw Luke sitting at the kitchen table..

“I thought you was making breakfast?” She asked with a bit of a hostile tone.

“We’re out of food actually, I was going to see if you wanted some fast food…” Luke said as calmly as he could.

Looking at the clock, Mandy saw that it was already after 10:30 am, and figured they’d have no shot at getting breakfast.

“Well breakfast is off the table, so where do you want to eat?”

Luke then saw the clock, and sunk his head..

“Wherever you want to eat Mandy..”

“How about Subway, we haven’t eaten there in a while.” She said.

“Sounds good, let’s load up..”

Getting ready to head to the restaurant to eat, Luke couldn’t help but notice how great she looked in her daisy dukes. Luke absolutely loved when she wore her shorty shorts, and today was no exception. She had such a beautiful set of toned legs and a nice firm ass that Luke was having a really hard time, not reaching out to grab it.. Loading up into his Toyota Tacoma, they made there way out of the driveway, and towards town.

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