A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 58

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The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people.

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Chapter 58: Mom Tending The Garden Makes Everything Grow, Even Larry

Thanks to one of those mysterious teacher conferences, that I’ve always suspected were nothing more the faculty sanity days away from the kids, it was a school holiday. Carly made sure I was up and out early. As soon as we got to the barn, she made sure I was out and up, then in. Sex was always fantastic. Carly was always incredible to make love to. But slipping into her warm body when the air in the barn was so brisk felt better than almost anything I could think of at the moment of penetration.

By choice, I took Munchkin from behind. I lived for the sensation of her buns pushing into my groin. Soon my hands were under her bra massaging or cupping her magnificent mammary glands. Carly established a very slow rhythm so she’d have plenty of time to play with her clit. This morning I’d promised her she’d come first in thought and fact. Our options were limited with us both having our pants around our ankles, but we both achieved our ‘goals’.

Carly did come first. When she moaned, “Oh, yes, yes, I coming…” I turned my hips loose. When get gets off, Carly is so sexy that she invariably makes me come if I’m anywhere near ready. This fine, brisk morning I was very ready; I’d had erotic dreams all night, but no nocturnal emissions. Needless to say my pump was primed. It felt as if the harder Munchkin’s tunnel clamped around my penis, the more my erection swelled. I doubted any of the sperm I felt coursing through my long tube would have a chance to leak out for a while.

My glans was swollen and super sensitive. So sensitive that morning that my hips would buck on their own as intense tingling caused me to thrust spastically. Carly must have enjoyed herself; going limp like a rag doll, I was soon holding her up by her stilled cupped teats. She couldn’t stand very well. She didn’t speak, but she did flick her clit for as long as I kept my piston in motion. Gotta love a women that knows how to enjoy sex.

Eventually Carly’s tight vagina asked me to leave. Facing each other in an embrace, we kissed a few minutes, all the while fondling our lover’s genitals. At last, both satisfied, and out of time, we pulled up and refastened the other’s pants because that felt a lot sexier than doing our own.

We hugged a last time. I knew it would be late before Carly was home again. She and Dad had a long list of errands. Since they went to a real town so rarely, Dad planned to take Carly to dinner and a movie to reward her for recent excellent grades, and for a little bonding.

Carly headed straight to the shower when she got in. She not only needed to get ready while Mom fixed breakfast, she also used the opportunity to rinse out any telltale semen that soaked into her panties.

All too soon she’d left with Dad.

Mom seemed to be in a happy, playful mood while I helped with dirty dishes after our meal. We talked about a lot of things, in no particular order. Seeing a wistful expression during a comment about her family, I became curious about her life growing up.

It was pretty neat hearing about many things that hadn’t changed at all, and things that were drastically different in just a couple decades. I got the impression she’d been a bit lonely growing up despite the fact that she must have been one of the prettier girls around. Guess I’d always assumed pretty girls always got anything they wanted, and somehow were never neglected.

Dishes done and put away, I announced I was going for a shower. As I turned to leave, Mom did something she’d never done before. She gave me a friendly swat canlı bahis on the butt as she said, “Don’t take too long, I need you, in the garden. Will you be outside soon?”

Turning, I gave her a hug and a kiss that was half lips, half cheek. She lifted a hand to my cheek, it lay there softly as if encouraging the kiss to linger. Mom was a good kisser. She headed out the back door for the garden; I headed upstairs to the bathroom.

By the time I’d changed then joined her in the garden, she’d already hauled out the buckets we’d need and was busy picking green beans. While Mom picked along one side of the row, I was supposed to gather from the other side. Apparently she’d already picked a few cucumbers and squash, she could be a real bundle of energy at times.

At first I concentrated on picking beans, then my concentration went all to hell. As I straightened up to give my back a rest, I looked over the tall plants towards Mom. That was when I realized she was wearing a baggy shirt, the top couple buttons were undone, and the shirt was hanging away from her chest. Mother was not wearing a bra! Mom had fantastic breasts!

As she reached high and low for beans, I was treated to the sight of her breasts swaying inside her blouse. I saw thick red nipples, cleavage, and soft, alabaster skin that begged to be touched. Immediately I began picking beans from places that gave me the best chance to peek down her front. When she’d stand, I’d pick like a demon where necessary to move into a good position for another look at her teats. Despite having a good screw with Carly earlier, I was definitely very horny again.

My every other thought was devoted to earnestly wondering what else Mom had hidden under her clothing, something I hadn’t done since early puberty. Her pubic hair must be jet black, but what did she look like naked? Dad was so lucky to be able to have her any time he wanted I kept thinking. My mind tried to picture a hard penis moving in and out of her body. I could and couldn’t picture it.

A lot of beans on my side of the row were missed I figure. I was fully preoccupied watching her breasts and thinking about sex, not a formula for getting work done. Before long, we were at the end of the row. There were a lot of beans in my bag, so I guess I accomplished something. Mom emptied her load into a box, but some spilled. As she knelt down to pick up the dropped ones, I stood immobile, again seeing inside her blouse.

When her beans were all in the box, still on her knees, she reached up for my bag. At that point I figure she caught me staring down her top; I was very slow reacting and my eyes weren’t anywhere near her face. As I caught myself, I lowered the bag to help empty it into the collection box. Then it was my turn to catch Mom’s eyes somewhere else. A major boner was puffing out my pants, her eyes locked onto the evident bulge. For a long, but unknown amount of time, I was watching her teats and she was watching my groin. I know my cock jumped a couple times; I think her nipples grew fatter.

We both snapped out of it together, then finished boxing the last of the beans. Mom suggested we take the veggies in, then get something to drink. Offering her a hand up, she took it; smiling sweetly at me as I pulled her to her feet. Grabbing the bean box, I was glad I’d been a gentleman and let her go first; it was so nice walking behind Mom. Her rolling buns seemed to speak to me all the way back to the house.

Putting the harvet on the table, Mom handed me a glass of lemonade as I turned her way.

“Let’s have a seat in the living room while we drink.”, she said, heading out of the kitchen. I followed her swaying tush to the other room , then joined her on the sofa.

“Larry, from what I can see I’d say you’re getting to be a pretty big boy. I want to ask you a few adult questions, and I want you to give me honest answers. Please don’t be afraid, the truth won’t hurt you, I promise. Are you OK with that?”

Now I was nervous! I’d been thinking about her body, seeing her naked; next thing I know she wants to have an adult conversation. Certainly, I didn’t know what to expect; besides…I was just too horny to think very straight, not to mention a bit curious.

“Aaah, I’m OK so far, but I’m not sure what’s on your mind.”

She smiled at me. It was nice smile, a warm smile, so I felt myself relax.

“Honey, are you and Carly having sex?”

Thud! The weight of the world fell on top of me.

My mother never talked about sex, much less acknowledged anyone even had sex, least of all me and my sister! My chin dropped, not a sound came out of me for a considerable time. I might have literally died, except she was still smiling at me. If Mom had looked angry I don’t know what I’d have said, but her face looked soft and kind. “Yes.” I whispered.

“Why?” she asked softly.

After a long silence, I replied “We were pretty lonely, we like each other a whole lot, and I guess we were pretty curious about each other’s body. I dunno bahis siteleri maybe there’s other stuff, but that’s mostly it I suppose. How did you guess? We were pretty careful I thought?”

“You were careful I’d say, and I hope you were VERY CAREFUL in the most important way…” I nodded yes to her allusion to Carly getting pregnant. “but, I have an acute sense of smell. There were a few times lately when I found you together that I could smell the scent of sex in the air. It was too strong and too often too have been much else.”

“Are you going to kill me?” I wondered aloud.

“I thought about it…”, she replied, but her from tone I felt she was more teasing me than being threatening.

“There were a few things I needed to think through before I opened my mouth, and to be sure about before I accused you two. If I was wrong, I’d be opening up a whole can of worms. Just so you know, I haven’t said a word to your father. If you keep giving me straight answers, I don’t plan to either.”

The world that had just crashed atop me suddenly felt a little lighter. Silently awaiting her next move I just sat there.

“Larry, I know this is going to embarrass you, but that’s not my goal. In the garden this morning, were you looking down my shirt?” I nodded ‘yes’ glumly.

“Did you get excited from looking at my body? I mean, did I see an erection in your pants just before we came in?”

My face felt like I must be fire engine red, certainly it felt hot enough to fry eggs. My eyes fell to the floor. The words took a long while to form, but I finally squeezed out “Yeah I was, and yeah I did. You’re very beautiful. Once I saw I little of you, guess I wanted to see more, a lot more. I’m sorry.”

Mom slid closer so she could take my hand. “I really appreciate you being so truthful with me. It means more than you know. You don’t have to be sorry. It was a natural thing for a young man to want to see all he could. Your erection was a compliment actually, your body was saying you liked what you saw.”

“Some of the things I had to mull over were frankly related to how little your father or I have told you about sex. Another thing, I wanted to remember was how I felt at your age. My parents never told me anything about boys except ‘wait until your married’. That doesn’t sound at all familiar, does it?”

I laughed in spite of myself. We both knew full well it was the household mantra. Mom was even prettier when she laughed.

As the chuckles faded, she looked reflective. After a considerable pause, she continued. “I’ve changed, maybe grown over the past few years. Since you were honest with me. I’ll share a huge secret with you, one that I’m counting on you never repeating.” I nodded my assent.

“Your father was raised very conservatively, his parent’s Bible thumping have him so messed up he thinks sex should just be mostly for trying to have children. We almost never have sex anymore, and I think that is a real sin. Before I started yelling ‘NO THIS’ and ‘NO THAT’ at you kids, I needed to decide what I really felt was right, what I truly believed. Today I’ve decided that making love is too important, too wonderful, not to do it when you get the chance. As long as the girl doesn’t get pregnant, ESPECIALLY when that girl is your sister.”

Mom had slightly leaned towards me as she confided all this. To say I was stunned was a huge understatement. I was shaking, and I was looking down her front again. Again I was seeing a nice cleavage, a damned nice cleavage. She caught my eyes watching her again. “Ahem” My eyes snapped up, a look of horror on my face I suspect.

“Do I gather you still haven’t seen enough?”, she teased me.

My chin flapped, I really had no idea what to say. Viewing her chest had shaken me a little, but her words had totally shattered any sense of reality I’d had mere minutes earlier.

“It’s OK, I was just having fun with you. Anyway, since you and Carly are already having sex, I guess it’s too late to tell you very much about the birds and bees, but it’s not too late to start being more open and honest with you both. I WILL be talking to Carly, there would be seven kinds of hell to pay if she gets knocked up. Are you OK with all of this, Larry?”

“Yeah, I always thought you were… well, a prude. It’s just been lately I’ve even noticed how good looking you are. I never thought I could ever talk to you about…much, let alone sex.”

“Thinking about you and Carly has gotten me thinking a lot about myself. I’ve done more introspection this past week than I have since I married your father.” A deep sigh preceded another minute of silence. Slowly her face showed a new sentence forming.

“So relax, I understand your peeking today, you’re curious. Well guess what, adults can still be curious too. If you’re lucky, you don’t outgrow wondering. Curiosity can be very healthy, help you grow. People are fascinated by each other’s bodies, we just make ourselves crazy pretending we shouldn’t be. Your father is the only man bahis şirketleri I’ve seen naked, not counting when I changed your diapers. I get curious, so I can’t scold you for doing the same thing. So how curious are you young man?”

The antique wind-up clock in the dining room sounded tick tock more than a few times as I pondered then tried to digest this turn of events. Finally I was ready to speak.

“What I feel like I’m ‘supposed’ to say is…I’m sorry for peeking and I’ll never do it again. But the truth is I think you’re very good-looking, my mother or not. Guess I’ll continue wondering what you’d look like without your clothing. So I suppose the true answer is I’m very curious. Carly is beautiful, but I’ve still never seen a real grown-up woman.”

The clock chimed 11 times while Mom sat looking at me. More minutes passed as she contemplated. “I think you know I love you, baby.”, she said. “I’m going to do something that I am very afraid to do. But I’ve decided I’m more afraid not to.”

That said, she reached out towards my face, running her fingers across my cheek; all the while smiling at me. Then she stood, but turned her back to me. She was doing something, but it was almost a half-minute before I knew what. She’d unbuttoned her blouse and was taking it off. My heart took off like a cat being chased by a pack of wild dogs.

Her shirt hit the floor, she turned to face me. She’d crossed her arms in front of her, hiding much of her breasts, but not all. She sat down on the sofa again, but kept her arms folded. Not saying a word, she just looked into my eyes.

Soon I couldn’t stand it, “Mom, I want very much to see your breasts. I really want to see what you look like, please.”

Slowly her arms fell into her lap. My eyes stared at two full, female breasts, each with a bright red areola, each with a thick engorged nipple in the center. I looked, completely silent; she allowed me to.

“You are so beautiful. I can’t understand how Dad can go a day without touching you, Mom”

“Neither can I, baby.”

Still transfixed by her magnificent chest, I breathlessly spoke, “Mom, you said you get curious. I have an serious erection from looking at your body. Does that mean you’d like to see my penis?”

“I would like that very much baby, if you’d enjoy showing yourself to me.” Mom whispered.

Never taking my eyes off of the teats I’d nurses as a baby, I removed my shirt. Sluggishly I stood, unsnapped, unzipped, then lowered my pants and under-shorts with one motion. My cock was as inflated and proud as it’d ever been. It strained, it pointed right where my eyes were focused. Sitting down again, I pulled my right leg up so it stretched down the sofa. My penis stood up like a flag pole for her inspection. Mom’s eyes took on the same glazed zombie look mine no doubt had as she studied my erection and testicles.

Now it was my turn. I gave her time to drink in my sights. I was so pleased that she seemed to admire my manhood, I felt complimented now.

“Mom, when we were in the garden, I kept wondering what you’d look like without any clothes on at all. Would you maybe take your pants off so I can see all of you? Please.”

Without a word she unsnapped her pants, then lowered her zipper. The flap fell open, I saw a shiny, silky soft looking patch of her panties. Kicking her shoes off, she lifted her behind up enough to slide her pants down. I loved the way she stared, almost unblinkingly, at my erection. Her pants slid down far enough that I could see black pubic hair showing above her pressed together thighs. As she removed the pants and panties, I caught a glimpse of her buns and pussy below her tightly pressed legs. My glans was being covered by the clear liquid freely running from the little slit.

With the last of her garments on the floor she lay back against the opposite arm of the sofa. Mom stretched her left leg out against my extended right leg. Doing so opened her legs up, giving me my first clear view of her hair covered pussy.

“Wow. Your body is so damned sexy I can’t stand it.” I said softly. Admittedly I had no live adult woman to compare her naked body to, but I knew what I liked, and I liked what I saw.

Her breasts were fuller that Carly’s, they hung lower, but Mom’s teats made my mouth water. She had dark red, fat nipples the size of my middle fingertip. Even sitting as she was on the sofa, her tummy was firm. Her hips were clearly wider than any of the girls, but they were purely seductive. She had no fat that I could discern. Her normally covered areas seemed snow white compared to the well tanned skin that saw sunlight when she worked outside. Mom was gorgeous, she must have been irresistible as a teenager.

Dark pubic hair lined her vaginal lips, accentuating her slit. Her stark white skin peeked through the tight black curls covering the rest of her crotch. My penis was jumping around announcing to my excitement.

“Larry, I’ve never seen a boy masturbate, could you possibly show me how you play with yourself?”

Joyfully I began to pump my cock, I had to. “Do you play with yourself? How do you make your pussy feel good.” I asked, my rising excitement was evident in my shaky voice.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20