( 2 )Our caravan holiday gets better

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Rick went off to bring their car over to our site, Sue happy to talk about her feelings during her anal sex fuck, told us that when they swung before the other couple were only into straight sex, no kink, no doggy or kissing, and although she enjoyed it, knew she wanted more.

I filled the shower bag again and the 6 of us took a fun shower, kissing and licking one another clean, as well as the odd feel up too, but most happy to just relax now, after a few more drinks the girls told us they wanted to try something right out there, us guys asked what, they said would we all be into sleeping with different partners tonight, my first question was who goes with who, Sue took my hand, Gretchen took Ricks, and Lyn took Lou, that was it, we headed off to bed, I aimed for the caravan, and our queen size bed.

Sue wasn’t tired, and her mouth made sure my cock wasn’t either, sucking me back to full size, I asked her what she had in mind, a dirty smile and a sensually kiss, she told me her butt was wanting more cock, I was still a bit worn out from before, so Lyn’s toys came out and found Sue’s ass wet with cum and slide in easy, I made sure Sue had the poppers and used them, then when she was going though a good anal orgasm, my cock slide into her cunt, now Sue began to buck wildly as her orgasm grew.

I fucked her like that for awhile, then moved sneaking our other toys out of the wardrobe, Sue saw me but didn’t ask, then I told her to take several good sniffs of the poppers, she did and our big dildo found her ass lips ready and open, Sue jumped by the size of the toy going up her ass, but soon more and more slide in, now some 6 inches had found its way in and she was began to loosen up, now with more poppers Sue was ready, I held her waist, told her to take several more good sniffs, then with one good hard push I ruined her ass forever, 12 inches of dildo went in, her body shook at the intrusion of such a large toy, but to her credit she held firm, then her orgasm hit and boy did she go wild, jumping and shaking the caravan off its wheels.

I thought the others would come to see what the noise was, Sue quietened down some, but I kept up the pace, the big dildo fucking her butt hard, going all the way, then as Sue loosened up more I put my cock at her pussy entrance and shoved it in, boy it was tight, my cock and balls now fighting to retain their load, but this time I knew where I was going to shoot my seed.

Sue’s ass was beautiful, her rosebud swollen and red, stuck out nicely, the more the big dildo went in her ass, the more her body glowed with sweat, it was time for my balls to unleash their load, quickly swapping ends, I stuck my cock firmly in Sue’s mouth, then after just a couple of pumps, I filled her mouth with my man seed, not a drop escaped.

I told her not to swallow it, quickly kissing her and sharing my cum, we lay kissing and cuddling for some time, then I remembered Sue still had our dildo in her butt, when I went to remove it she told me to leave it there, her ass was excepting it easy now and she wanted to keep it open so she could dp two cock tomorrow both in her ass, it was then I told her I knew how to open it more, if she was game.

The dirtiest sexiest smile ever shot across her face, so I knew she was ready to try, I lay her on her back, telling her to take as much poppers as she could, as the dildo slid out, my fist started in, Sue jumped knowing now what I was going to do, but by then it was too late, one good push and my knuckles went in, Sue began to orgasm at the same time, quickly pushing in further my hand went in to the wrist, her rosebud wrapped firmly around my hand, pulsated to her orgasm.

I now fist fucked her ass, short slow movements to get her used to my fist, then more and more she pushed against my arm, my fingers finding her sweet spot making her orgasm more, she was fully enjoying her anal fun and so was I, after making sure she was content, I slipped my fist out and replaced the dildo in her butt, it was time to try and sleep.

I woke before Sue, so in need of relive I grabbed my cleaning hose, as I saw a tap in the toilets yesterday, and headed off. I emptied my bladder and set up the canlı bahis hose, then set about cleaning my ass out, not as easy as at home, but it worked, tucking the hose away I headed back.

Lyn & Gretchen were in the caravan when I got back, I told Lyn about the hose, and that maybe her and Gretchen could use it, they took off, both wearing nothing more than a smile, Lyn telling Gretchen what it does and how to use it as they walked off, it was some 45 minutes before they returned, Gretchen giggling about her anal cleaning, Lyn said they shared some good stories about last night’s fun when we slept with the others partners.

Sue finally woke, the dildo had fallen out of her ass over night still in bed with her as she pulled the covers off, we sat down to a light breakfast, after the guys joined us, all laughing and telling each other about what we all did, Sue shocked them all when she told them I fisted her ass, Gretchen had a quizzed look on her face, as Sue told them about the feeling and orgasm she had whilst I fisted her.

Later Lyn spoke to Sue, saying they were going for a walk, I handed them one of my shirts each, Sue had trouble doing any of the buttons up, her big tits making the shirt gap open, took of saying that will do, Gretchen now alone with 3 guys started to get horny, she asked us what we liked to do or try, I told her we had done most things as we had told them, so it would be her call to let us know what she wanted to try, as guys when horny will do most things, she then started to stroke and play with our cocks.

Rick’s cock got sucked, while Lou and I played with her tits, then swung her over Lou in her pussy and me her ass, we got her hot very quickly, her orgasm took control of her as she rode the three of us, then I slipped my cock out, moving Lou’s from her pussy to her ass, and told Gretchen to take the poppers, she did, my cock now began to slide in her ass with Lou’s, she squealed a bit but soon pushed back helping my cock in, by the third thrust she had it all, now we both pounded her ass, and she loved it.

Gretchen was getting right into her fuck when we heard a car drive up, so we slipped out of her and put towels over us, then two sexy naked woman Lyn and Sue walked over, laughing and asked did we want more cocks to help play with, Gretchen stood, just as two naked guys walked behind the girls, both sporting semi hard cocks.

Lyn introduced Dave and Joe, both mid 20’s or so, Dave’s cock wet with juices showed he had enjoyed one of their pussies already, they joined us as the woman went to town on us all, Gretchen bent over in front of Dave his cock found her pussy ready for him. the others soon found a willing hole and had fun, I took Lyn and filled her ass, as she told me about the new guys.

Lyn said she told Sue about the douche and showed her how to use it, after Sue came out of the toilets, Lyn went in for a pee, and heard a car pull up and Sue talking, then it went quite, when she walked out, Sue was bent over sucking one cock while being fucked by the other, Lyn then bent over in front of the guy in Sue’s mouth and told him to fuck her, then after getting them interested told them about us.

Now it was time to swap, I found Gretchen and fucked her ass while Lyn got Dave to fuck her ass, Dave’s cock was short but oh so fat, Lyn seemed to like it filling her ass soon orgasm with him, Joe was fucking Sue’s ass with Lou, Rick and I kept Gretchen happy, after that it was a afternoon of fucking and fisting the girls, each took two cocks in both holes at some time, Gretchen even took a fist in both holes with the help of poppers, Lyn showed them how she could take it further than them, going nearly to the elbow.

Lou was resting, his cock still wet with cum and pussy juices, I just had to suck it, without warning my mouth sucked him down fully, Lou was a bit taken a back, but didn’t say stop, in fact his cock began to grow with my attention.

Lyn must have seen, and handed me the poppers, as I sniffed them her fist worked its way in my ass, Lou watched in awe, her arm half way in, and my orgasm shooting though my body let them know it was good, I still had Lou’s cock in my mouth, he was hard as rock bahis siteleri now, Gretchen watching her guy being sucked by me, I told her to sit on his face and feed him the cum from her ass and pussy, as she did I got Lyn to pull her fist out, and then quickly sat on Lou’s cock, it went right in first push, as I rode him, I felt him being to fuck up into me.

I have found many times, most guys with their cock in a hole, don’t really care if it’s a woman or guys hole, as long as it feels good, and now Lou began to pound up into my happy ass, my first orgasm with his cock hit me and my ass gripped him tight, Gretchen watching her guys cock buried inside my ass, had a beautiful smile as another orgasm raced though her, the other guys and girls now taking time out to watch too.

Dave was fairly close, looking intensely at the bi fuck before him, then I saw Lyn talk to him, and he nodded a yes, not sure what she said, but Dave got closer to me and his hard cock let me know he wanted in too, so leaning forward I heard Lyn tell him to stick his cock in my ass too, seconds later I felt him push against my sphincter , his fat cock took its time to work its way into my butt, but once in felt oh so nice both guys fully home fucked me in unison, my anal orgasm going strong, every time my ass would grip their cocks so tight and stop them moving, but after some 10 minutes both guys started to grunt and I felt their cocks pulse and explode inside me, it was what I needed as another huge orgasm rocked my body.

I moved of their cocks, and sat over Sue’s mouth, both loads of cum ran from me into her mouth, she licked my butt to get the last drops from me, this sent me into another orgasm, pushing more out, then her fist slid in my ass I was over the moon, she pushed way past her wrist into me, I moved so her elbow was on the floor, then slide down her arm, my body now taking just about to her elbow, the guys gasped seeing so much go inside a ass, I told Lyn to use Sue’s other fist, she sat over her left arm, and did the same, Sue now pinned between us, both arms fully inside us.

We both had several good orgasm like this, then we let Sue up, her arms covered in cum, I licked them and kissed her thanking her for being so sexy and kinky with us, as I spoke two guys lifted her up and dp her ass, both fucking her to another orgasm and cum load.

Dave and Joe were meant to be meeting friends, but stayed on enjoying fucking us all, and we didn’t mind having more cocks to play with, by now Gretchen & Sue were fully into anything the guys did to them, never once did they stop us enjoying their bodies, even the toys got a good work out, going fully up Sue’s ass, so Gretchen had to try and succeeded too, Lou more than impressed by her efforts, and how much she had done with us and the others.

It was late when the guys had to leave, saying their friends will never believe what they had been up to, but thanked us for letting them join us, Lyn never one to miss out said “well if your friends are as horny as you bring them along tomorrow” Dave turned with a shocked but happy smile and said ” are you joking” Lyn replied “no’ and so did Sue and Gretchen, both with broad smiles on their faces.

Tonight the girls suggested we swap partners again, so Gretchen grabbed my hand and Sue took Lou’s hand, Lyn went with Rick, but I still headed for the caravan before Lyn got there, Gretchen happy to talk for awhile while she played with my cock, my fingers working her clit kept her horny too.

She told me she had always enjoyed watching porn movies and the different sexual kinks that most show, but so far had never met anyone that was into them like us, and that even Lou had never tried anal or kink with her, but after seeing him fuck my ass, she knew that bi sex was sure on the list of things to do now, and that she too wanted more bi sex and anal.

My cock although hard was well worn by now, so with some poppers I fisted Gretchen’s ass and pussy together, her orgasm were great, lifting her off the bed each time one shot thought her, my hands gripped tightly inside her, I kept her high for some time, then pushed the 12 inch dildo firmly up her ass, with my fist still bahis şirketleri in her pussy, I could feel her inner wall shiver with each orgasm.

Gretchen let me fuck her like this for ages, then asked me to fuck her ass my cock began to respond and now I fucked her ass while she shoved the dildo in her pussy, but this load was going on her face, so when I knew I was about to cum, I swung around, my cock just in her mouth while I wanked the last few strokes, then as my sperm shot out, I pulled back spraying her face with hot cum, she licked as much as she could get from my cock, then I kissed her and licked her face clean sharing my cum with her.

As we rested, I shoved the big dildo up her ass again, telling her to sleep with it in her, she was great to cuddle as we drifted off to sleep, her slim body fitted nicely into my chest, and when we woke we hadn’t moved at all.

Gretchen laughed when she moved and realised the dildo was still in her ass, laying against me it had no room to slide out, as she turned over it fell out, my cock quickly took its place to warm her up, I told her this was just a quickie, the rest will cum later, then we got up and started the day, I told her when she was ready to use the douche again as that will keep her clean inside ready for more anal today, I went for a walk to use it.

Whilst still in the toilet, Sue called to ask how long I would be, I told her very soon, as I was doing what she most likely had come down to use, she laughed and told me she wanted to be ready for today’s fun, as I walked out Sue gave me a huge kiss, the brazen hussy was naked, I told her that the site does get visitors from time to time, she replied they would get to see more than the rock, and went into the toilet, asking me to wait, we chatted though the wall, talking about mainly sexual stuff, when she finished we walked across the top of the rock back to camp.

During the morning Lyn and Gretchen both took time out to clean, we put the shower bag up and washed off, enjoying the warmth of the day whilst also enjoying others hands all over one another, soon the full on sex began again, the girls enjoying the three of us at the same time, whilst the other girls felt them up too, then around mid afternoon we stopped for some food, strange too how we all had good appetites.

I took the guys into town with the caravan to refill the water tanks and get more food, we all chatted about the fun and they said how their sex lives will be a lot better after this adventure, I said we often held orgies with us and 5 or 6 bi guys or more to fuck us any way they wanted, and our best orgy was 25 plus guys in one session, they asked how we felt after all of that, I told them horny and tired, but wanting more.

I pulled the caravan up back in the same place, with their cars around we still had a private spot to play, and walk around naked, which was now the common dress code, the girls often teasing us guys touching one another up, then we all decided to take a naked walk on top of the rock.

It was so nice seeing the girl walking naked, once at the top we walked to the other end, only then did I see a car, and someone with a camera, I told the others, the girls all waved and jiggled their tits at them, saying that would make his day, another car also drove past, but by now we didn’t worry and waved to them.

A few other cars had gone past during the course of the day, but none could see us clearly behind the long grass, so we never worried much hearing cars, and the girls didn’t bother to hide either so a few people got to see their tits if they looked, then late afternoon the girls got started again, us guys were having trouble getting any rest, but no one complained, as our cocks got to work filling the girls holes.

We had been fucking for a hour or so, when we heard another car, but this one pulled up close to our camp, we were to horny to stop fucking, just then Dave stuck his head around and said hello, asking did we want company, the girls all said yes.

With that Dave waved and 4 more guys walked up, Joe and three new faces, they told us their mates didn’t believe them so they thought why not come back and prove it, the girls soon had their cocks out and sucking on them, all to soon they were impaled on new hard cocks, this looked like being a long night for the girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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