1714 Ch. 01

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The year is 1714. In this alternate timeline on earth, females are the dominant sex. Males are kept only as slaves for hard labor and for breeding. However, weaker females are also fair game for capture and use as slaves or for amusement.


I am from Ireland originally, but have been away for so many years it is hard to remember that beautiful country. Many consider me beautiful, with pale clear skin, curly dark hair, soft brown eyes and a curvy figure. The woman who gave birth to me sold me at an early age for money, and my owners then sent me to be specially trained at the Submissive Girl’s School of the Sexual Arts to meet all their needs. As such, I was branded with the Insignia designating my training as a sex slave, and I am prized over other slaves. Those owners have long since passed way, and 10 years ago, I was taken aboard Captain Margaret’s trade ship to be her sex slave. She and the crew have treated me fairly well. I have never been kept in chains, as I am a very obedient slave, and I am good at what I do, satisfying Captain Margaret’s sexual needs every morning and evening.

Captain Margaret’s ship has good defenses and had done well during the few times we had been attacked in the past, but yesterday, during a ruthless attack, we were defeated and taken over by a pirate ship.

The bitches that took us were strong and mean, and they put chains around my neck, wrists and ankles. I was led naked in these chains down into the hold of their ship and pushed into an open cage. I was chained so that I was seated on the floor of the cage, with my knees bent and my legs spread wide, my ankles chained to each side of the cage and my wrists chained to the top of the cage, then left to await my fate with a few other girls who had also been brought over from my old ship. When our captors had left, I sat in the dark, wondering what had happened to Captain Margaret and the crew from my trade ship, hoping everyone was OK.

Later in the afternoon when things had settled down, one of the pirate crew members came down with a lantern to do a cursory inspection of the female slaves that had been brought on board. She was a huge Amazon of a woman with dark skin and thick black hair that fell in dreadlocks down her back.

She walked around a few other cages, taunting the girls, sometimes poking them through the bars, sometimes spitting on them. She finally came to my cage, and started roughly prodding my tits, belly and pussy through the bars of the cage with an iron rod. She laughed as I cried out in pain and shame and tears began to roll down my cheeks. “Well aren’t you a nice piece of fuckmeat.” she said as she started walking around the cage. She came to an abrupt stop when she walked behind me and saw the Insignia on my shoulder.

“Oh fuck yes.” she whispered as she walked back around to the front of the cage. “I heard there was one of you on board.” she said as she opened the door to my cage and started unhooking my chains. “Captain will want to see you right away, but first I want to see if you are as good as they say. I’ve heard the stories of how you sluts are trained.” She dragged me out of the cage by my hair, turned around and sat on the edge of the cage I had just been in, and pulled my face between her legs as she pulled her skirts up with her other hand. “Start licking whore!”

I did güvenilir bahis what I was trained to do. I started slowly, just using my tongue at first, licking up her wet slit, between her dark musky folds and up over her clit. I continued licking over her clit and circling it with my tongue, taking it between my lips and sucking a little. With one hand, I reached up and fucked her gently with one finger, then after a few minutes, two fingers and finally three, as I heard her breathing increase and felt the tension rising in her body. I brought my other hand up and scooped some of her juices onto a finger and slowly inserted it into her ass hole, probing, exploring, then fucking her in rhythm to my fingers still buried in her pussy. I licked her clit faster now, and it didn’t take me long to bring her to a powerful orgasm, as she pulled my hair harder, writhing and moaning above me.

“Fuck that was good.” she said as she caught her breath and looked down at me. “Now lick all of your fingers clean.”

She watched me with a sneer on her face as I licked and sucked my fingers clean, tasting her pussy and ass on them. When I finished, she stood up and pulled me up by my hair. She tied a rope to the chain around my neck, turned around, pulled on the rope and tilted her head, indicating that I was to follow her.

“Really good sluts like you are hard to find. Captain Isabella and us girls are really going to enjoy ourselves with you. Time to take you to meet the Captain.”

She walked up on deck towing me behind her, and Zara, as I was soon to discover was her name, knocked on the Captain’s stateroom door.

Immediately, a loud voice called from within, “Come in!”

Zara opened the door and led me in.

“Captain,” she said as she gave a short bow, “the rumor was true. I found one of the Insignia branded sex slaves among the cunts we brought on board this morning from the trade ship.”

I peeked up at Captain Isabella through lowered lashes, and she was exactly what I had imagined, a voluptuous Spanish woman with long black curly hair, a tiny waist cinched by a black leather corset, wide curvy hips, and generous creamy breasts that spilled up over the top of her black satin blouse. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and the most frightening.

She smiled wickedly as she stood up and walked toward us from around her desk with a big sway of her hips.

“Ah, excellent,” she drawled with a heavy Spanish accent as she approached me, taking my chin in her hand and studying my face as I looked down at her tall leather boots showing from beneath her short black satin skirt.

She continued to study me as she took one step back to get a good look at my whole body. Then, without warning, she delivered one hard stinging slap first to my left breast, then to my right, all the while studying my face to gauge my reaction. I gasped loudly in pain, but never lifted my eyes from the tips of her boots.

She reached up then and firmly grasped both of my nipples with her deceptively delicate looking fingers, twisting and pulling as hard as she could, before digging her long fingernails deeply into the tender flesh of my nipples and areolas. She continued to watch my face, searching for the reaction she wanted. I cried out, a long loud wail, and with a few tears leaking from my eyes, I arched my back, pushing my breasts more firmly into türkçe bahis her hands.

I had been trained in the receiving of the Sadistic Arts, but no one had used them on me since my training many years ago.

Apparently, I had given her the reaction she was looking for, because the wicked smile returned again to her face and she whispered, “Fucking delightful. I’m going to enjoy hurting you as you pleasure me.” She backed away from me then, after giving my nipples one final vicious tug.

“Zara, take her to the play room and prepare her for a proper welcome. Tell the crew to meet there in an hour. We’ll celebrate the success of our loot from the trade ship today and I’ll let the girls help me break this whore in so she gets a taste of what life will be like for her from now on.” She laughed in delight, then whispered some instructions into Zara’s ear before returning to her desk to sit down and review her maps.

Zara led me out then, down one set of stairs, through a short hallway and into what probably once had been a simple sleeping quarters. It had, some time ago by the looks of it, been converted into what looked like a torture chamber. I looked at the chains and manacles hanging from the walls and ceiling. A small wooden bed frame had been nailed to the floor in the center of the room with an old ragged mattress thrown on top. I could see metal rings had been nailed to the frame at points all around the bed frame, obviously meant to chain someone to in a variety of positions. A multitude of tools for restraint, punishment and torture hung along one wall. With wide eyes I studied the chains, rope, whips, floggers, crops, canes, knives and some items I didn’t even have names for. Terror filled me as I gazed upon it all.

Zara saw my expression and let out an evil laugh. “Yes,” she said, “most of the victims brought and kept here don’t live long. But don’t worry too much, I have a feeling Captain Isabella will want to keep you around longer as her personal slave to satisfy her constant sadistic lustful cravings. It’s been a while since she has had someone good to play with.”

I gazed down at the old blood stains on the floor with a healthy amount of skepticism.

“Enough talk whore, on the bed on your hands and knees, ass facing me!” She proceeded to swat my ass hard to hurry me along. “Now, face down on the bed, ass in the air, and reach around and spread that ass so I can get a good look!”

I bent over with my face pressed into the dirty mattress, and reached my hands around behind me to pull my ass cheeks apart.

She looked down at me and laughed as she spat on my little rosebud, then roughly shoved a finger in. I tried not to flinch as she shoved a second finger in, then a third, stretching my tight opening. She fucked my ass roughly for a minute, and I could feel her spreading her fingers inside me, stretching me open more. As I writhed on the bed and moaned, still holding my cheeks apart, she laughed and said, “It didn’t look like this hole had been used much and I was right. We’ll fix that soon enough.” She jerked her fingers out, leaving my ass hole grasping at nothing. She quickly moved to the side of the bed, grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head to the side and said, “Open your mouth and clean my fingers bitch,” and she shoved the fingers that had been in my ass deep in my mouth. She fucked my mouth with her fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri as I tried to use my tongue to suck and lick them clean.

After a minute she pulled her fingers out, wiped them off in my hair and released my head and barked “On you back now slut, legs spread!”

I turned over, spreading my legs as she had commanded. I watched Zara walk around the room picking up items as she went, then returning to the bed. “Spread them wider slut!” she yelled as she slapped each of my inner thighs. As I tried to spread my legs as wide as I could, she wrapped a short piece of chain around each of my legs, just below the knee. She picked up a wooden bar then, with hooks attached to each end, and placing the bar between my legs, hooked the chain around each leg to the hooks at either end of the bar so that my knees were forced to stay wide apart. Then she pulled the bar up and back so my pussy and ass were fully open and on display. She hooked the bar to a chain hanging from the ceiling so that I could not lower it back down. The chains around each of my ankles were then attached to hooks on either side of the bed, so I would not be able to move them. Finally, she attached the chains at each of my wrists to each end of the bar.

Picking up four metal clamps, she attached them to my pussy lips, two on each side. Then, by tying the clamps on each side to pieces of old string wrapped around each leg, she was able to spread my pussy open obscenely. I wriggled on the bed, trying in vain to ease my discomfort.

Zara laughed again at my discomfort and said “Captain Isabella wants her new property to be presented nicely to her for a full inspection.” She began to slap my thighs, clit and open pussy for fun to hear me moan and cry out.

When she tired of tormenting my pussy, she moved around the bed and began spanking my breasts. “I want these big cow tits nice and sore.” she said, and she started viciously twisting and pulling my nipples, then leaned down to bite first one nipple, then the other, gnawing on them with her front teeth, and tugging hard on them. I was sobbing and moaning loudly now, and she pulled back smiling at the reaction she was causing. “You are going to be marvelous entertainment for us.” she said as she picked up two more clamps that were attached by a chain. She attached one clamp tightly to one of my nipples, brought the chain up over the wooden bar, then tightly attached the other clamp to my other nipple, so that my nipples were pulled and stretched up and away from my body.

I cried out again. Never had I been abused like this.

Zara laughed, stood up and moved to the door. “I have to go let the girls know that they have a special treat tonight. I’ll be back soon with the Captain and the girls so the fun can begin!” She turned and walked out the door without a second glance back.

I lay on the bed, my pussy, ass and nipples aching, wondering if I would even survive this.

The hour after leaving Captain Isabella’s stateroom passed entirely too fast. Soon I could hear the sound of boots coming down the stairs.

I looked up to see the Captain walk in through the door, her crew of 13 women behind her, about half of them wearing crude wooden strap-ons, while others held various objects that I knew they meant to fuck me with. The Captain herself, now standing over me, was wearing only her corset and boots, her gorgeous full breasts displayed prominently above the black leather.

The women all gathered round, preparing to violate me, and the Captain said, “Open your mouth whore, I’m going to be sitting on it for a while. Girls, time to have fun!”

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